milwaukee m18 fuel impact driver problems

What Are Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Problems: 9 Problems And How To Fix Them

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver can face 9 problems. These are:

  • LED light issues 
  • The impact driver not working
  • Trigger problems
  • The drill bit not working 
  • Power switch failure
  • Broken rotor bearing 
  • Overheating 
  • Unusual sounds from the driver
  • Battery drainage. 

To learn more about Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver problems and how to fix them, follow the article.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 9 problems that you can face in Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Drivers.
  • To protect and prevent the impact driver from problems regularly clean and lubricate the tool and store it safely. 
  • The recent model of the Milwaukee 2767 Impact wrench also faced some complaints from users. The brand addressed the problems and responded to the users. 

9 Problems And How To Fix Them

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver
Source: Pro Tool Reviews

Here are 9 problems of Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Nailer:

Problems Reasons Solution 
Led Light Issues Faulty wireDust accumulationClean the with contact cleaners.Fix the faulty wiring 
Driver Is Not Working The control button is not in the lock position Faulty battery pack Button electronicsPress the control switch Fix and check the battery pack.Clean the button contacts.
Trigger Problems The control switch is stuck Faulty battery pack Debris in the switch The internal lock mechanism is bentReset the control switch mechanism.Straighten the lock using needle-nose pliers.Clean the switch. Fix and check the battery pack.
Drill Bit Stuck Or Won’t Lock In Or Won’t SpinJammed driver Lack of lubricationChuck is overly tight or too looseBuilt-up dirtUsing the wrong drill bits. Worn down the drill bitUse pliers to grab the drill bitGrab the bit using wiresReplace the drill bits
Power Switch Doesn’ RespondOver-pressing the power buttonFaulty wiring Consult the manufacturer
Broken Rotor Bearing Excessive corrosion Built-up dust Replace the rotor bearing
Overheating (sparks and smoke)Built-up dust The electric motor is shorting out Long time use Clean the impact driver Replace electric motor
Unusual sound Lack of maintenance Lubricate and maintain the impact driver
Battery drainage Worn-out batteryFrequent use Low-quality batteryCharge the device fully.Replace the battery Use a high-quality battery.

Elaboration Of The Problems

Problem 1: LED Light Issues

A problem with the Impact Driver is that its LED light tends to blink or stays on. 


  • LED lights can stay on because of a wire shortage on lights. 
  • This can also occur due to built-up dirt and dust around the contact point of the battery. 


  • Faulty wiring: If the impact driver has a wire shortage, fix the wiring with the electronics assembly.
  • Built-up dirt: Clean the contact point of the battery.
  • Buy a contact cleaner specifically for cleaning electronics.
Product Feature 
CRC 05103 QD Electronic CleanerMade from petroleum distillate and alcoholQuick-drying, plastic-safe, residue-free featuresIdeal for even sensitive electronics
  • Spray the cleaner on the dirt spots and use a brush or toothbrush to scrub areas.
  • Then, use paper towels to dry the areas. 

Problem 2: Impact Driver Not Working

If the impact driver is not working properly, you will have trouble starting the drill. 


  • The impact driver not functioning because the control button is not in a locking position. 
  • If the battery pack is faulty, the impact driver’s function is hampered. 
  • If the internal button contacts are covered with dirt and grease it will affect the impact driver. 


  • Control switch position: The control button is at the top of the drill handle. Press the control button to put it into the lock position.
  • To make the drill move clockwise, press the switch on the right side, or,
  • To make it move in reverse counterclockwise, press the switch on the left side. 
  • Faulty battery: Ensure that the battery is inserted in the right way and locked into place with the latch fully engaged. Also, ensure that it is properly charged. 
  • Greasy button contacts: Disassemble the brown trigger contactor and clean the contact area with alcohol. 

Problem 3: Trigger Issues

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver’s trigger may not move or may not work in reverse.


  • The trigger doesn’t move if the control switch is stuck.
  • If the internal lock is bent, damaged, or unclean, it will restrict trigger movement.
  • A faulty battery pack restricts the trigger from working in reverse.
  • When the switch gathers dirt and dust, it will not allow the trigger to work in reverse.


