ryobi air strike not working

Ryobi Air Strike Not Working? Problems With Solutions

Ryobi Air Strike nailers are convenient but can encounter various problems. Common issues include nails not firing, shallow nail depth, frequent jams, and an unresponsive trigger. 

Solutions include checking the battery or air supply, adjusting depth settings, clearing jams, and inspecting the trigger mechanism.

Now you know the solutions for problems with your Ryobi Air Strike not working. For better identification and detailed solutions, read the article ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • If nails are not firing and there’s a “Thud” sound, it indicates potential air supply issues. Check battery/air supply, inspect nails, and clear jams. 
  • In case of shallow nail depth, adjusting depth setting or checking air pressure is the recommended action.
  • Regular maintenance and using the right techniques are essential for keeping your Ryobi Air Strike in top working condition.

Ryobi Air Strike Problems And Quick Solutions

Here is a table with a concise reference guide for troubleshooting common issues with Ryobi Air Strike nailers. 

Nails Not Firing“Thud” sound when pulling the triggerCheck battery/air supply, inspect nails, and clear jams
Shallow Nail DepthNails not sinking deep enoughAdjust the depth setting, check the air pressure
Frequent JamsNails jamming in magazineClear jams and use high-quality nails
Unresponsive TriggerTrigger not responding properlyCheck trigger mechanism for blockages, clean or replace parts

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Ryobi Air Strike Problems And Detailed Solutions

Ryobi Air Strike nailers are known for their convenience and ease of use. But like any other tool, they can encounter problems. This section provides details about those issues and possible solutions.

ryobi air strike not working
Source: Ryobi

Problem 1: Nails Not Firing

One of the most common problems is when the nailer fails to fire nails into the workpiece.


If your nailer makes a “thud” sound upon pulling the trigger but doesn’t shoot nails, this indicates a problem.


  • Check Battery or Air Supply: Ensure that your nailer has a fully charged battery or sufficient air pressure, depending on the model.
  • Inspect Nails: Ensure you are using the correct nail size and type recommended for your nailer.
  • Clear Jams: Clear any nail jams from the magazine to allow smooth nail feeding.

Here is also a visual guide for you to solve problems with your Ryobi air strike not shooting.

Problem 2: Shallow Nail Depth

Another issue is when the nails are not sinking deep enough into the material. This can compromise the quality of your work.


Inspect the depth of the nails in your workpiece. If they are not sinking to the desired depth, it’s a clear indication of an issue.


  • Adjust Depth Setting: Modify the depth setting on your nailer to ensure the nails are driven to the desired depth. Follow their instruction manual for the settings.

Check Air Pressure: Verify that the air pressure is set correctly for pneumatic nailers.

Shallow Nail Depth
Source: protoolreviews

Problem 3: Frequent Jams

Jammed nails can disrupt your workflow and require time-consuming clearing.


If nails frequently jam in the magazine, causing interruptions, it’s a sign of a jamming problem.


  • Clear Jams: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clear nail jams from the magazine.
  • Use High-Quality Nails: Invest in high-quality, properly collated nails to reduce the chances of jamming.

Problem 4: Unresponsive Trigger

In some cases, the trigger may become unresponsive or difficult to engage.


If you notice that the trigger is not responding as it should or requires excessive force. This could be a trigger mechanism issue.


Check Trigger Mechanism: Inspect the trigger mechanism for any blockages or issues, and clean or replace parts as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Mandatory To Put On Goggles During Repairing Nailers?

No, wearing goggles while repairing nailers isn’t required. However, professionals strongly recommend it to prevent potential injuries, because could be harmful in various ways.

What Nails Can You Use In Your Ryobi Nail Gun?

You should use 8D nails in Ryobi nail guns, as recommended by experts. Consult the manufacturer for the best nail choice, and consider stainless steel nails for versatility.

Why Is My Cordless Nail Gun Not Firing?

If your cordless nail gun isn’t firing, common issues include nail jams and empty or improperly attached gas cells. It can also be because of wrong nail types, incompatible components, and lack of cleaning.


You can now solve the Ryobi air strike not working problems. Thus you can identify issues, apply the appropriate solutions, and keep your Ryobi Air Strike in excellent working condition.

Owning a Ryobi Air Strike nailer is an asset for various nailing tasks. But it’s essential to address and resolve common problems promptly to ensure its continued efficiency. 

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