Ryobi P290 vs P237

Ryobi P290 vs P237: Which Is the Better Drilling Machine?

A drilling machine is an essential tool for any worker. However, choosing the best drilling machine can be perplexing. Moreover, getting confused between Ryobi P290 and P237 is quite common.

So, which one is better Ryobi P290 vs P237?

For starters, Ryobi P290 is heavier than Ryobi P237. Also, the Ryobi P290 is bigger. But, Ryobi P237 offers quick three-speed functions. However, the Ryobi P290 is quieter by 50% than the Ryobi P237. On the other hand, Ryobi P237 has a max torque of 1800. Whereas, Ryobi P290 has a max torque of 1600. 

All these basic features are not enough to choose a drilling machine. So, here I share my expert skills covering everything in-depth for you.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Review: Ryobi P290 vs P237

Ryobi produces the best portable tools like P237 and P290. I like it because of its features.

Source: protoolreviews.com

One of the unique features is the Ryobi One+ compatibility. All the drills use the same type of power source. So, you can interchange the battery and save up lots of money.

Another competitor of the Ryobi drilling machine, which I also use often, is the Dewalt drilling machine. Just like Ryobi, you can turn off of Dewalt drill light. 

Let’s see some basic comparisons of Ryobi P290 and Ryobi P237:

Differentiating FactorsRyobi P290Ryobi P237
Item Dimension‎ 8.63 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches7.68 x 3.39 x 7.4 inches
Weight3 pounds2.75 pounds
Speed0-3200 RPM0-1,700 / 0-2,500 / 0-3,200 RPM
Speed Settings03
Impact Rate0-2200 IPM0-3400 IPM
Max Torque1600 inch-pounds1800 inch-pounds

We know that this basic comparison is not enough. That’s why I will to dig deeper for you.

So, let’s move on to the next section.

Ryobi P290 and P237: In-Depth Comparison

Ryobi impact drives have similar traits. Yet, if we go in-depth you can see the noticeable differences. These things are necessary to consider for a proper decision.

Speaking of hand tools, Dewalt hand tools are good at their job. There are also some exciting drilling machine brands other than Ryobi. You can check them out:

They are capable of withstanding heavy workloads and have proven to be suitable for industrial usage. Try them out!

We’ve gathered somewhat of a basic understanding of the difference between Ryobi P290 and P237. Let’s see the in-depth comparison of Ryobi P290 and Ryobi P237.

Design and Grip

One of the important factors is design. Ryobi offers uniqueness to each drilling machine.

For starters, P290 has a magnetic bit tray. The weight of the product is 3 pounds. It also comes with a long hook to attach it to the worker belt.

For P237, a magnetic tray for tools is the same as Ryobi P290. However, it is more lightweight than Ryobi P290 weighted at 2.75 pounds. But, a hook to attach the machine to the belt is unavailable.

Source: protoolreviews.com


Another key thing to consider is torque. The higher the torque, the more a drilling machine’s screw can rotate. Which results in effortless drilling.

Now, Ryobi P290 has a max torque of 1600 inch-pound. 

In contrast, the Ryobi P237 has a max torque of 1800 inch-pound. So, this Ryobi brushless driver can be more impactful with more torque than the Ryobi P290.


We all know that working with an impact driver will cause lots of noise. Ryobi P237 is the same.

But, why I really like Ryobi P290 is because it produces 50% less noise. Because of the Quickstrike Technology, Ryobi P290 produces only 40-45 dB(A).

On the other hand, Ryobi P237 is a loud driver. Just like other common drilling machines, it produces almost 90-95 dB(A) noise. So, Ryobi P290 is more relaxing to work with than Ryobi P237.

Drilling Machine Ryobi P290

  • VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER: Simply pull the trigger further back to increase the rate of impact with this driver. No knobs or switches are necessary
  • MAGNETIC BIT TRAY: If you’re high up on a ladder where you don’t want to be fumbling with screws or bits, you can keep them on the tool’s magnified base
  • QUICK CHANGE CHUCK: No tools are necessary to replace bits. Simply press the bit in to lock it, and when you’re finished, pull back the chuck cuff to release
  • THE NOTCHED, RUBBERIZED OVERGRIP allows you to keep a firm hold on your power tool, even in slippery conditions
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: You can use this right out of the box if you have any of the following Ryobi 18V One+ Batteries: P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, P108


Without a fast drilling machine, a project will take more time to finish. So, arguably the best feature to look at while buying a drilling machine is speed.

