Husqvarna 562xP Problems

Top 4 Husqvarna 562xP Problems with Solutions!

The Husqvarna 562xP has quite a reputation in the chainsaw community. But with a great reputation comes a lot of expectations. And rumors have it, Husqvarna 562xP or husky 562xP couldn’t meet a few of the lengths. 

So, what are some major Husqvarna 562xP problems?

Well, the first problem would be starting its engine. Secondly, it would be pumping oil to start it. Then followed by an autotune problem where it cracks and falls. Also, it was reported to have issues with autotuning and pistons. And last but not least, issues with oil pumping.

Intimidating isn’t it? But, every problem has solutions. So, if you are willing to cut deeper into the matter, read along!

Why Your Husqvarna 562xP is Acting Up?- 7 Major Problems & Solutions

Before moving on to detailed solutions, let’s take a glance at what the problems really are-

Starting Problem-Defective spark plug-Cold carburetor-Defective ignition coil-Replace spark plug-Air filter upgrade-Replace the ignition coil
Piston Problems-Not enough fuel-Bolts are not tight-Piston defect-Refuel-Tighten the bolts-Replace the pistons
Autotune ProblemN/AReset or replace
Oil Pump Problem-Clogged oil pump-Defective oil pump-Clean oil pump-Replace oil pump
Won’t Idle-Throttle lockout-Idle speed not correctly adjusted-Clogged air filter-Faulty spark plug-Clogged carburetor-Clogged fuel filter-Lock throttle correctly-Adjust idle speed -Clean or replace air filter-Replace spark plug-Clean carburetor-Clean or replace fuel filter
Flooding Engine-Not operating correctly-Replace spark plug and clean out excess fuel
Faulty Ignition-Spark plug problem-Replace spark plug

Problem 1: Husqvarna 562XP Won’t Start

Sometimes your chainsaw just refuses to start. As annoying as it sounds, one of the major problems has always been Husqvarna 562xp starting problems. 

You might never use your chainsaw if this problem stays unresolved. And affording a new one is quite expensive. 

So, worrying about how do you fix a Husqvarna chainsaw that won’t start is normal

Even though some of them would require professional help, most of them are fixable. Let’s go see the solutions regarding this matter:


Though most reasons are stupid, the problems with 562 are easier to solve. At least more than the problems with Ridgid miter saw guard if I am being honest. 

So, the solutions are easier to work with once you identify the root of the issues. Let’s start now:

Method 1: If the Spark Plug is Defective

In this method, you first have to extract the spark plug and examine it. Now, if the porcelain insulator is broken or damaged, you can’t save it. So, you need to change it.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, set the chain brake by pressing forward.
  • Then unscrew the top three screws to remove the covering.
  • Now, disconnect the spark boot.
  • Then, remove the spark plunge with a socket wrench.
  • Twist in the new spark plug in the new cylindrical head.
  • Once it’s in, tighten it up with a wrench.
  • Lastly, reconnect the spark plug boot after re-attaching the top cover.

Remember, it is important to replace the spark plug after a few seasons. Or, you are in for an expensive tool replacement or fire accident. 

Method 2: If the Carburetor is Cold

The carburetor gets clogged by often leaving fuel in the chainsaw for a long time. Over time, these ingredients evaporate and leave a messy residue.

You might have to get a Husqvarna 562xp air filter upgrade if the carburetor is fully damaged. But if it’s intact and can be restored, do the following:

  • Start by cleaning the air filler to update the ignition.
  • Then wipe off the innate materials.
  • Now, wash the needle valve with the best carburetor cleaner out there. 
  • Then, operate on the pull cord. 
  • Lastly, fill it up with fresh gas.

Even if it sounds intimidating, trust me it’s worth it. 

Method 3: If the Ignition Coil is Defective

The ignition coil helps to send voltage to the spark plug. It keeps the engine running. To replace the ignition coil, you need to follow the given rules:

First, make sure that the spark plug is functioning. If it’s good to go, then we remove the cover.

