FlexVolt vs FlexVolt Advantage vs Power Detect vs XR

FlexVolt vs FlexVolt Advantage vs Power Detect vs XR

Dewalt is a well-known name in the world of hand tools. They have produced a successful series of drill machines. 

FlexVolt, FlexVolt Advantage, Power Detect, and XR are the most popular drills of Dewalt. It’s not easy to choose between these great drills.

As an expert with many years of experience in the field, I have tested many times each of these great Dewalt tools. Here I will explain to you the differences between these power tools, so, you can decide which one is better for you FlexVolt vs FlexVolt Advantage vs Power Detect vs XR.

The FlexVolt comes with an E-Clutch mechanism which is absent in the rest of the drills. It’s also the most powerful of all the other drills in comparison. Advantage, Power Detect, and XR have higher speeds. However, XR falls short in hammer rate than the other options.

To select the best drill machine for you, you must compare them thoroughly. And I will help you to do that. Stay with me to know everything about these drills!

Short Comparison: FlexVolt vs FlexVolt Advantage vs Power Detect vs XR 

Despite having the same manufacturer, these drills have lots of differences. Just like the differences between Ridgid X4 and X5, they have many similarities and dissimilarities. So before choosing a machine, you have to be careful.

Source: dewalt.co.uk

Below I have presented all the comparisons of the drills in a table. Have a look at the table to get a complete idea of the drills easily.

FactorsFlexVolt  FlexVolt Advantage Power Detect XR 
Power980 UWO1219 UWO1072 UWO820 UWO
Bare Weight 3.6 Pounds3.63.52.8
Maximum Speed1250 RPM2000 RPM.2000 RPM.2000 RPM 
Maximum Hammer Rate38250 BPM.38250 BPM.38250 BPM.34000 BPM
Maximum Chuck Size 13 mm.13 mm.13 mm.13 mm
Length 16 Inches 8.4 Inches8.86 Inches 6.9 Inches 
Speed Settings2333
Speciality E-ClutchAvailabilityVery QuickDrillingLight Intensity Controllable Long Runtime 

You can select the best drill machine for you from the table quite easily. However, if you want to know more, I’ll help you! In the next sections, I’ve discussed this matter in more detail. 

Extended Comparison 

So, it’s time to show you the facts in detail so that you can compare more precisely. So let’s get into a detailed comparison.


The first thing that comes to mind while comparing drills is their power. A drill machine’s power expresses its working ability. The torque and efficiency of the drills are also dependent on the power. 

So high power is always preferable for tough work. The power of FlexVolt is about 980 UWO. 

UWO stands for Units Watts Out. It is the maximum power delivered by the drill. There is a misconception among people that UWO and Torque are the same thing. But actually, UWO is different than Torque. 

The FlexVolt Advantage tool has 1072 UWO. 

Is FlexVolt Advantage better than XR in power? 

Yes, XR has an output of 820 UWO only. The Dewalt Power Detect tool generates power up to 1072 UWO. So the drill with the best power output is the FlexVolt Advantage. 


  • DEWALT 20V hammer drill has up to 42% more power** when paired with FLEXVOLT batteries
  • The cordless hammer drill is compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT Batteries
  • GREAT BIT GRIP: Heavy-duty 1/2-inch ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength
  • 20X BRIGHTER LED: 3-mode LED provides lighting in dark or confined spaces up to 20x brighter than the DEWALT DCD985
  • EXTENDED WORK TIME WITH LED: Spotlight mode features a 20-minute shutoff function, allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces
  • Tool Connect Chip Ready: Chip pocket accepts Tool Connect Chip DCE042 and connects with the Tool Connect Site Manager app for easy asset management on the job site. (DCE042 sold separately)
  • OPTIMIZE TOOL to task with 3-speed transmission

Differences in UWO between Flexvolt, Advantage, Power Detect, and XR

Bare Weight 

Bare weight comes in handy to get an idea about the ease of using drills. Light drills are easy to use compared to heavy drills. But with more functions, the weight of the drills increases.

The FlexVolt tools and FlexVolt Advantage tools have the most weight. Both of them weigh about 3.6 pounds. The Power Detect tool also has a similar weight of 3.5 pounds. Anyways, DEWALT Power Detect tools with FlexVolt battery will weigh more than this.

The lightest drill machine is XR with only 2.8 pounds of weight. So it’s the easiest one to handle and control. 

Source: protoolreviews.com

Maximum Speed

The drill machine makes holes by the rotation of the shaft. So the performance of the drill is directly connected to its speed. The performance will increase to a great extent with higher speed.