Ryobi P290’s speed range is 0-3200 RPM. You need to adjust the speed for each project manually. No speed preset is available for the machine. 

However, Ryobi P237 has three-speed functions available for different works. You can quickly and effectively switch between those. It makes the work more efficient than the Ryobi P290. 

Impact Rate

The impact Rate in a drilling machine is the measurement of strokes per minute. It is another significant characteristic that showcases the performance of drilling operation. Because it lets us understand how efficiently a drilling machine can drill holes.

Now Ryobi P290 has an impact rate of 0-2200 IPM (Impact Per Minute). This means you can set the speed according to your preferred IPM. For Ryobi P290 the max is 2200 IPM.

However, if you want more power, Ryobi P237 has an impact rate of 0-3400 IPM. So, Ryobi P237 can be more efficient than Ryobi P290 for a higher impact rate. 

The impact rate also depends on the tool’s Ryobi battery condition.

Ryobi P290 and P237 comparison


Ryobi is a famous manufacturer for producing the best hand tools. So, the grip is another key factor to look out for.

For instance, Ryobi P290 has used a notched, rubberized overgrip. It helps you to work in any slippery conditions.

Similarly, Ryobi P237 has also used a notched, rubberized overgrip. But, it feels more comfortable in hand than Ryobi P290. Because Ryobi P237 is more lightweight than Ryobi P290. Also, it is smaller in terms of dimension so it feels flexible too.

Drilling Machine Ryobi P237

  • 3 SPEED GEARBOX: Vary between 0 and 3200 Impacts Per Minute, letting you work on both delicate and difficult jobs at the flick of a switch
  • TOOL-LESS BIT CHANGE: With this special chuck, you need only to insert your bits into the slot. Eject the bits by pulling back on the collar. No tools necessary
  • RUBBER OVERGRIP: Special notched rubber covers the handle, giving you a stronger grip on the tool even in slippery conditions
  • LED LIGHTING next to the chuck lets you illuminate your job, letting you work in poor lighting
  • MAGNETIC BIT HOLDER attached to the base of the tool lets you hold on to fasteners and bits that you may need to attach to the tool while you’re high up on a ladder

Attached Light

Almost all modern drilling machine comes with an attached light. Ryobi P237 and Ryobi P290 aren’t indifferent to this fact.

Ryobi P290 has tri-beam LED light settings. It helps you to work in dim situations. But, whenever you pull the trigger the light will be turned on automatically.

However, in Ryobi P37 the tri-beam LED light can remain on, unlike in Ryobi P290. Ryobi P237 takes advantage here because it helps you in terms of accuracy.   

Which One is Better for Drilling?

I tried to cover everything that matters in a drilling machine. Now, each Ryobi impact driver has its pros and cons.

For starters, it is a blessing to have less noise when using a drilling machine. People lose focus and critically face health issues for a long time usage. So, in this case, Ryobi P290 will be the best choice.

Nonetheless, Ryobi P237 is one of the best budget-friendly drilling machines. So, if you are looking for something affordable, go for Ryobi P237.

It all depends on what you are looking for when working: power, more torque, or you want less noise.


What is the purpose of Ryobi’s Impactful Drive?

Ryobi’s impactful drives are used to make holes in metal, wood, and other materials. A drilling tool with cutting edges at its point is used by Ryobi Impactful Drive.

Which Motor Is Used in Ryobi Impactful Drivers?

Every Ryobi Impactful Driver uses a universal motor. Most portable drilling machine has a universal motor.

How Long Does a Ryobi Drill Last?

Thanks to Ryobi one+ compatibility, you can use the same battery for other Ryobi drills. A lithium battery can hold a charge for a year. With heavy usage, Ryobi drills can last about 5 hours.


That’s all from us regarding Ryobi P290 vs P237. Hope this comparison guide proved helpful to you.

Here’s one piece of advice, for varied surfaces, use the appropriate chuck size for each drill.

Be free to write in the comments which one you like more.

Have a good day. I will be back with more exciting articles for you guys.

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