5 Best Drill bits for Drilling Through Floor Joists

5 Best Drill Bits for Drilling Through Floor Joists: Make Drilling Easy!

Many essentially apparent wire channels in modern buildings are really undetectable. Many people believe that these wiring lines are only a crack or a tiny hole in the wall. But in fact, there are several concealed wires & cables running throughout the structure. 

It is included through the floor joists or frame walls and ceilings. Whenever it relates to their business, no one loves surprises. Imagine one day discovering that your most valuable gadget is malfunctioning; you can’t afford to fix it due to time and financial constraints! And what are the 5 best drill bits for drilling through the floor?

So, what exactly do you do? You can a new one? Or You can change to a different drill bit. Is it necessary to pay a large sum of money?

Don’t worry! We are here to solve your problem. Here, we will provide the 5 best drill bits for drilling through the floor. These are affordable and won’t get damaged so soon.

Types of Drill bits for Drilling Through Floor

There are so many distinct kinds of drill bits on the market. It may be difficult to figure out which ones are appropriate for the material you’re dealing with. Also, the size of the holes you going to make is important.

Some holes are made to take a plug or anchor for fastening. Again, others are done to prevent splitting wood. And still, others are drilled to run a pipe or some such similar through an item.

HSS Drill Bits

HSS bits are used to drill steel and other non-ferrous metals. At its full speed up to 13 mm diameter hole. Since they are ‘high speed,’ they can resist the high temperatures created while drilling metal. However, lubricating a bit with oil during drilling is suggested for bigger holes or thicker metal.

Masonry Drill Bits 

Masonry bits may be used to drill holes in brick, concrete,  Thermalite, concrete blocks, cement, stone, plaster, and ceramic tiles.

Countersinking Bits

Countersink bits, which countersink a-holes for the bolt head to sit flat in, are available separately. When utilizing both a power drill and a countersink, I prefer to use a combination of drill & countersink bits. It has fast-release shanks to save changeover time.

Flip Drivers

On one end, there’s a pilot & countersink bit, and on the other, there’s a screwdriver bit.

Comparison Table

ProductMaterialFinish Type
BOSCH BL2739 Drill BitBrassBlack Oxide
Eagle ESP37554 Drill BitAlloy SteelBlack Oxide
SOMADA Drill BitCarbon SteelSilver
DEWALT Drill BitMetalN/A
Multipurpose Drill BitsMetalCarbide

BOSCH BL2739 Drill Bit

Well, the first drill bit we are going to review is Bosch BL2739. This drill bit is made of Brass and it makes it durable. It has a great finish of black oxide. This is the best overall drill bit on our list.

Best for drilling holes in metal, but also works nicely in wood and plastic. It also can be used in Steel, aluminum, copper, brass, maple, MDF, oak, and pine. Also,  PVC, acrylic, ABS,  nylon, polycarbonate, and composite materials are among the materials that may be used.

For most general-purpose applications, Bosch bits provide greater durability, speed, and selection. Three times quicker drilling than ordinary bits because of the speed helix design.

This High-speed steel lasts half as long as low-speed steel. Drilling is easier, the heat is minimized, and the drill bit life is prolonged. With this bit Jobber length, extended length (aviation), stubby length, and 1 2 In. shortened shanks are all available (Silver and Deming)

This drill bit is excellent for cutting threading holes in metal. It also works well with plastic drilling. For clean and precise beginnings, the No Skate Tip reduces wandering. It also eliminates the need for a center punch. Corrosion protection is provided by a black oxide layer.

Room For Improvement

Brass is a durable material for any drilling Bit. But it will wear out over time. Many people want more durable material for the drill bits for drilling floor joists. For this, you can use Eagle Tool US ESP37554 which is made of Alloy Steel. Alloy steel Makes it the most durable one.

Eagle ESP37554 Drill Bit

Well, the second product on our list is Eagle Tool US ESP37554. Like the previous one, it also has a black oxide coating. But this one is made of Alloy Steel. Alloy steel makes it the most durable drill bit on our list.

This drill bit has aggressive and self-feeding screw points. It has three flat non-slip grips on the chuck end. This drill bit is made in the USA.

