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6 Dewalt Table Saw Fence Problems & Solutions!

Dewalt table saws are pretty popular because of their reliability. But they are not immune from problems. 

So, what are the Dewalt table saw fence problems, and how to solve them?

The most common Dewalt table saw fence is damaged fence. To resolve the issues, the damaged fence needs to be replaced. For broken or damaged parts of the lock and blade adjuster mechanism they need to be replaced. The lock spring needs repair or replacement in case it is damaged. A damaged motor may require a overload. The damaged rail lever lock should be repaired or replaced. And the damaged rack and pinion assembly needs to be repaired or replaced.

This is just a brief summary of the solutions to the problems. A detailed troubleshooting guide is right here in this article. 

Dewalt Table Saw Troubleshooting 

Let’s take a look at the Dewalt table saw troubleshooting

Damaged FenceReplace the fence
Damaged Lock and Blade Adjuster Replace the broken or damaged parts of the locking mechanism and blade adjuster
Damaged Lock Spring Repair/replace the rail lever lock
Overloaded/Damaged MotorReplace the overload
Damaged Rail Lever LockRepair/replace the rail lever lock
Damaged Rack and Pinion Replace/repair the rack and pinion assembly
Dewalt table saw troubleshooting

Reason 1: Damaged Fence 

If the fence itself is damaged, it may need to be replaced.


  • The fence is difficult to move.
  • Dewalt table saw fence adjustment problems
  • Dewalt table saw fence hard to move
  • Dewalt table saw fence stuck
  • Dewalt table saw fence not square

Solution: Replace the Fence 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the Dewalt table saw fence:

  1. Ensure that you have a new complete rip fence assembly for your saw.
  2. Start by releasing the lever on both sides of the existing fence to loosen it from the saw. This will allow you to lift the fence away from the saw.
  3. Remove the push stick from the old fence so that you can transfer it over to the new fence.
  4. Install the push stick onto the new fence. The end of the push stick should fit inside a designated holder. And the handle should snap into a catch.
  5. Align the notches on the new fence with the bolt on the rail. Do it for both the front and back of the fence.
  6. Once aligned, tighten the clamps on both the front and back of the fence to secure it in place.
  7. While replacing the rip fence, take the opportunity to check the accuracy of the cursor. The cursor indicates the distance between the blade and the fence.
  8. Bring the fence all the way over until it contacts the blade. Lock the fence in place.
  9. Adjust the cursor to accurately display the distance. Loosen the screws holding the cursor, align the red line with the black line at zero. And then tighten the screws to secure the cursor in place.
  10. With the new fence installed and the cursor aligned, you are now ready to use your table saw.

Reason 2: Damaged Locking and Blade Adjuster 

If the lock and blade adjuster are damaged, you may need to replace them.


  • The lock is difficult to turn
  • Dewalt table saw fence not locking
  • The lock is damaged
  • Dewalt table saw fence not perpendicular
  • Dewalt table saw fence will not lock

Solution: Replace the broken or damaged parts of the locking mechanism and blade adjuster

  1. Remove the saw blade by loosening the blade guard and then removing the blade nut with a wrench. 
  2. Now first  unscrew the fence bolts on both sides of the saw in order to remove the fence. 
  3. The fence locking system is on the rear of the fence. To lock the fence in place, a little lever is needed. You must replace the lever if it is broken or damaged.
  4. The blade adjuster is on the saw’s front. The adjuster raises and lowers the blade. Replace the adjuster if it is damaged or broken.
  5. Once the fence locking mechanism and the blade adjuster have been examined, repair any broken or damaged pieces. 
  6. After replacing any damaged or broken components, reassemble the saw. 
  7. Test the saw once it has been put back together to ensure that it is operating correctly. 

Reason 3: Damaged Locking Mechanism Spring

If the lock spring is damaged, it may affect the proper functioning of the fence locking mechanism.


  • The blade moves when the saw is turned on.
  • Dewalt table saw fence lock not working

Solution: Replace the Damaged Rail Lever Lock 

  1. Replace the rail lever lock: The process of replacing the rail lever is described later on thoroughly.

Reason 4: Overloaded/Damaged Motor 

If the motor is showing signs of trouble there might be ways to fix it without replacing it. A damaged motor can cause Dewalt charging issues as well. 


  • The saw does not start.
  • Dewalt table saw stopped working

Solution: Overload/Replace the motor

  1. Use a multimeter to check the motor’s overload since it may prohibit the table saw motor from operating. You may need to replace the overload if there is no continuity. Learn about how to deal with the overload here.
  2. If the motor is humming and not turning on, you will have to fix it in other ways. Learn about what to do with a humming table saw motor right here.

Reason 5: Damaged Rail Lever Lock 

If the rail lever lock is damaged, it needs to be replaced. 


  • The rail lever is difficult to move.
  • Dewalt table saw rail lock adjustment not working

Solution: Replace the Damaged Rail Lever Lock 

  1. Turn off the switch on the saw or unplug it from the outlet.
  2. he side panel is fastened with two screws on the inside and two screws on the outside. The side panel may be removed by removing all four screws.
  3. The locking shaft is fastened to the saw table with two brackets. The brackets should then be removed by removing the screws holding them in place.
  4. A nut secures the rail lock lever in place. To remove the nut and the rail lock lever, use a socket wrench.
  5. Install the replacement rail lock lever and then fastened with a nut.
  6. Use the screws to fasten the brackets to the saw table once more.
  7. Replace the side panel and fasten it with screws.
  8. Re-plug the saw into the outlet or turn on the machine’s switch.
Damaged Rail Lever Lock 

Reason 6: Damaged Rack and Pinion 

Damaged rack and pinion may even stop table saw blades from spinning. 


  • The fence is difficult to move.
  • The fence is not aligned with the blade.
  • The rack and pinion are damaged.

Solution: Replace/repair the rack and pinion

  1. Evaluate the damage: Depending on how damaged the rack and pinion are, you will decide your next step. If you are confused, consult a mechanic. 
  2. Replace the rack and pinion assembly: This is the most typical answer and will guarantee that the issue is resolved properly. A new rack and pinion assembly is available from Dewalt or your local hardware shop. 
  3. Repair the rack and pinion assembly: The rack and pinion assembly could be repairable if the damage is not too serious. But only a skilled technician can do this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you install a SawStop on any table saw?

No, you cannot install a SawStop on any table saw. SawStop does not offer a retrofit kit for other table saw brands. 

Can you use a table saw without a stand?

Yes, you can use a table saw without a stand. However, it is important to ensure that the saw is properly supported and stable during use.

What is a safer alternative to a table saw?

A safer alternative to a table saw is a bandsaw, which is recommended for ripping cuts. A circular saw is also a popular alternative, especially when used with a guide system such as Truetrack. 


And that concludes our discussion on the Dewalt table saw fence problems. Following the article should solve your problem. And if you still cannot remedy it, contact the Dewalt helpline.

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