Dewalt Circular Saw Flashing Light

Dewalt Circular Saw Flashing Light: 5 Indications

One of the most common problems users face with Dewalt is grasping the flashing light signals. Figuring out which specific light indicates which signals can be quite confusing and complicated.

So what does Dewalt Circular Saw Flashing Light actually point out?

For starters, the Dewalt charger has LED indicators, and each of these lights has a distinct function. When there is a blinking red light, it directs that it is in charging mode. Until the battery reaches its maximum capacity you should not unplug the charger.

However, that was just a brief introduction to the flashing light signals of the Dewalt Circular Saw. We have articulated a more in-depth article to cover all the basics and instructions.

To clear your confusion and to make this easier, let’s jump right into it.

What Does Flashing Light on Dewalt Circular Saw Indicate?

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It can get quite difficult and frustrating while figuring out the Dewalt Circular Saw manual. Big issue users encounter is not understanding the various Dewalt LED indications. As a result, they cannot take the right step needed accordingly at the right time.

Here are the 5 situations you can face with Dewalt Circular Saw flashing light:

While Charging

A blinking red light indicates the battery needs to be charged if you plug in the charger. It’s quite similar to Dewalt 20V flashlight blinks. You have to leave it on the charger and don’t remove it until it is fully charged. 

You can remove it once the light turns green. It means the battery is fully charged now.


You might wonder if a fully charged battery shows green when the charger is plugged in.

But, here’s a catch-

In such a case, the battery will show a constant red light that does not blink. When the battery is fully charged or unchargeable, it puts on a constant red light. It indicates that you need to remove the charger immediately.

Hot/Cold Pack Delay

When the battery gets overheated or too cold, the charger starts a Dewalt Hot/Cold Pack Delay. It starts on its own by default. The red light will keep on blinking, but a yellow indicator light will also show up.

The charging is discontinued until the battery has reached the optimum temperature.

Once the appropriate temperature has been achieved, the yellow light will set off. And the charging procedure will be resumed.

The charger then turns on the pack charging mode automatically. Longevity and quality of battery life is ensured through this feature.

A warm battery pack charges at a faster pace than a cold battery pack. The cold battery pack will charge slowly throughout the entire charging cycle. And maximum charge rate won’t be obtained even if the battery gets warm.


Faulty Battery Pack

If the charger detects a faulty battery pack it will automatically stop charging. The charger will indicate a faulty battery by flashing or blinking the Dewalt battery indicator light very fast.

Due to poor connection between the battery and charger, fast flashing of light is observed. It can also indicate that there is a problem with the battery pack. 

The battery needs to be removed from the charger. You can clean the metal contact terminals on the battery with a clean cloth. And check if the condition is fixed by trying to charge the battery again.

However, if the charger still keeps flashing fast that means the condition is not fixed. Hence Dewalt Circular saw troubleshooting won’t be enough at that moment. In such cases, you will need to replace the battery pack.

Problem with the Powerline

If there is a problem with the powerline, the charger will keep flashing too fast at a time. You need to check if the wires are properly connected or not. Also, check out the internal settings to find out if everything is functioning correctly.

These are the conditions you needed to know about what a Flashing light on a Dewalt circular saw meant.

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Safety Precautions While Using The Battery And Charger

Precautions and safety should be maintained carefully to avoid any kind of injuries. Even a small act of negligence can lead to unwanted accidents. 


And with the Dewalt circular saw you should be extra careful. Because you are around sharp objects which might cause severe injury. Dewalt circular saw electric brake problems arise when you are not maintaining the tool properly

While using the charger:

  • Do charge the battery with any other charger than the ones mentioned in the manual.
  • Make sure the charger is kept on a dry surface. It should be restrained from contact with wet surfaces or water.
  • When the charger is getting disconnected pull it by the plug. Do not pull it by the cord. It will create tension and damage the wire
  • Make sure not to put any kind of heavy object on the charger. This might disturb the airflow and result in excessive internal heating.
  • Use an extension cord only when it is necessary. An extension cord used improperly can lead to fire or electric shock.

While using the battery:

  • The battery should not be used in hazardous atmospheres. For example, avoid contact with flammable gasses, liquids, and fumes.
  • Use the tool and battery pack in locations where the optimum temperature does not exceed 40 ˚C or 104 ˚F.
  • Use the compatible charger with the battery pack only. Do not try to fit the battery into a non-compatible charger. Because the battery pack can get damaged causing serious personal injuries.
  • Regardless of how badly damaged or worn out the battery pack is, don’t burn it. You may end up with a fire-induced explosion. There is a risk of toxic fumes being produced when lithium-ion battery packs are burned.

That was all about Dewalt Circular Saw Flashing light Guide to help you with the basics. 

When not in use, turn off the dewalt drill light.


Why does my Dewalt circular saw stop working?

Typically, a circular saw stops due to the blade getting stuck in wood or material. As a result, the blade can’t penetrate the material due to its insufficient power. This could also be caused by the blade breaking or by a malfunctioning motor.

Why does my Dewalt circular not cut?

Ensure that your workpiece is getting the required support it needs. Because it can pinch the blade which results in kickback in addition to stopping. Warped, bent, dull, or damaged blades can lead to your saw not cutting. A faulty motor or overheated machine can also stop your saw from cutting. 

How do you unlock a Dewalt circular saw?

You will find a small knob located in the miter saw from the top. It helps to keep the head locked when the whole machine is in storage. To unlock, simply turn the knob until the head moves. It will be unlocked in a jiffy. 

Summing It Up

That’s all from our end to give you insights on Dewalt Circular Saw Flashing light.

Try contacting the company if you see a light flashing outside of these situations. Avoid charging the battery to its maximum capacity. There’s a possibility you might overcharge it, harming your battery.

Good luck with your saw.

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  1. Dewalt does made very good tool . But their warranty service is sub out to India . And after a very very long time on hold the chances of understanding and being able to communicate is virtually impossible .I spend half a day , three calls and never got to a person I could understand. So with this said Dewalt get a big fat 0 for rating this part of their business.

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