In between Dewalt Power Detect tools and FlexVolt tools, the Power Detect tool has more speed. It has a maximum speed of 2000 RPMs. On the other hand, the FlexVolt tool has a maximum speed of only 1250 RPMs. 

On the other hand, the FlexVolt Advantage tool and XR also can raise speed up to 2000 RPMs. So the maximum speed is only different in the FlexVolt tools. Otherwise, you will not have to worry about the speed.

DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Power Detect Technology (DCK299D1W1) Combo Kit

  • DCD998 Using the 20V MAX* 8Ah battery, the Drill in this cordless drill combo kit will output up to 29% more power
  • The DCD998 Hammer Drill in the cordless tools combo kit has 3-speeds, high performance, all-metal transmission to optimize tool-to-task for fast application speeds, and improved run-time for drilling in masonry materials.
  • DCD998 has a heavy-duty 1/2-inch ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck with carbide inserts for superior bit gripping strength of the drill/ impact driver combo kit
  • DCD998 has a 3-mode LED with spotlight mode for a 20-minute shutoff function allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces
  • The DCF887 provides 1,825 in-lbs of max torque at 0-3,250 RPM and 0-3,600 impacts per minute
  • The DCF887 has a compact size (5.3-inch front-to-back length) and lightweight (3.4 lbs) design for working in confined spaces
  • The DCB118 Fast Charger is a fan-cooled charger that is compatible with 20V MAX* batteries and FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* batteries. The charge rate is 8 amps for premium batteries and 4 amps for compact batteries.

For higher speed, you will need high-quality batteries for the drills. Good products will supply the drills with maximum power and speed.

Maximum Hammer Rate 

The Hammer is a special tool that comes with modern drills. This tool enables the drill to make holes on hard surfaces easily. The drills with hammers are also known as impact drills. The impact mechanism produces hammering.

The hammering speed is expressed in BPM or IPM. They stand for Blows Per Minute or Impacts Per Minute. The BPM of FlexVolt, FlexVolt Advantage, and Power Detect are the same. All of them produce 38250 BPMs.

The XR drill lags in this aspect. It can only generate hammering speeds up to 34000 blows per minute. So in Dewalt 20v XR vs FlexVolt, the FlexVolt wins in this factor. 

DEWALT 60V Cordless Drill For Concrete Mixing, E-Clutch System

  • Mix up to 19 premixed drywall buckets (4.5 gals) on a single charge using DCB606 Flexvolt batteries (6Ah).**
  • Mix up to 17 buckets of tile mortar (5 gal) on a single charge using a DCB606 Flexvolt battery (6Ah).**
  • Mix up to 9 buckets of concrete (4.5 gal) on a single charge using a DCB606 Flexvolt battery (6Ah).**
  • Integrated e-clutch® system helps to improve user control.
  • 3-Position side handle allows for optimum position while mixing.

Maximum Chuck Size 

The drilling rods make holes in the surface. The diameter of the hole is equal to the diameter of the rod This rod stays in place because of the drill chuck. The chuck holds the rod firmly. So the size of the rod is dependent on the chuck size. 

With more chuck size, the rod diameter can be increased. So chuck size is very crucial for determining the hole size. However, in between Dewalt FlexVolt vs Max XR, the chuck size is constant. 

The maximum chuck size is the same for all of these drills. And this size is 13mm. So you don’t need to think much about the maximum chuck size. 

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver, Compact

  • The brushless motors of the DEWALT drill deliver up to 57% more run time than brushed
  • Compact (6.9″ front to back), lightweight (3.4 lb) design fits this power drill into tight areas.
  • DEWALT 20V MAX drill provides high-speed transmission with two speed settings (0-550/0-2,000 RPM) delivering up to 30% faster application speeds
  • The ergonomic comfort grip handle provides ideal balance and tool control
  • Metal 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck for superior bit gripping strength
  • 3-Mode LED provides lighting in dark work environments up to 20 times brighter than the previous model.
  • LED Spotlight Mode features a 20-minute shutoff function allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces


The length of the drill determines its mobility and ease of transportation. A smaller drill is also easy to handle. The drill manufacturers are trying to reduce the length by several techniques. And while doing so they are not compensating with the specs.

In between Dewalt FlexVolt vs FlexVolt Advantage, the first one is more lengthy. It has a length of 16 inches. Whereas the Advantage model comes in only 8.4 inches. The size remains almost the same in Power Detect. 

