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5 Dewalt Circular Saw Electric Brake Problems & Quick Fix!

Dewalt has a rich history and reliability in the power tool industry. Woodworking enthusiasts’ very first choice is Dewalt. It is necessary to discuss the problems to ensure a smooth experience.

The most common problem is the Dewalt circular saw electric brake problem.

The Dewalt circular saw electric brake can fail to work due to a few problems with the internal parts and heating mechanisms. To resolve these issues you can try charging or replacing the battery. If the brake problem still persists, then check the motor and replace it if it has issues. Also, you should check the commutator, armature and bearings and replace them if they show signs of erosion. Lastly, cleanings the vents and tightening the saw blades can fix the brake problem. 

This is just a preview of the troubleshooting of the problems. A detailed discussion for all the enthusiasts is right here in this article!  

Dewalt Circular Saw Electric Brake Problems & Troubleshooting

First, look at the general overview of electric brake problems and solutions. 

Battery Issues Charge or replace the damaged battery 
Motor Brush IssuesCheck and replace the motor brush or commutator, or armature. 
Saw Blade IssuesTighten and clean the blade, Repair or replace if not resolved.
Saw Noise IssuesChange or replace the bearings
Heating IssuesClean & maintain the cooling vents

Problem 1 of 5: Battery Issues

If you are encountering electric brake problems it might be because of the  faulty, damaged, or incompatible battery. 

If the following symptoms are shown the battery might be replaced or charged. 


  • The battery does not charge
  • Loose and corroded battery connection 
  • Battery incompatible with Dewalt circular saw model
  • Faulty or damaged charger/socket/cable. 

Solution: Charge or replace the battery 

Here is a step-by-step guide to fix this battery issue.

  • First, plug the charger into an electrical outlet that provides 110/220 volts of electricity.
  • Remove the existing battery from the circular saw.
  • Insert the battery into the charging dock on the charger.
  • Turn the charger on.
  • The LED indicator on the charger will show the charging status of the battery.
  • If the battery is not charging properly, check the power source before plugging it in. 
  • Next, check the indicator light of the circular saw and see if it is charging properly. 
  • If the issue still remains, change the battery or your charger.
  • Replace the damaged battery with the one compatible with your particular model. You’ll find the battery details in the user manual.

Note that, some Dewalt circular saws are compatible with multiple battery models. But Dewalt circular saw primarily uses 18V and 20V batteries. 

Dewalt circular saw batteries can confuse you with the wrong indicator. Sometimes the saw does not respond despite being fully charged.

Dewalt circular saw batteries

Problem 2 of 5: Motor Brush Issues

Motor brush issues can lead to the electric brake problems of the Dewalt circular saw. 


  • Worn-out motor brush
  • Dirty and aged commutator 
  • Burning smell and smoke from the motor brush
  • A failing armature 

Here are a few solutions to prevent this problem.

Solution: Remove or replace the carbon brushes/commutator/armature

Tools required:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Pliers
  3. Sandpaper
  4. New carbon brushes
  • Remove the two brush caps which are on each side of the motor
  • Use a screwdriver in the brush holders to remove the carbon brushes
  • Install and compress new carbon brushes. 
  • Secure the brushes into the brush holders with the brush caps
  • Clean the commutator if the dirt is causing the problem. 
  • If the armature fails, replace it if necessary. Here is a video to help you with the replacement:

Problem 3 of 5: Saw Blade Issues


  • A dull and worn-out blade
  • Loose blade because of the position of the jackshaft
  • Dirty saw blade 
  • Malfunction of the blade guard 

Solution: Fix or replace the saw blade 

  • If the blade is not sharp, you can use a piece of metal to sharpen it yourself. This video might help you: How to sharpen a circular saw blade or you can contact a technician.
  • You should change your circular saw blade if it’s older than six months.
  • Tighten the saw blade so it fits well. 
  • Make sure you’re not over pressuring the saw. Too much pressure can loosen the blade and make the circular saw blade not aligned
  • Clean the saw blades using a water spray and brush. Be cautious when you are cleaning. 
  • If these don’t resolve the issue replace the blade guard. Watch this video: DeWALT Circular Saw Repair – Replacing the Lower Guard (DeWALT Part # N378852)
  • It’s better to use a blade that is compatible with the material. Use DWA7747 Heavy Gauge Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade for metal, and DWA161224 for wood.
Metal Cutting Saw Blade

Problem 4 of 5: Saw Noise Issues

If Dewalt circular saw is making a grinding noise, the electric brake might not work because of it.


  • One or more bearings might fail
  • Damaged or broken internal tools
  • The saw blade is clogged with debris
  • A failing motor can cause noise

Solution: Change or replace the bearings or clean the saw

  • A damaged blade can create loud noise so replace the blade.
  • Put less pressure in the circular saw to decrease noise 
  • If the bearings are damaged, replace the bearings. Check this video if you want to change the bearings yourself: 7 1/4″ Circular Saw Noise Problem
  • Clean and remove if there are any debris or sawdust or wood chips from your blade.
  • If the loud noise is due to your motor change the motor completely.  

Problem 5 of 5: Heating Issues

Dewalt circular saw overheating is something you should not ignore. This electric brake issue can arise due to overheating. 

Overheating mainly occurs when the device is overused and damaged. Moreover, if the brake is clogged with dirt or debris then overheating can happen. 

Solution: Check the motor and maintain the cooling vents

  • Regularly clean and maintain the cooling vents.
  • Check the motor if it’s generating excess heat.
  • Avoid operating your circular saw if it’s generating excess heat. Allow cooling breaks.
  • Clean and maintain the cooling vents of your circular saw.
  • It’s better to avoid using the saw in extreme temperatures.
  • Overheating can also arise from worn-out batteries. Remove the battery of your saw if it’s overheating.

All the brake problems of the DeWalt circular saw has been discussed above along with their solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Replace The Electric Brake on My Dewalt Circular Saw?

No, you cannot. But you can purchase a whole new switch kit or a repair kit from Dewalt. It’s better to go to a professional if the electric brake has issues. 

Is It Possible To Adjust The Sensitivity Of The Electric Brake?

No, the sensitivity of the DeWalt circular saw electric brake cannot be adjusted. The brake engages when the trigger is released, and its sensitivity cannot be changed. If you are concerned about the sensitivity of the brake, you can try adjusting the trigger pull. A lighter trigger pull will engage the brake more quickly.

What Should I Do If The Electric Brake Wobbles During Operation?

Firstly, you should stop using the saw immediately. Now, check and inspect the brake assembly for any visible damage or loose parts. Avoid using the saw until this issue is resolved for safety reasons.

The Bottom Line

With that, we can conclude the discussion on Dewalt circular electric brake problems. Following the troubleshooting tips can resolve your issues with the circular saw. If you are still facing some issues you should contact Dewalt helpline or a professional technician.

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