Ridgid X4 vs X5

Ridgid X4 vs X5: Choose The Best Drill for You

Drills are must-have equipment for every DIY and professional worker. High-quality drills are very important for the finest works.

Ridgid is a very popular drill brand. Ridgid X4 and X5 are two of their best wireless drills. Hence, it’s hard to choose between these two.

So, which one is best in Ridgid X4 vs X5?

Ridgid X4 and X5 have many similarities and dissimilarities. The torque of the drills is different. The RPM and BPM of the X5 are higher than that of Ridgid X4. Yet the price of Ridgid X4 is lesser than the X5. But the Ridgid X5 comes with some special specs. So the choice isn’t easy at all!

You must survey all the factors for making a decision. Below I’ve discussed all the details. 

Let’s get into it!

Short Comparison 

ridgid x4 vs x5
Source: https://geekdad.com

Ridgid X4 and X5 are the products of the same brand Ridgid. But still, they have many differences. To get the best product for your money, you must analyze all these differences.

However, this process requires a fair share of your time. I will help you to make a quick decision. 

You can look at the table below to know all the key differences within moments.

FactorsRidgid X4Ridgid X5
Torque 615 in. lbs700 in. lbs
No Load Speed (Low Gear/High Gear)0-450 RPM/0-1600 RPM0-550 RPM/0-2100 RPM
Hammering Speed0-7200 BPM / 0-25,600 BPM 0 – 7150 BPM/0 – 27300 BPM
Specialties N/AYes
Weight3 lb/4.50 lb(With Battery)3.14 lb/4.70lb(with Battery) 



Now you know the dissimilarities in the Ridgid x4 vs gen5x drills. Yet there are lots of details to these points. That’s why I’ve also created a graph chart below. Take a quick look for a better understanding-

In the next section, I will go through an extended comparison. But if you don’t want to go through the whole of it and looking to make a quick decision jump into our final verdict section.

Nevertheless, get prepared to start your journey with me! 

In-depth Comparison 

Choosing between the Ridgid X4 and X5 is not as complex as comparing jet and powermatic jointer. But you need the correct data for that. 

Below I’ll make everything clear to you by discussing all the particulars. 


Comparing torque is the best way to find the disparity between the powers of the two tools. You see, torque is the force for which an object rotates. The working principle of the drill machine is highly dependent on rotating.

Any comparisons like Ridgid octane vs x4 need information on the torque of the drills. The torque of Ridgid X4 is 615 in-lbs. On the other hand, the Ridgid X5 has a torque of 700 in-lbs. So the Ridgid X5 can apply more force than the X4. 

This significantly increases the drilling power of X5. 

However, with different driving bits the torque might vary.

Winner: Ridgid X5 

No Load Speed 

Source: https://www.protoolreviews.com

Now let’s compare the no-load speed of the two drills. 

No-load speed refers to the per minute rotation of the drill. But this rotation speed is measured without any load on the drill.

That means the calculation is not made while screwing or making holes. Rather the drill is turned on freely. 

There are two types of no-load speeds in a drill. They are low gear and high gear speeds. Both of these factors are important to analyze the quality of the drill. 

The no-load speed of the Ridgid X5 is between 0-550 RPM in low gear. RPM means rotations every minute. This rotation speed increases if the gear is shifted to high gear. At that time X5 can rotate as fast as 2100 RPM.

The low gear no-load speed of Ridgid X4 is near to that of the X5. It can rotate at a rate of 450 RPM. 

But when we observe the high gear speed, the Ridgid X4 18v gets beaten by the X5 easily. The high gear speed is up to 1600 RPM for the X4.

Winner: Ridgid X5

Hammering Speed

Hammering is a special feature of the modern drill. The hammer drills are masters of making holes in hard surfaces. 

So, the hammering speed indicates the fastness of making these holes. It is measured in BPM or Blows Per Minute.

Ridgid X4 has a hammering speed of 7200 BPM at a low gear. This speed increases significantly when the drill is used in High gear mode. 

