Steel City Table Saw Problems

Steel City Table Saw Problems: 3 Major Problems & Solution!

There are a couple of table saws in the market currently. And one of them is the steel city table saws. These saws are doing great with their significant capacity and all. But these are not the flawless ones. Because these saws can have issues at times too.

So, what are the steel city table saw problems?

There are 3 main problems with the steel city table saw. First, you may come up with the blade issues of irregular cuts. Secondly, this table saw sometimes has difficulties cutting a dowel too. Finally, you may be coming across the interruption of this saw suddenly. But you can resolve them easily.

This is just the brief giving you a heads up on the main part. So, keep on reading to know about all the problems and their solutions.

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3 Common Steel City Table Saw Problems with Solutions

The steel city table saw problems are quite similar to that of other saws. However, the solutions might not be the same.

But don’t worry about the solutions. Because we have got all the details here. So, get into it now.

Problem 1: Blade Cutting Irregular Shapes

This is one of the most common problems you may experience with your saw. However, this issue is not that alarming. 

This means you can resolve this problem without any further issues with your saw. But making it late could be problematic though.

The main reason for this is the blade position. That is, the blade of the saw sometimes gets displaced. This can happen due to internal issues sometimes.

But the main culprit for this is the rough use and dust getting clogged. Rough use along with dust displaces the position of the blade. 

Thus, the saw fails to cut properly while operating.


To resolve this, you need to fix the blade of the saw. Depending on the sort of saw you use, the ideal manner to insert a saw blade varies. On some saws, you’ll find a lever. 

These have to be removed before replacing the present saw blade with a new one. Others require an Allen screw to be loosened. 

Some even contain a locking pin to prevent the blade from falling out. Some persons have a combination of these symptoms. 

It would be incredibly good to review the owner’s manual once more. This assures that neither the blade is correctly entered and secured. 

But it also ensures that the blade is correctly placed and fixed. This will, however, help prevent a blade from breaking off in the saw. 

There is a method to use locking pins and Allen screws. Unscrew the bolts as much as you can without completely taking them off. 

You can see that the blade would still be having difficulty trying to move. If this happens, it’s possible that drill chuck issues are at blame. 

In that case, consider laying the saw flat on the floor. Also, spin the blade from one side to the other to remove it on all sides. 

The pin that attaches the saw blade may slip when you lean the saw to the side. The blade can be taken out.

If you think you still don’t like it, you can replace the blade. Remember that you can change the blade now if you want. And this is an ideal time for that.

Problem 2: Cutting A Dowel

Cutting dowels is a regular problem just like Bosch CM10GD saw. This is a common issue in numerous saws, such as the steel city table.

Cutting a dowel in the center with a table saw is difficult. Something happens because your fingertips are so close to the blade.

Furthermore, the dowel’s lower side is prone to chipping. Regardless of the fact that the table saw produces substantially better results, the problem persists.

Because the blades are so little, you may occasionally get a cleaner cut. Despite this, there is some chipping and they are never fully flush.


Make a spot for yourself at a good location to begin. Examine the inventory to see whether there is any surplus. The stock will be secured to the table saw’s sled.

If you look for a long time, you might be able to find component 6. With a 1/4 inches drill bit, add a small hole at the center of the probe.

This hole necessitates the use of a drill press. So that the jig’s hole is completely flush. You can still drill without a drill if you are unable to use one.

Problem 3: Table Saw Stopped Suddenly

This is another common problem just like Ridgid Miter Saw. When you operate the appliance, you may experience it stopping suddenly. 

This can be really problematic when you are in the middle of your work. The shape and texture can get disrupted and even result in bad consequences.

So, why does this happen? This happens for nothing but a common issue which is dust and debris. Remember that dust can harm your machine in a lot of ways that you don’t even know.

But you can actually get rid of this issue and prevent further problems too!


You just need to give your table saw a good clean. Once you clean the blades and the entire machine, it would get unclogged. After a few minutes, you can restart it to give it a check!

Remember that, this is not a one-time clean like a fixation. Rather, you actually need to keep it clean all the time.

When you are done with a task, take a clean cloth or handkerchief. Then wipe away the machine if you don’t even see any dust.

This simple task can prevent your saw from getting clogged. 


What is the most common cause of my saw getting stopped suddenly?

There can be actually multiple issues for your saw to get stopped suddenly. The first reason can be a power supply malfunction. Moreover, this problem can occur due to various reasons like bad motor, cord and many more. Internal and mechanical issues can be responsible for it too.

How much is worth spending while buying a table saw?

The cost of buying a table saw can vary from place to place and choices. The price of a table saw can vary depending on several factors. However, you may expect to buy at least around $160 for a table saw. More or less than that can result if you have more preferences. The max it can get is even $15000+.

Why does my table saw not penetrate through the wood?

It’s important moving the workpiece through the table saw blade with extra force at times. You might have to wash and set the blade in this scenario. To assist your item through the saw blade, take the rip barrier or saw fence. It would be beneficial to make even cuts.

The Final Words

Now you know about the steel city table saw problems! You have come to know about all the solutions too.

So, we believe you won’t have any difficulty troubleshooting them. It’s okay if you have any more queries. Talk to an expert and get help immediately!

All the best!

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