  • Then, unscrew all four of the screws.
  • Now, remove the starter assembly.
  • After that, remove the ignition coil.

You might think about how to replace the brake band on a Husqvarna chainsaw. But that’s for another time. For now, replace the ignition coil in the engine.

Problem 2: Piston Problems

If you are having Husqvarna 562xp piston problems, you are in the right place. Pistons maintain composure in a chainsaw. So, it must be taken seriously for safety purposes.


This part is a bit tricky, even though it requires the shortest attention. So, for a solution, you need to follow the following methods:

Method 1: If the Fuel isn’t Enough

Most of the time, the piston doesn’t work due to a lack of fuel. Now, a chainsaw runs in three types of fuel, gas, air, and oil. Make sure to stock them before starting.

For, if the fuel lacks, do the following things:

  • Start by, removing the cylinder cover.
  • Then, check for the fuel.
  • Now, undo the cylinder’s mounting bolts, and carefully raise the lid.
  • If you find fuel residue, clean it before adding any more.
  • Add the right fuel in the right measurements.

These are pretty straightforward directions if you ask me. It would be a bit tricky if you have sloppy hands that are for sure.

Method 2: If the Bolts Aren’t Tight Enough 

Now, this part requires a few tool actions and safety measures. First, get some gloves, and secondly, get a screwdriver. 

Now, you are set to go:

  • Begin with checking if any bolts are loose or not.
  • If you identify one, put your screwdriver on it.
  • Rotate it anti-clockwise until you feel the tightening.
  • Double-check to ensure everything is in place.

Now, this has to be the easiest one by far. Hope you do it well.

Method 3: Replace the Piston

Here comes the tough one. Pistons are made of four parts: Pistons, piston rings, carburetors, and fuels.

Let’s start slowly with it:

  • First, you need to remove the lid of the cylinder. For that follow method 1 until 2nd point. 
  • Now that you’ve taken off the defective piston, make sure to wash your hands.
  • After that, lubricate the small end bearing with oil then connect them with the attached rod.
  • Refill the new piston with fuel.
  • Now, ensure both the gudgeon pin circlips are installed with their ends pointing vertically.
  • Attach the lead back.
  • Check one last time for any leak from the piston.

It’s a bit tough, I know it. But also very satisfying once you have installed it properly. 

Problem 3: Autotune Problems

This one has to be the toughest issue so far. But also, the most technical one. Once your Husqvarna 562xp autotune has problems, you have to replace it.

Follow the procedure below for the solution:


You might ask how much does a Husqvarna 562xp weight is for an auto-tune chip. Well, the answer is that the weight doesn’t matter. One problem with it, the chainsaw will not work again.

Now, to the methods again:

Method 1: Reset

This could be applied if your machine is new and you can’t afford another one. First, make sure your chainsaw is shut off and cooled down properly. Or, the chainsaw won’t start if hot.

So let’s get with it:

  • First, to reset the fuel settings, find the default reset button.
  • After that, press it for master resetting.

Yes, that’s it. Sounds funny but remember, never reset unless autotune has been set to compensate incorrectly. Otherwise, you are doing worse to your machine.

Method 2: Replace

As I have stated before, autotune is a crucial part. Any damage to it is near unfixable. But it’s cheaper and easier to install. 

Here’s the process: 

  • Find the autotune location.
  • Look for any sparks around, then slowly remove the damaged one.
  • Now, put the new one there and attach it. 

Now that we solved Husqvarna 562xp autotune problems, let’s go play with saws!

Problem 4: Oil Pumping Problems

Now, let’s say you have done everything right but still your chainsaw is not working. It’s profoundly because of your Husqvarna 562xp oil pumping problems.