At that time it can give 25600 blows per minute. This speed is quite enough for drilling hard materials.

Surprisingly the low gear speed of the Ridgid X5 is less than the X4. This speed is 7150 BPM. 

But again Ridgid X5 beats its competitor at the high gear blowing speed. It can be very fast in high gear and can reach up to 27300 BPM.

Winner: Tie

Maximum Chuck Size

Source: https://homefixated.com

Chuck is the front part of the drill that holds drilling rods or the drill bits. To make wide ranges of holes the drill needs the capability to hold several bits. That means the chuck size determines the hole size variation of the drill.

With an adequate chuck size, you can make bigger holes. It is a very well-known way to get a hint about the power of the drill. 

But you won’t have to be much confused about this sector. Because the maximum chuck size for Ridgid x4 and x5 is equal.

Both these drills can hold the largest drill bit of 26 mm. So you can make a hole of at most 26 mm diameter. 

Winner: Tie


Weight is an important factor for hand tools. Too many heavy tools are not easy to work with. After all, the tools are operated by hands. 

So it’s important to know about the weight before buying Ridgid X5 and X4.

The weights of the drills we are comparing are almost similar. Ridgid X4 weighs about 3lb without the battery. Whereas X5 weighs 3.15 lb. However, when the battery is added to the drill, the weight increases.

With the battery Ridgid X5 weight increases to 4.70 lb. The X4 is also heavy when paired with the lithium battery. Then it weighs about 4.50 lb. 

So, I can conclude that X4 is somewhat easier to lift because of its less weight.

Moreover, no matter how much the weight is setting the drill on a drill guide is a wise thing to do. Because it’ll allow you to drill at whatever angle you need. Because the guides are adjustable and come with built-in angle readout.

Winner: Ridgid X4


Source: https://www.protoolreviews.com

Ridgid Gen5X or X5 is a newer version than the X4. So there are some added features with it. 

Ridgid X4 is a decent drill with regular specs. But x5 brings some new features to the table. 

This drill comes with 3 modes. Screw driving, drilling, and hammer drilling are the modes. Also, it has a hex gear grip made with rubber. 

So X5 is easy to control. The most fascinating latest feature is the inclusion of a micro clutch with over 100 settings.

Winner: Ridgid X5


Now let’s compare the price of these two drills. Both drills are good value for money. But the price difference between them can give you something to think about.

The Ridgid X4 can be bought for around $160. You will get the full kit at this price. And the X5 comes in around $200.

Winner: Ridgid X4

Final Verdict 

Ridgid X4 and X5 have a lot of similarities that we did not discuss. Because the final choice depends on the dissimilarities of the two drills. So we will focus on the disparities and then select a drill for making holes.

Product NameDifferences
Ridgid X4Conventional, low price
Ridgid X5Higher torque, no-load speed and hammering speed

Both of these drills are also sold separately without the full kit. You can buy the drill machine only at a low cost without the batteries.

This was the complete comparison between the Ridgid X4 and X5. I have discussed every differentiating factor in depth. So now choosing one is not as hard as sorting Husqvarna 562xp problems.


Is Ridgid Gen5x brushless? 

No, Ridgid Gen5X is not brushless. Ridgid Gen5X is the latest drill with modern features. This drill uses a permanent magnetic motor for drilling purposes. 

Are Ridgid drills any good? 

Yes, Ridgid drills are good in their work. Ridgid offers lots of variation to its customers. It emphasizes both the performance and price of the drills. 

Is Ridgid a Home Depot brand?

Yes, Ridgid is a Home Depot brand. Home Depot has several brands for selling tools of different kinds. Ridgid is one of them. 


I hope that now you have a clear conception of the Ridgid x4 vs x5 comparison. I have tried to provide you with every bit of information in this regard.

To save some bucks you can buy only the drill machine separately. You can also wait for holidays for discount offers.

See you in the next one!

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