Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7-1/4 Problems

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7 1/4 Problems: 5 Solutions

Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 is a powerful cutting tool. But, we understand it may face different problems which hampers efficiency. 

The question is how to fix Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7 1/4 problems?

Firstly, the circular saw can create a loud noise. You need to clean the air filter or install an expansion slot to fix it. Secondly, blade overheating is another problem. Cleaning debris from the blade can solve it. It can also produce unexpected smoke. For that, you need to unclog the air filters.

These all seem a bit confusing at first. But don’t worry. We have provided step-by-step solutions for you guys!

So, let’s dive into the main topics!

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7-1/4 5 Common Problems

Milwaukee is one of the best manufacturers of tools. Undoubtedly, Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7 1/4 is a leading product in the market. Yet, there are some common problems with the circular saw.


You might be wondering why the Milwaukee circular saw 7-1/4 stopped working? Well, there could be 5 common reasons behind it. Those problems are mentioned below.


Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 is heavy machinery. So, it will make noise depending on the work. Usually, the noise level ranges between 80 dB(A) to 120 dB(A).

However, improper blade teeth, plate misalignment, etc. can cause louder noise than usual. This problem creates an unbearable situation to work. It also leads to many health issues like tinnitus.

Blade Overheating

Another common problem for Milwaukee circular saw 7-1/4 is blade overheating. Woodworkers may overlook these since they have little effect on the final product. However, things became worse when woodworkers discover burnt scars on the wood.


Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 can occasionally produce smoke.. And the smoke won’t be coming from the same place. 

In this case, smoke from circular saw, especially the Milwaukee circular saw blade area and the engine is common.

Faulty Electrical Cords

Now, Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 can stop functioning because of faulty electrical cords. 

It can disrupt the power supply and create short circuits. For that, the machine cannot work efficiently.

Motor Issues

Another reason why the Milwaukee circular saw is not working is motor issues. The motor is the heart of the fuel circular saw. It creates the required energy and speed to cut.

These are the common problems that your Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 may face. Don’t worry, we will troubleshoot all the problems for you in the next section.

Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 resembles the problems in Steel city table saw.

Let’s move on to the troubleshooting section.

Milwaukee Fuel Circular Saw 7 1/4 Troubleshooting

Looking forward to troubleshooting your Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 problems? Well, let’s see all the problems and possible ways to fix those.

Problem 1 of 5 Noise

As we have mentioned, unbearable noise from Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 is common. But, what are the reasons for it? More importantly how to fix this?

Well, the reasons can be many. For starters, air noise creates due to high RPM or saw teeth size.

Secondly, If you hear a tinkling when using the saw, the plate is making the noise. Each plate has a distinct sound. But the dull plate vibrates at a repulsive frequency. Using a good circular saw guide might help fix the issue a bit.

Finally, noise is produced when saw blade teeth fling the wooden waste at a high velocity. In most cases, normal-sized debris is not the source of obnoxious noise. It’s the huge debris that’s to blame. 

Let’s see all the possible solutions for these.


The rim speed has to be adjusted to fix the air noise. However, changing the saw blade is easier than adjusting the rim speed.


By implementing expansion slots, you may eliminate the unpleasant plate sound. The most practical option is to add extension slots to the saw rim. 

To begin, you must first install a slot. After you’ve completed the installation, fill the slot holes with a plastic stopper.

Problem 2 of 5 Blade Overheating

Blade overheating will cause severe damage if you are not careful. It needs to be fixed otherwise good materials will go to waste.

2 reasons can cause such a problem. Those are dull saw blades and a misaligned fence.

So, let’s see the solutions to the problems.


For dull blades, you can wash them to remove dirt and debris. If that fixes the issue then it’s great! But, if the blade becomes dull, you have to change it.

Raise the blade’s teeth on the tabletop. Then ensure that it stays aligned with the motor level. Mark the rip fence with the saw miter gauge on the tabletop. So that it maintains 90 degrees parallel to the saw blade.

Problem 3 of 5 Smoke

You may see that your Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7 1/4 is producing smoke. The smoke may seem to be a big problem. However, the reasons behind it and the solutions too are simple.

The reasons can be clogged air filters or burned engine oil. The Milwaukee circular saw fuel can emit smoke from the chain area.

Let’s see possible solutions for the problem.


Firstly, you need to check the air filters. Open up the cover of the Milwaukee circular saw engine. Then locate and detach the air filter. If the air filters are dirty, just use clean water to clean them and attach them back.

Now, burned engine oil can cause smoke too. To fix this, locate the engine oil reservoirs. If you smell a burning sensation then drain the reservoir. Afterward, clean it and add new engine oil.

Problem 4 of 5 Faulty Electrical Cords

Faulty electrical cords are another common problem for Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4.

Let’s see a solution for this.


Good electrical cords are essential to eliminate any workplace hazards. So, if you find defects in cords, completely changing them is the only possible way.

Problem 5 of 5 Motor Issues

Lastly, Milwaukee uses a Power-state brushless motor. It can produce up to 5800 RPM! Nevertheless, the motor is pretty solid.

However, there are a few reasons behind motor issues. For starters, it can be an inadequate amount of grease. Then it can be faulty saw blades. Or, damaged motor brass can be another issue.

Let’s see the solutions for each reason.


Firstly, check if there’s enough or too much grease in the motor. If there’s too much grease, then wipe the extra grease with a cloth. If there’s not enough grease, then apply grease to the motor.

Secondly, faulty saw blades can cause damage to the motor. You need to clean the saw blade to keep it functioning properly. If that doesn’t help, change the saw blade.

Lastly, damaged motor brass will struggle to cut objects. So, for that open up the motor and check the brass. If it’s ok then just clean it with a cloth. However, you need to install a new one if it’s damaged.

That’s all about regarding problems and troubleshooting. Hope this troubleshooting will help you to fix the Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7 1/4. Remember, every tool can face difficulty. Just like Ridgid miter saw’s guard problem.


Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 needs to be taken care of intensively. Because it may work for a long period of time. It can break apart if you don’t take proper care of it.


Let’s look at the maintenance of the Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7 1/4.

Regularly Cleaning

Your saw will attract dust and debris. So, you need to clean it properly otherwise, your machine will lose efficiency.

Inspecting Before Using

Start by looking for cracks or loose screws in the housing. Before operating your Milwaukee circular saw, check for damage to the blades. Check the air vents for obstructions. Lastly, check sure the blade guard is in good working order.

Usage of the Right Saw Blade

Another critical aspect of Milwaukee circular saw maintenance is choosing the correct blade. If you use the incorrect blade, the cut may be harmed. Furthermore, by doing so, the tool is forced to work harder than it needs to.

These 3 easy steps of maintenance, can keep your Milwaukee circular saw in pristine condition.


Is it Safe to Oil Milwaukee Saw Blade?

Yes, it is safe to oil the Milwaukee saw blade. In fact, you should use indeed oil often to prevent dust from accumulating the blade.

Which Direction Does a Milwaukee Circular Saw Spin?

Milwaukee circular saw will spin clockwise. Because it is easier to handle in that way and accurate cut is possible.

Is it Possible to Cut Wood with Metal Cutting Saw Blade?

Yes, it is possible to cut wood with a metal cutting saw blade. But you should avoid doing so. Because it can damage the wood.


That’s all about Milwaukee fuel circular saw 7-1/4 problems. This article will help you to fix the problems that you are facing.

Circular saws are heavy-duty machines that require skillful handling. So beware of that!

Have a good day and take care!

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