milwaukee sawzall light flashes 3 times

Decoding The Mystery: Milwaukee Sawzall Light Flashes 3 Times

The three light flashes of Milwaukee Sawzall indicate issues relating to the temperature sensor. These issues are

  • The temperature sensor contact is dirty and needs cleaning.
  • The temperature sensor contact point is loose and needs to be readjusted.
  • The temperature sensor in the circuit board is faulty; Change the device.
  • The battery is overheated; let it cool down.

To know what causes the Milwaukee Sawzall to malfunction and flash three times, Continue reading for a deeper dive.

Key Takeaways 

  • Milwaukee Sawzall lights flash three times due to temperature-related issues, primarily overheating.
  • Clean dirty or corroded temperature sensor contacts on the tool and battery to resolve the flashing lights.
  • If the temperature sensor is faulty, professional repair or warranty replacement is recommended. Additionally, follow tips to prolong battery life.

Why Does Milwaukee Sawzall Lights Flash 3 Times?

Milwaukee Sawzall Lights Flash
Source: YouTube

Your Milwaukee power tool flashes 3 times because of issues related to the temperature sensor. The Milwaukee Sawzall is a versatile power tool that can cut through a variety of materials. If said tool stops working and the lights flash three times, it’s primarily due to the following reasons.

ReasonsQuick fixes
Battery OverheatedSet the device aside and let it cool down.
Temperature Sensor contact dirtyRemove the battery and clean the terminals.
Temperature Sensor contact loose or bentReadjust the loose contact point.
Faulty temperature sensorInspect the sensor connection, and replace it if damaged. 

You may face other problems with other issues like the Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver. Read the manual or reach out to customer care to find out how to resolve the problems.

Reason 1: The Battery Is Overheated

Using the tool for a long time makes the battery overheat. That’s when the temperature sensor detects overheating and signals you to allow the device to cool down. This is to prevent the circuit board and its connectors from getting damaged.


If your battery is overheated then 

  • Set the device aside for a while and let it cool down. 
  • It is also a good practice to remove the battery and allow the device to cool down. 
  • Refrain from using the tool for a prolonged time. 
  • Take small breaks in between lengthy work to avoid overheating.

Reason 2: The Temperatur Sensor Contact is dirty.

There is a temperature sensor contact point on the device’s contact point as well as the battery. If either of them is dirty or has rust, then the sensor will get incorrect readings. This will cause the device to flash three times and stop working.


Here’s what to do to clean the battery of any dirt or debris-

  1. Remove the Milwaukee battery after turning off the Sawzall.
  2. Inspect battery terminals and the battery contacts for signs of dust or rust.
  3. If you find dirt or corrosion, clean them using a wire brush. A sandpaper will also work.
  4. Securely reinsert the battery into the device. Ensure that it is attached to the tool properly.
  5. Test the Sawzall to check if the issue is resolved or not. 
  6. If the problem persists, use another battery.

Reason 3: The Temperature Sensor Contact Is Loose or bent

Temperature Sensor Contact Is Loose
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If the temperature sensor of the battery terminal or the contacts are loose, the sensor will misread data. This will cause the tool to malfunction. This is fixable in some cases. 


To fix the loose temperature sensor contacts you have to –

  1. Remove the battery from the tool.
  2. Inspect the battery terminals and the battery contacts if they are loose or bent.
  3. If any of them are bent, use a small screwdriver and plier to gently re-adjust the points.
  4. Reinsert the battery and check if the tool is functioning properly.
  5. If the Sawzall is still malfunctioning, contact customer care service.
  6. If the issue is the battery then change the battery and so get a new battery.
Milwaukee Extended Capacity Resistant BatteryItem model number: 48-11-1850Rx2Good battery performance 
18 VOLT BATTERY for MILWAUKEE 48-11-2230Brand:  ExpertPowerBattery Cell Composition:  NiCAD
Battery Replacement for Milwaukee M-18Brand: LenoyaBattery Cell Composition: Lithium Ion

The batteries are different for each model, as different models are built differently. Here is a video for visual guidelines:

Reason 4: The Temperature Sensor Is Faulty

Temperature Sensor Is Faulty
Source: Reddit

If the temperature itself is damaged or worn out then the tool surely will malfunction. Taking the wrong temperature reading or taking no readings at all causes the light to flash indicating a flaw.


Fixing the damaged temperature sensor requires a lot of intricate electrical work. You should consult with a specialist or customer services for details. Or simply change the device if you have a warranty. 

Extra Tips For Battery Health

Expanding the battery life of your Milwaukee tools can be done just by following some simple steps.

  1. Use within the right temperature ranges: 

Excessive heat or cold can cause  Milwaukee batteries to malfunction, resulting in red and green flashing lights. Make sure the battery is stored and used in the right temperature range.

  1. Charge your battery fully:  

Over or undercharging the battery can cause problems, such as flashing lights. Always charge your Milwaukee battery with the appropriate charger. Milwaukee’s recommended charging guidelines should be followed, read the manual for additional information.

  1. Regularly clean the contacts: 

Over time, dust and dirt can build up on the battery terminals This causes a weak link and perhaps triggers the flashing lights. To guarantee a proper connection, wipe the battery contacts routinely using a soft cloth or a brush.

  1. Store the battery properly: 

When not in use store your Milwaukee battery, and avoid humid places. It should not be stored in humid settings or near corrosive substances. By storing your battery properly, you can help reduce the risk of moisture damage and extend its lifespan.

  1. Use compatible accessories: 

Avoid using attachments that aren’t intended for your specific Milwaukee battery. Always use the attachments recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Inspect the battery regularly: 

Inspect your batteries regularly for any signs of physical damage. Replace the battery if you see any cracks, or bulging to avoid any safety hazards or performance problems.

  1. Keep firmware updated: Milwaukee updates the firmware for their batteries on a regular basis. It is important to keep your battery’s firmware updated for the best performance and to avoid problems. Any known flaws or bugs that might cause the flashing lights can frequently be resolved by updating the firmware.
  2. Follow proper usage guidelines: 

Avoid applying excessive force, and using the battery for jobs it was not designed for. Following these rules can assist in preventing problems that could cause the batter to malfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Does The Milwaukee Sawzall Light Flash 6 Times?

The Milwaukee Sawzall light flashing 6 flashes indicates an error code. The error code causes a safety halt, preventing the device from catching fire while using or damaging the battery. 

How Can I Tell If My Milwaukee Battery Is Defective?

A defective Milwaukee battery won’t charge, nor will it maintain a charge. It will gradually get hot when charging or being used. So, keep your Milwaukee battery charged between 20% and 80% of the time.

What Does It Mean When My Milwaukee Battery Flashes Green And Red?

A charging problem is indicated by a Milwaukee battery that flashes green and red. A defective battery, charger, or connection can be the reason here. To resolve the issue, try resetting the battery and charger, or, if required, replacing the battery.

Sum Up

The Milwaukee Sawzall’s three-flash times signal indicates temperature sensor-related issues. To ensure optimal performance, follow the provided solutions and extra tips for proper tool maintenance and usage.

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