metabo cordless framing nailer problems

4 Common Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer Problems

One of the main Metabo cordless framing nailer problems is the inability to drive nails at the desired length and diameter. Other than these, the head not sinking, and the nail keeps jamming are also been reported. But these issues can be resolved easily with few adjustments. Make sure you use the correct nail size, lubricate the device property and keep the gun clean.

Hope you got an overall idea on what are the common Metabo cordless framing nailer problems. To know it entirely, you can check out our article added in the following. 

Key Takeaways

  • 4 Recurring Metabo Cordless Framing Nailers Issues and Their Solutions 
  • Maintenance Tips

4 Frequently Encountered Issues with Metabo Cordless Framing Nailers

In spite of being an amazing nailer, Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer is not free from problems. It faces quite a few issues like the electric braking problems of the Dewalt circular saw

Here are a few commonly happening Metabo cordless framing nailer problems in the following-

Metabo Cordless Framing Nailers
Reason Solution
Not Getting the Desired Length Use a correct nail size
Diameter IssueUse the correct diameter of the nail
Head Not SinkingLubricate the nails properly
Nail Keeps JammingClean the nailer gun

Reason 1: Length Issue

A very common problem with Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer is the fastener length issue. Here the main issue is, the nailer fails to drive nails to a desired length consistently. So the end result is not as required.

This is a bigger issue for professional-level problems. That’s why for optimal performance, ensuring the correct size of the nail metabo is a must.


For solving the length issue in Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer, you have to adjust the fastener length. Firstly you have to pick the right fastener, which would be compatible with the nailer you are using.

Length Issue
Source: youtube

Other than that, pick the appropriate length of the fastener which is compatible with the material you are working with. Once you pick the right length, then you can make adjustments according to your requirement. 

Reason 2: Diameter Issue

Fastener diameter compatibility is another concern due to which framing nailers can be problematic. Nailer size changes from project to project and so does the diameter. 

So when choosing the cordless framing nailer is compatible with handling the specific fastener diameter that you required. Because sometimes some nailers fail to handle different sizes of nail diameter.

The symptoms are very evident. Either the nail is not fitting appropriately or there is jam. 


Along with the fastener depth, the fastener diameter is equally important for cordless framing nailers. 

To solve this issue, first, you have to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to figure out the appropriate sizing of the fastener. 

If you find that the size of your fastener is correct, then go for the adjustment of the depth setting. That way you can make sure the nail is the correct length.

Reason 3: Head Not Sinking

Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer has another common issue which is the fastener head not sinking problem. 

Head not sinking can lead to a lot of other problems like, nail not sinking, jam in the nailer or misfire in the nailer. Even in multiple Metabo cordless framing nailer reviews, this problem came up.  

However, first, you have to be sure of the source of the problem and then start working on the right track. 


To solve the fastener head problem, you have to check a few things properly. Firstly, ensure you are using the perfect size of nailer according to the fastener. After that, clean the debris and jamming of the nailer. 

That way there will be improvement in the performance of the cordless framing. If it still doesn’t solve the issue, you need to ask for expert help. 

Bonus: Since you are working with Metabo framing nailer, you may also be needing to know about other nailers for comparison like the Dewalt dw734 and ridgid r4331.

Reason 4: Nail Keeps Jamming

Similar to the fence issues of dewalt table saw some users have reported that the Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer keeps jamming frequently. 

Due to the jamming issue, the Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer can have several other problems like misfiring, nail not sinking or improper depth. 

To solve this problem, you have to keep your device clean regularly and clean immediately after detecting the jamming.


To avoid the jamming problem, the first thing you have to make sure of is to use the right fastener according to your machine. 

Other than that, the coil you are using should be perfectly round in shape otherwise it would be prone to get jammed. 

One very important point is proper lubrication. You should never work with a dry machine without appropriate lubrication. It will not only catch more dirt and dust but also can lead to other problems. 

Regular Maintenance Tips for Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer

Here are a few maintenance tips for a better-performing Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer-

  • Check your nailer regularly to detect any broken parts or damage in the device
  • You need to ensure proper lubrication before every use
  • Make sure you regularly clean your device so that there is no clog or jam inside
  • Do not overcharge or undercharge the battery
  • Keep your device in a suitable temperature

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why does the nail gun hold air?

Due to leaking in the seal, you may notice your nail gun holding air. Under that condition, you will notice air escaping from the top of the nail gun. The main purpose of the seal is to prevent air from leaking between the cylinder and the piston. However, once it is broken, you need immediate replacement of it. 

Why does the nailer keep jamming?

Nailer usually keeps jamming due to an incorrect weight against the driver blade. This way it prevents the device from cycling. This is another common cause of nailer not firing issues. So whenever you notice such a problem, make sure you clear the jam immediately. 

What is the power source of a cordless nail gun?

The main power source of a nail gun is the battery. The mechanism is, the electrical charge of the battery converts into a spark. Which ignites the gas that causes a small explosion. This drives the piston by forcing the nail. Basically, the battery-powered one uses electromagnetic energy for the nail to function. 

Final Words

We are at the very end of our discussion. Hope this article regarding Metabo Cordless Framing Nailer Problems was informative enough to help you.

Your device needs regular maintenance and if you can ensure that, you can avoid half the problems. 

That’s all this time. See you soon with something very useful.

Till then, stay healthy!

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