Usually, this issue completely damages the saw if not resolved fast. So, let’s see how can we fix it:


The solutions are most common and understandable. That is nothing you can’t do by yourself. So, here are a few things to resolve if your oil pump is not working:

Method 1: Clean Oil Pump

First of all, if you can’t remember the last time you’ve cleaned your oil pump, it’s your sign. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take off the oil pump lid.
  • Empty out the old oil.
  • Wipe the interior as well as the exterior with a dry washcloth
  • Use oil pump cleansers for double-cleansing.
  • Dry off the oil pump before putting it back.

This should work given the fact that oil residue is cleaned.

Method 2: Change the Oil Pump

Now, if the oil pump is broken or damaged you’d have to change it. Here is a brief manual for it:

  • Begin by prying the oil feed tube from the oil pick-up assembly on the oil tank using a tiny screwdriver.
  • Then, remove the oil pump gear out of the casing with a tiny screwdriver.
  • At this point, remove the oil pump from the saw 
  • Install the oil feed tube into the oil tank’s oil pick-up assembly after that.
  • Finally, use screws to secure the oil pump assembly.

That’ll be all about changing the oil pump in your chainsaw. Hope it works!

Husqvarna 562xp Won’t Idle

The Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw not idling properly can be a serious issue that requires immediate attention. 


Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw not idling can be attributed to several potential causes. Here are some short explanations of the reasons and their corresponding solutions:

  • Throttle lockout: Ensure that the throttle control is correctly locked at the idle position when the throttle lockout is engaged. If it is not, adjust the throttle lockout mechanism accordingly to enable proper idling.
  • Idle speed adjustment: The Husqvarna chainsaw should idle around 2,800rpm. If the engine idles at a higher speed, the clutch may stay engaged, causing the chain to continue turning. To rectify this, locate the idle speed screw on the carburetor and make adjustments to lower the idle speed to the appropriate level.
  • Air filter cleanliness: A dirty or clogged air filter can disrupt the proper air-fuel mixture and hinder the engine’s idle performance. Remove the air filter and inspect it for dirt, debris, or damage. If dirty, clean the air filter using a mild soap and water solution. If it is excessively dirty or damaged, it should be replaced with a new filter.
  • Spark plug condition: A fouled or damaged spark plug can prevent proper ignition, resulting in poor idling or engine performance. Remove the spark plug and examine it for signs of fouling, such as carbon deposits or damage. Clean the spark plug using a wire brush and adjust the electrode gap if necessary. If the spark plug is severely fouled or damaged, it should be replaced with a compatible new plug.
  • Carburetor cleanliness: A carburetor that is dirty or clogged can disrupt fuel flow and adversely affect idle performance. Remove the carburetor and carefully clean it using a carburetor cleaner spray. Pay attention to the small passages and jets in the carburetor, ensuring they are clear of any debris. If the carburetor is extensively dirty or damaged, it may be necessary to replace it with a new one.
  • Fuel filter inspection: A clogged or damaged fuel filter can impede the flow of fuel to the engine, leading to poor idling or engine stalling. Locate the fuel filter and inspect it for clogs or damage. If necessary, clean the filter or replace it with a new one to ensure proper fuel flow.

For a detailed guideline you can watch this video:

Flooding Engine

The Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw, like any other chainsaw, can experience flooding issues if not operated correctly. Flooding occurs when there is an excessive amount of fuel in the engine, making it difficult to start the chainsaw.


To address flooding issues with the Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw, follow these steps:

  • Place the chainsaw on a stable surface and engage the chain brake to prevent accidental engagement.
  • Ensure the ignition switch is turned off for safety.
  • Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug.
  • Use a socket wrench to carefully remove the spark plug.
  • Inspect the spark plug for fouling, such as carbon deposits or wetness.
  • If the spark plug is fouled, replace it with a new one that matches the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Depress the throttle trigger fully and engage the choke control to the off position.
  • Hold the chainsaw firmly with your knee or secure it to a stable surface.
  • Pull the starter cord several times to clear out any excess fuel from the combustion chamber.
  • Open the choke control to allow air into the engine.
  • Let the chainsaw sit for a few minutes to allow any remaining excess fuel to evaporate.