  • Stuck control switch: To reset the toggle mechanism, move control back and forth between two directions.
  • Internal lock bent or damaged: To fix the bent internal lock
  • Remove the battery from the drill.
  • Gently, split the handle into two. One side of the handle has a cover while the other side houses the drill’s internal mechanism. 
  • If there’s resistance, check for settled sawdust obstructing the opening. Clean the internal lock if there is dust built up within it. 
  • Take out the plastic control piece and secure it in a vice.
  • Apply heat from a heat gun to the plastic until it becomes soft and pliable. Prevent the control piece from melting.
  • Use a needle nose to straighten the guard on the control piece. 
  • Once the plastic is workable, replace the control piece then repeat it on the other side. 
  • Install a new battery pack and operate the trigger in both directions.
  • Faulty battery: Insert the battery into place until it clicks. 
  • Cleaning the switch: Check if there is any built-up dirt in the switch. If there is built-up debris, clean it with alcohol. 

Problem 4: Drill Bit Problem (Stuck/Won’t Lock/Won’t Spin)

The impact driver drill bit can face problems like getting stuck or won’t lock in or won’t spin. This problem can occur because of the jammed drill. Jamming due to dirt and corrosion causes tools to malfunction like in Dewalt 20V trimmers.


  • The chuck becomes overly tight because of vibration from frequent drilling. 
  • If the chuck is not lubricated enough, it will get stuck. 
  • The drill will not lock in if the chuck is too loose. 
  • Lack of maintenance results in a jammed drill because of built-up dirt. 
  • The use of wrong drill bits or worn down drill bits causes the drill to not spin or lock-in. 


  • Stuck drill bit-

Grab the bit using a plier:

  • Firmly grasp the stuck drill bit with pliers.
  • Apply gentle force rather than using excessive strength. Don’t exert too much force to prevent any damage.
  • Apply minimal pressure to the bit, allowing it to come off smoothly from the impact driver. 

Grab the bit with a wire:

  • Take a piece of wire that you can use for this method.
  • Position the wire by wrapping it around the chuck while pulling it slightly backward to create a firm grip. 
  • Once the wire holds the chuck, gently pull the wire to extract the stuck drill bit. This technique can make the process much easier and more straightforward. 

Clean the chuck: 

  • Get a lubricant and spray it through the chuck to clean the dirt and dust away. 
  • Drill won’t lock in: Press the shank into the drill chuck to ensure proper attachment of the drill bits. Ensure that you have the right and best quality drill bit
  • Drill won’t spin: If the drill bit won’t spin, it is time to replace it. 
  • Open the chuck compartment and the bit will come loose.
  • Discard the old drill bit with a new one.

Problem 5: Power Switch Fails Responding

Power switch failure can affect the performance of the impact driver.


  • Pressing the power switch can damage its functionality.
  • Pressing the power too hard also can damage its functionality. 
  • If the wiring is loose or faulty will power switch won’t respond. 


  • Consult with the manufacturer or a professional technician. Replace the power switch if the problem persists. 

Problem 6: Broken Rotor Bearing

Excessive corrosion damages the rotor bearing and makes it more fragile. So, the rotor bearing becomes more prone to breakage.


  • Built-up dust leads to excessive corrosion which damages the rotor bearing. 


  • Take it to a technician and replace the rotor bearing. 
  • To prevent such occurence it is better to maintain regularly and clean the impact driver. 

Problem 7: Overheating 

Overheating causes smoke, burned smell, and sparks from the impact driver. 


  • If the device has an excessive accumulation of dirt and dust, it will overheat and malfunction. 
  • Another reason for overheating is the electric motor of the device is shorting out. 
  • If an impact driver has been used frequently and has worn-out, it gets overheated. 


  • Excessive dirt: Disassemble the impact driver and clean and lubricate the device. 
  • Electric motor shorting out: If there are burn marks on the motor, replace the motor. 
  • Worn-out drill: Use high-quality bits like Bosch BL3739 and Eagle ESP37554 drill bits. Let the device cool down before using it again. If it is worn out it is time to buy a new impact driver. 

Problem 8: Unusual Sounds

If the device is affected by excessive corrosion, it can make unusual sounds. 