In Dewalt Power Detect vs FlexVolt, the Power Detect has .46 inches in its length. It is 8.86 inches. The XR model is the smallest. It comes in a version of 6.9 inches only!

Speed Settings

The speed settings of the drill are different from the maximum speed. Not all holes require great speed. Even less speed is required for the accuracy and precision of some holes. So it is very important to control the speed of the drill.

The speed is controlled by the gears. The FlexVolt has only two gear systems. That means there are only two-speed settings in this drill. The other three models come with three gear mechanisms. 

Source: protoolreviews.com

So there are three-speed settings in the FlexVolt Advantage, Power Detect, and XR. The speed settings are blessings for professional workers. Because different speeds make their work more accurate. 


Each drill comes with some special features. These features make the drill more unique. The four models we are discussing also have some unique specs. Let’s see what each of them brings to the table. 

The FlexVolt tools have an e-clutch system. Sometimes the user loses control over the drill. At that time the E-Clutch can save the day. It detects the problem and shuts down the drill or reduces the speed.

The FlexVolt Advantage tool is much faster than the rest of the drills. It has done very well in different time tests. But it needs a FlexVolt battery for that. 

So, what is a FlexVolt Battery? 

The FlexVolt battery is produced by Dewalt and promises to supply maximum power.

The next leap forward in the evolution of DeWalt cordless tools was the invention of the magnificent 20V/60V FlexVolt battery platform.


  • DEWALT 20V/60V Battery has 180 Watt Hours of energy in each battery pack (360 Watt Hours combined)
  • DEWALT battery has 6 times the runtime compared to DCB201 1.5Ah Battery
  • 9.0 Ah capacity when used in a 20V MAX tool
  • Compatible with 20V MAX, 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools
  • Compatible with all 20V MAX, 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools
  • LED State of Charge Display

The LED light present in the Power Detect drill is very useful. The manufacturer has specially designed this light. The intensity of this light is controllable according to need.

The unique aspect of the XR drill is its long performance. It can drill for a longer time than the other three models with the same battery. This is a very attractive feature for people working away from electricity. 


Now let’s check the price of these drills. All these drills cost between $300 to $400. But because of different specifications, the prices vary significantly. The Power detect drill comes at the lowest price. You can buy it for $320. 

Then comes the Advantage and XR. The XR and Advantage, aka DCD998 Vs DCD999, come for $340 & $350. The FlexVolt has the lowest price. It costs around $380. So you have to be sure about your budget before deciding on the price.

This is the end of the comparison of FlexVolt, FlexVolt Advantage, Power Detect, and XR. Below I will discuss my views on this comparison. If you are still confused, have a look at that!

Source: basellers.com

Our Final Pick

Choosing the best drill can be tough like choosing between Jet and Powermatic jointer. Still, I will try to be neutral and choose the best drill. 

If you want the most power output, the FlexVolt Advantage is the best one. It also has a high RPM and 3-speed settings. But it weighs 3.6 pounds. 

For a lighter drill, you must go with the XR model. It weighs only 2.8 pounds. It is also very small in length. The price is pretty reasonable too. It costs around $340.

Besides this, if we look at the E-Clutch system, only FlexVolt has it. However, the cost of FlexVolt is too high. You can go for it only if you have a loose budget. 

You must understand your preferences before choosing a drill. All of these drills have many advantages and are great value for money. So be wise and then make a choice. 


Do FlexVolt Batteries Work in XR Tools? 

Yes, FlexVolt batteries work in XR tools as well. Both of them are manufactured by Dewalt. Dewalt has made these batteries exclusively for Dewalt hand tools. As XR is a Drill machine series of Dewalt, the FlexVolt batteries can be used with it. The batteries can be used with other products too.

Are FlexVolt Batteries Worth it?

Yes, FlexVolt batteries are definitely worth the purchase. The FlexVolt batteries are specially made by Dewalt. These batteries supply high power and last for a long time. The output of the drills also increases with the FlexVolt batteries. 

Is FlexVolt Advantage Better Than Power Detect?

FlexVolt Advantage is better than Power Detect in some aspects. Whereas in the other aspects, Power Detect is better. For example, the power output and length of the FlexVolt are much better than the Power Detect. On the contrary, Power Detect comes at a lower price with less weight.


This is all I have on your query: FlexVolt vs FlexVolt Advantage vs Power Detect vs XR. I think that now you can make your choice on Dewalt tools quite easily. 

The drills are available with a battery and no battery options. To save some bucks you can get the main drill at first without the battery.

I hope it was a useful guide. You can write in the comments your opinion on these Dewalt tools.

Good Luck!

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