Jet vs Powermatic Jointer

Jet vs Powermatic Jointer: Which One Should You Buy?

Both Jet and Powermatic are big names when it comes to planers and jointers. They have a lot of similarities since they share the same parent company. That’s why it sometimes gets difficult trying to choose between them. 

So, what are the differences between Jet vs Powermatic jointer

The main difference between these jointers is the price point. Despite sharing the same bed and motors, the Jet jointers are lighter. Jet jointers offer helical knives for both 6 and 8-inch jointers. But only the 8-inch Powermatic has helical blades. The Powermatic also has a higher resale value. 

Anyways, that was a short answer to help you get started. That’s why we’ve elaborated on every aspect and compared them head to head. 

Stay with us till the end if you want to know more about both jointers. 

Jet vs Powermatic Jointer: Primary Differences

Before starting a full comparison, it’s better to know the basic differences. Because otherwise, it may get messy for you and create confusion. 

For example, understanding the difference between CRV and S2 steel needs some prior knowledge. But knowing some basics makes it ten times easier! 

It also saves you some time and starts you off with a clear picture. That’s why we’ve made a small table for you-

Aspects Jet JointerPowermatic Jointer
Price Point 6 Inch: $1900 – $2100
8 Inch: $2500 – $2900
6 Inch: $1800 – $1950
8 Inch: $3500 -$3600
Weight6 Inch: 240 lbs
8 Inch: 340 lbs
6 Inch: 335 lbs
8 Inch: 520 lbs
Base StraightCurved
Knives Set Helical KnivesHelical & Quick Knives
Resale ValueLowHigh

Go through the table thoroughly and you’ll notice the differences. Based on the first impression, which one are you liking more? 

Powermatic Jointer 8 Inch

  • Superior Finish: The helical cutterhead, with 54 four sided carbide inserts, provides smoother and quieter cuts
  • Fine-Tuned Cut Depth: Adjustment lever offers quick infeed table positioning
  • Extended Workpiece Support: Extra long tables are mounted on dovetailed ways
  • Smooth Fence Tilting: Handwheel operated worm gear system
  • Convenient Controls: High mount magnetic switch is easy to reach
  • Magnetic Push Blocks: Can be stored on the machine within constant reach

Jet vs Powermatic Jointer: Comprehensive Comparison

So, have you been able to come to a conclusion yet? If you haven’t made a decision yet, that’s totally fine. Because now we’re going to elaborate further on all of those aspects one by one. 

Simply go through all the points and you’ll have an answer in no time! 

Price Point 

Whenever buying something like a planer or a jointer, price is the first concern. They’re super expensive and priced around $2000 to $5000. 

Because of that, you don’t really have a window to make a mistake. 

That’s why we’ve made this first and foremost category. After all, you’re trying to know which is better and best for the money. 

For instance, choosing between the type 1 and type 27 cutting wheels is tough. Because they have different aspects with a similar price point.  

We’re going to start with the Jet jointers first. Jet jointers are one of the few names that always come on top. One of the reasons behind that is the price point. 

Jet jointers are affordable, unlike Powermatic jointers. But their 6-inch Jet jointer helical head version is pricier than the Powermatic. 

The 6-inch jointer is available on the market for $1900 to $2000. This seems expensive when compared to the 8-inch version which is only $2800. 

We all know that 8-inch jointers are easier to work with. It’s more accessible than the 6-inch version. It also has a longer bed, better bearing, etc. 

On the contrary, the Powermatic offers a more stable price. Especially, when it comes to the 6-inch version, at least. The Powermatic 6-inch jointer costs about $1900. 

This is $200 less than the Jet counterpart. Powermatic easily wins if you compare Jet vs Powermatic 6-inch jointer

But the Powermatic is expensive when it comes to Jet vs Powermatic 8 jointer. It has a whopping $3600 price tag which also comes with a helical kit. 

That’s a massive $800 difference which can turn a lot of potential buyers away. But its superior quality and raw power make up for the difference. 

Winner: The Powermatic is more accessible when it comes to a 6-inch jointer. But Jet jointers are cheaper in the 8-inch range. 

Powermatic Jointer 6 Inch

  • AUTO-ALIGNING KNIVES: Cutterhead features three high-speed steel knives that automatically align themselves.
  • PRECISION CUTS: Fine/quick adjustment lever on infeed table.
  • 38″ TWO-WAY TILTING FENCE: With positive stops, this fence provides quick positioning for 90° or bevel cuts.
  • STURDY BASE: Enlarged sheet metal stand.
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY: Push button switch is lockable to prevent accidental starting.


After the price point, it’s time to talk about the weight. If you move often, the weight is going to be an issue. 

That’s why it’s better to get that sorted out. Otherwise, you may find it hard moving them. 

The Jet jointers are comparatively much lighter than the Powermatic. An average 6-inch Jet jointer weighs about 240 lbs. This makes it easier to move than the other options. 

The 8-inch Jet jointers are a bit heavy but nothing like the Powermatic versions. The 8-inch Jet jointers weigh around 340 lbs. This is 100 lbs heavier than the 6-inch one. 

On the contrary, the Powermatic jointers are much heavier than the Jet ones. The 6-inch Powermatic jointer is as heavy as the 8-inch Jet one. 