Eagle Tool’s screw point installers bit a combination of screw points. The ultra-fine ground threads provide a lot of pulling force. It goes fast through obstacles that are obstructing its path. Both flute, as well as the shanks of this bit, include fish accommodating holes. 

When drilling through walls, this bit is suggested. The screw point is aggressive and self-feeding. On the chuck end, there are three flat non-slip grips. Spring steel shank that has been heating treated. 

Both head & shank of a wire fishing rod include holes for accommodation. The powder coat finish is long-lasting. The head is 3/8-inch in diameter. The shank is 3/16-inch in diameter, and the entire length is 54 inches.

Room For Improvement

Eagle Tool US ESP37554 is the most durable drill bit. But this one is a little bit pricey. If you want an affordable drill bit with good quality. Then you can pick Multipurpose Drill Bits. They provide the best value in every sense.

SOMADA Drill Bit

Somada Drill Bit is another east drill bit. it is made of Carbon still. It has a solid center design. For increased rigidity while boring, this design helps a lot. And that design makes this drill bit easiest to maneuver.

Somada drill bit is a perfect drill bit for floor joist drilling. It has a strong design that can drill any strong surface. The finish is also silver coated. You can easily use it on the floor joists.

Other than that, this drill bit is perfect for drilling through so many surfaces. This one is compatible with soft, hardwood, Plywood, Lumber, MDF, Railroad Ties, and Invisible Float Shelf Bracket Installations.

It also works on Landscape Timber, tree stump boring, and tree stump boring for holes up to 10″ deep. Boring tree stumps, lumber, landscaping wood, and railroad ties are simple.

Moreover, Self-Supporting For speedier drilling, a coarse screw point was designed. For a smoother finish, a solitary cutting edge scrapes the circle of the hole. This 12 ” drill bit is ideal for a variety of DIY applications. Again, for quicker chip clearing, its cutting flute is machined with hollow centers.

The drill bit is packaged in a disposable PVC tube that is meant to keep it safe and secure. It may be nailed to a pegboard and hung.

Room For Improvement

This Somada Drill Bit has a silver coating. Though the finish is quite good, black oxide is the perfect powder coating for drill bits. So, in the case of finish type BOSCH BL2739 is the better option.

DEWALT Drill Bit

When professional contractors need to drill clean holes in wiring, pipelines, and other purposes, they rely on DEWALT Power Ship Augers. For toughness against nail-infested wood, these ultra-heavy-duty bits have reinforced dual cutting blades. 

An aggressive self-feeding screw-tip pushes the bit easily through resistant materials. While hollow core flutes discharge chips swiftly for fast cuts. In quick change compatible tools such as the new 60V MAX, a standard 7/16″ Speedy Change Shank enables quick bit changes. 

It has a Self-feed spur that allows for rapid material penetration.  Wood with nails embedded in it has a high level of durability. It is made of hardened alloy steel bits which have a long life span.

DEWALT created the Titanium Pilot Point drill bit set. It helps the difficult process of drilling through hardened steel. The pieces are exceptionally durable and do not shatter, freeze, or dull even after extensive use.

Dewalt has the most variations. DCD471 brushless cordless quick-change stud & joist drill maintains backward compatibility with chuck-based equipment.

Room For Improvement

Dewalt is mostly used for hard surfaces such as steel or metal. You can also use it on floor joists. But if you don’t want to spend that much on a drill bit for floor joists then you buy some others. For this purpose, SOMADA Drill Bit could be a better option.

Multipurpose Drill Bits

According to its name, these multipurpose drill bits have multi uses. This drill bit can drill through tile, glass, brick, wood, concrete, and plastic. Many features in a single package that is simple to set up and use.

This Multipurpose Drill Bit is made of metal. This is the only metal drill bit on that list. It has a carbide finish. Carbide with a strengthened head. It resists bit breaking and extends the life of the bit. The price of this Drill bit is low. It gives the best value among all the drilling bits.

It has a U-type slot design. The drill bit is kept securely & stably in the power drill due to its U-type slot design. Please use water as a lubricant when drilling hard materials such as glass, porcelain flooring, marble, or granite.

The drill bit set comprises ten drill bits in the following sizes: 10x 6mm (1/4″), 10x 6mm (1/4″), 10x 6mm (1/4″), 10x 6mm (1/4″) If you do have an issue with one of our items, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you within 24 hours.