Faulty Ignition

Husqvarna 562xp chainsaws may experience ignition issues, generally caused by damaged porcelain insulators on the spark plug.


Ignition problems can manifest as difficulty starting the chainsaw, frequent stalling, or poor performance. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  • Ensure safety: Before working on the chainsaw, make sure it is turned off and the spark plug wire is disconnected to prevent accidental starts.
  • Access the spark plug: Locate the spark plug on the chainsaw. It is usually positioned on the engine cylinder, and you may need a socket wrench or a specialized spark plug wrench to remove it.
  • Inspect the spark plug: Carefully examine the porcelain insulator for any cracks, chips, or damage. A damaged insulator can disrupt the spark and cause ignition problems.
  • Replace the spark plug: If the porcelain insulator is damaged, it is recommended to replace the spark plug entirely. Purchase a compatible spark plug for the Husqvarna 562xp chainsaw model. Consult the user manual or contact a local Husqvarna dealer for the appropriate spark plug type.
  • Install the new spark plug: Insert the new spark plug into the spark plug socket or wrench. Gently thread it into the spark plug hole and tighten it securely, but avoid overtightening, as it can damage the threads.
  • Reconnect the spark plug wire: Once the new spark plug is properly installed, reconnect the spark plug wire by firmly pressing it onto the spark plug terminal.
  • Test the chainsaw: With the new spark plug in place, attempt to start the chainsaw and check if the ignition issue has been resolved. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to consult a professional or contact Husqvarna customer support for further assistance.

Husqvarna 562XP General Troubleshooting Guide 

There are some common problems with Husqvarna that need to be addressed. But first, let us troubleshoot some of them:

  • Pull-on the ignition rope to see if the engine turns over and has sufficient compression.
  • Check the gasoline for a nice and correct mix; if it isn’t, entertain switching to a known mix.
  • Check for bottlenecks in the gasoline drain.
  • Check for blockages or cracking from age in the energy delivery pickup and hose.
  • Check for any deterrents in the airflow.
  • Verify that the carburetor settings are correct (such as the idle adjustment).
  • Look for a spark.
  • Examine the spark plug electrode for wear or carbon buildup, as well as the gap.
  • Visually inspect the muffler spark arrestor screen. 
  •  If equipped, the hoses, manifold, and cylinder base gasket for leaks.
  • If compression appears to be insufficient, remove the exhaust. Check for piston seizure or ring damage.

Honestly, chainsaws are already scary to work with. So, if you find yourself fixing a chainsaw problem, pat yourself on the back. But, honestly very therapeutic to work with so all of this hassle will be worth it. At least less stressful than planer not pulling wood through.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the Husqvarna 562xp a good saw?

The Husqvarna 562XP Chainsaw is adored by practically everyone who owns or uses one. Those who work in forestry and logging can utilize this chainsaw. It’s a 60cc chainsaw with a 4.7 horsepower engine. Hence, it’s best at what it promises with safety.

Can we use a Husqvarna chain oil on a Stihl? 

Most definitely can! This is where Husqvarna is better than most of its peers. It works perfectly with all kinds of chainsaws, from gas-powered Stihls to electric Makita chainsaws. This is why, clearly, you can’t really go wrong with this in a Husky!

Is Echo better than Husqvarna?

Not true. Both Echo and Husqvarna are among the world’s oldest and largest chainsaw manufacturers. Who offers a variety of products. If you’re searching for a more economical chainsaw for your house. Echo is the ideal option, while industry specialists have relied on Husqvarna for years.


If you have read this far I am guessing you have learned enough today. Hope this article about Husqvarna 562xp problems leaves you thriving.

If not, then don’t worry. Just call the professional to help you out. Not everyone has to do everything.

Until then, take care. Hope you have a wonderful life!


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