Without a doubt, moving those are going to be really hard. But they’re extremely sturdy and reliable to work upon. 

As expected, the 8-inch Powermatic jointer weighs even more. It’s 1.5x heavier than the Jet jointer at 520 lbs. 

Winner: The Jet jointer wins this round because of being lightweight. 

JET Jointer 6 Inch

  • TWO-WAY TILTING FENCE: Positive stops at 45° and 90° to handle bevel operations.
  • FRONT-MOUNTED ADJUSTMENT HANDWHEELS: Make quick, easy, and accurate corrections.
  • EFFICIENT DUST REMOVAL: Built-in dust chute with 4″ port connects to your collection system.
  • STABILITY: Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs.

Mobile Base

We’ve already mentioned that both share the same parental company. That’s why most notable features like motors, and batteries are exactly the same. 

But one notable difference is the base of these jointers. Jet jointers sit on a rectangular mobile base. They can be found easily on markets.

On the contrary, the Powermatic jointer mobile bases are curvy. It’s made that way to support the front body of the Powermatic. Finding curvy bases can prove difficult.

But fortunately, there are universal mobile bases that can be bought online. Those mobile bases can support all sorts of jointers. 

To save you some time, we’ve listed our favorite picks:

You can choose any of these to support your jointer. This way you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Winner: Jet jointers get this round because of more availability. 

Knives Set 

Of course, without comparing knives, it wouldn’t be a jointer comparison. That’s why we’ve made it an independent section.

There are two types of knife sets you’re going to get; helical or quick knives. The helical knives can cut through harder woods. 

Fortunately, helical knives are part of both Jet jointer parts. Both Jet jointers come with helical knives. That means you can cut any wood you want. 

Because of helical knives, the 6-inch Jet jointer costs more than the Powermatic one. 

But the Powermatic 6-inch jointer doesn’t come with helical knives. Rather it comes with a quick knife set. 

It may not be as good as helical knives but it still delivers.

If you’re not planning to cut any hardwoods, you can easily choose the 6-inch set. But fortunately, the 8-inch Powermatic jointer comes equipped with helical knives. 

The only downside is the total cost. But if you can afford it, you can cut any wood you want!

Winner: The Jet jointer wins this round because both versions have helical blades. 

JET Jointer 8 Inch

  • QUIETER CUTS: Helical cutterhead with indexable carbide inserts
  • FAST TABLE ADJUSTMENTS: Large chrome handwheels and easy-to-reach locks
  • TWO-WAY TILTING FENCE: Positive stops at 45° and 90° to handle bevel operations
  • EFFICIENT DUST DISPOSAL: Built-in 4″ dust chute connects to your collection system
  • STABILITY: Heavy-duty, one-piece steel closed stand includes mounting tabs

Resale Value

This is another aspect that you need to consider when buying jointers. Of course, you won’t be using the same jointer for years. 

Most people involved in wood-crafting upgrade their equipment at least once. That’s why considering resale value is extremely important. 

This is where Jet jointers take an enormous hit. Because compared to Powermatic, they’re less popular. 

Selling the 6-inch Jet jointer is obviously harder than the 8-inch version. Because people mostly want to get the 8-inch version for less money. 

So that’s something you should keep in mind. 

But selling Powermatic jointers is significantly easier. Since they’re super reputable for being reliable, they’re easy to sell. 

Like Jet jointers, the Powermatic 8-inch jointer is easier to sell than the 6-inch. The Powermatic 8-inch jointer is the easiest to sell and has the highest resale value.  

Winner: The Powermatic dominates this round because of their high reputation and reliability.  

Our Verdict

Have you made your decision yet? If you still haven’t, that’s totally fine. We’re going to summarize the whole thing for you. 

If you want the helical blades, then Jet’s 6-inch and Powermatic’s 8-inch is your obvious choice. The Jet’s 8-inch jointer with helical blades costs a little less.

But if you want the highest resale value, then go for Powermatic. You can also save some money if you buy a Powermatic jointer planer combo

Tuning up your jointer is also important for longer usage. That you can easily adjust a Jet jointer or a Powermatic. 


Are Powermatic and Jet the same?

The Powermatic was bought by the owners of the Jet tools. It was back in 1999. But after 15 years, these companies were bought again by another group named Tenex. Despite having the same parent company, their products have some dissimilarities. But both companies offer products of similar quality.

Are Powermatic jointers good?

Powermatic is one of the few names that always stay on top among jointers. They have been in the business for a long time. Over time, they’ve built an admirable reputation. They’re versatile, reliable, and always wanted by people. The customer services are also top-notch and always praised.

What is the difference between helical and spiral cutter heads?

The only difference between helical and spiral cutters is degrees of push direction. The helical blades are not 90 degrees to the push direction. Instead, they’re skewed. On the contrary, spiral cutters are 90 degrees to the push direction. They act like small knives and apply pressure directly. 

Final Words

That was everything we could gather on Jet vs Powermatic jointer. We hope these were enough to help you paint a clearer picture. 

If you’re still unsure, then it’s best to try it out yourself. You can also contact some professional woodworkers to get their personal opinions. That way you can compare both of them by yourself. 

Finally, have a nice day!

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