Room For Improvement

This Multi-purpose drill bit sometimes lacks to drill on hard surfaces. But if you think about the price, then you will understand. This is the best one in that budget. so, if you need a better drill bit, you have to pay more. For this, you can choose the BOSCH BL2739 drill bit.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Drilling Floor Joists

Drilling into hardened surfaces can be difficult if you don’t have the right drill bit. If you use the wrong drill bits, the tip of the drill will bounce back. It could also dance over through the surfaces. Instead of creating a hole in the floor joist, it can occur an accident. So, here are some things you should keep in mind while buying a Drilling Bit.


Everybody has a budget. We want to buy things that are within that budget. Surf as many marketplaces as possible to learn about the pricing differences. And ensure you obtain the greatest offer.

This will assist you in gaining a general understanding of the market’s current state. Determine your pricing range based on your expertise. The range is from $200 to $300.


The material used to produce parts, and the coatings applied to it, have a big influence on how long they last. It also tells you how well they operate. The following are some of the most regularly utilized materials: High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits may be used to drill PVC, wood, fiberglass, and soft metals such as aluminum. 

Cobalt drill bits are very durable and quickly dissipate heat. They’re mostly utilized for boring in aluminum & strong metals such as stainless steel. Corrosion-resistant drill bits with such a black oxide finish are meant to last longer. 

They endure longer than ordinary drill bits and may be used on a variety of materials. These materials include metal, hardwood, softwood, PVC, and fiberglass. Friction is minimized when using drill bits with such a titanium coating.


Drill bits are divided into many groups depending on their intended use. The most common drill bit is the twist drill bit. It is used for overall drilling in plastic, wood, and light metals.

These heavy-duty bits have a tip in the middle. Those are shaped like an oar and are used to drill large holes in wood. Brad-Point bits are designed for wood and produce big, clean holes. It is similar to a twist bit but with a looser, greater twist.


loyalty is quite strong in the tree drill bit market. As a result, customers choose to pick the brand with which they have the most experience. Popular brands are known for their dependability.

Otherwise, the general public would not have bought items from well-known companies. Different brands have distinct characteristics. Choose a manufacturer whose characteristics you are most at ease with.

The aesthetic qualities of various brands vary. People are also more likely to pick various items as a result of this.

Customer Acceptance

If you’re a beginner, talk to other people who have used the drill bit for floor joists. Experts will be capable to provide you with practical expertise gathered via experience. You can sometimes extract information from individuals that you won’t discover in the mainstream media. This information might be either positive or negative regarding the product.

User reviews are often important in helping consumers determine which brand of the tree drill bit to purchase. They could be the ones to make the ultimate choice on the purchase.


It is critical that you understand the capabilities of your tree drill bit before purchasing. Given that a great deal of product knowledge is gained via use and experience. Because there are several varieties, try to select the one which most closely matches your needs.

Last But Not Least

We could only tell you so much about finding the best tree drill bit. However, we are convinced that if you follow the advice we’ve provided, you’ll be able to get something that best suits your requirements.


Drill bits can be sharpened, right?

Most drill bits may be sharpened, which somewhat enhances their performance. It also promotes the protection of your drill by reducing the likelihood of their sliding or skidding through hard surfaces.

Is it correct that all drill bits are the same?

Any brand of drill bit can be used in every brand of the drill. As far as the drill bits are indeed the correct size for the chuck. The chuck is the part of both the drill that holds the drill bit in position. The most common chuck sizes are 14-inch, 38-inch, and 12-inch. You can’t use a bit whose shank is longer than your drill’s chuck.

How do you clean drill bits the most effectively?

Soak your drill bits in white vinegar for at least 30 min. Then scrape away the rust with an old brush or even a metal clean cloth. Rinse the bit in fresh water and completely dry first before using or keeping it.

Final Thoughts

We provide you with the 5 best drill bits for drilling through floor joists review content. It takes three days of study to come up with this review article. We hope that you can now simply pick a drill bit set for the drilling floor joist.

These five goods are high-quality, top-rated, and most popular currently. So you may choose one on the list which you like. And let us know, how good these drill bits are! Have a nice day!

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