  • Lack of maintenance and lubrication 


  • Use lithium greases like WD40 or any other lubricants to oil the critical components of the drill. 
Product Feature 
WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube Reduces friction and wear on surfaces. Long-lasting corrosion protection.

Problem 9: Battery Drainage 

As a result of battery drainage, the impact driver runs out of charge too fast or can’t hold a charge. 


  • If the impact driver has been used for a long time and frequently, it affects the battery’s performance.
  • A low-quality battery runs out of power quickly.


  • Charge the impact driver fully and test if it works. 
  • If the issue still continues, buy a new battery and replace the new one. 
  • Use high-quality batteries to prevent battery drainage. 

Tips on How to Maintain Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Drivers 

To prevent Milwaukee M18 Fule Impact Drivers from problems, the key is maintenance. Here are some tips you can maintain the impact driver and prevent any problems:

Clean the impact driver:

  • Regularly wipe down the device with a clean and dry cloth after each use.
  • Blow the debris from hard-to-reach areas by using compressed air.

Lubricate the impact driver:

  • Lubricate the chuck of the impact driver with a small amount of machine oil on a regular basis. This ensures smooth operation, prevents rust and reduces wear. 
  • However, use oil sparingly to avoid attracting dirt and grime. 

Store the driver properly:

  • Store the impact driver in a cool, dry place where direct sunlight can’t reach.
  • Use the tool’s case to protect it from damage and dust.
  • For long-term storage, remove the battery to prevent leakage or damage. 

Here’s a video on how to repair the Impact Drivers by yourself-

Milwaukee 2767 M18 Impact Wrench Issue

Recently users complained about the new model of Milwaukee Impact Wrenches (H96B). The problems they faced:

  • Electrical problems: Some instances occurred where the impact wrench would stop working or hesitate when the trigger is pulled. 
  • Lack of torque or power: Sometimes the impact wrench has poor power output or isn’t able to perform effectively on fasteners. 
  • Trigger delay: There have been complaints about trigger delay, where the impact wrench would hesitate before engaging.
  • Mechanical failures: Some faced mechanical problems where the planetary gear axle pins in the impact wrenches have been broken, resulting in loss of drive and power. 

Build quality and durability: Complaints came questioning the impact wrench’s build quality and durability as in multiple instances it broke just after purchase.

Milwaukee 2767 M18 Impact Wrench
Source: ToolGuyd

Milwaukee is aware of these issues and upon investigation, they identified 2 reasons for such issues:

  • The new mechanical design (H96B) introduced in the updated model of the impact wrench. It didn’t hold up to the company’s standards and caused the reported failures. Despite developmental testing not revealing these problems, the Milwaukee Tool decided to stop the production of the models. They will continue producing the original design (H96A).
  • Moreover, there were differences in electrical tolerances that could cause some tools to experience stutter. This issue is caused by the mechanical changes introduced in the H96B. 

So, Milwaukee decided to take these actions:

  • They will replace all products with the H96B distinction in the serial code with the original H96A design.
  • Users experiencing issues are asked to send their tools in for repair or replacements through the company’s eService portal
  • They will continue to look into the issue and address user’s complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which Milwaukee Impact Driver Is The Most Powerful?

The M18 Fuel ¼” Hex Impact Driver is the top-of-the-line tool in its class. This driver can provide up to 3 times longer motor life, and 50% more run time. It also has a proprietary Milwaukee 3-mode drive control for better control over the power and speed. 

What Are Some Safety Tips For Using Impact Drivers?

To use the impact driver safely, you should use some preventive measures. Wear protective gear, handle the tool with care, and use it correctly. If the tool is damaged due to an accident, unplug it or remove the battery before inspecting it. 

What Does The Fuel Consist Of In A Milwaukee Set?

All fuel products of Milwaukee feature 3 of their innovations: the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, REDLITHIUM Battery, and the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence Hardware and Software. These 3 are the pillars of Fuel power tools and help them deliver unmatched power, runtime, and durability. 

Closing Words

Now that you know what Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver problems can be, inspect them and fix them accordingly. If you are still facing other problems visit and consult a professional or the manufacturer.

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