what grit flap disc for sharpening mower blades

What Grit Flap Disc For Sharpening Mower Blades?

Lawn mowing is an experience that you won’t want to avoid. It reflects an elegance toward bringing spice to your property. The field should look the best compared to all other areas of the neighborhood. 

Here, you need to know what grit flap disc for sharpening mower blades.

There are four different types of grit flat discs to work with the mower blades. Specifically, to sharpen the mower blades, the 80 grit disc is needed. However, it is also good that you use other grits such as 40, 60, and 120. They have a distinct function in making mower blades look good. 

We invite you to explore further the territory of blade resurfacing. All the methods and directions indicated are going to help you immensely.

Keep reading through this article to achieve what has been promised. 


  • Using 40 and 80 grit will give you a nice polished and sharpened mower blade.
  • A blunt mower blade is prone to breaking.
  • By going through each grit flap, your mower will provide the optimal performance.

Mower Blade Sharpening Options!

Choosing the right grit flap disc depends on various factors. This means considering the purpose of the blade sharpening. It is more evident that the mower has not been used for a long time.

As the surrounding areas are growing more grass, it’s time to apply mowers into action. Not using the mower for a long time can make the blades rusty. This means you need the right flap disc grit depending on the purpose of use. 

The sharpening process must be accompanied by the right product. This is so that you don’t run into tightening issues with grinder discs. Such problems happen when the right grit size is not used for the right purpose. 

Let us go further into exploring four different scenarios. 

40 Grit: Metal Rust Removal

The purpose of the 40-grit flap disc is simple. It is going to remove the accumulated rust from the blade. However, the optimal purpose of lawn mowing may not come into effect with lawn mowers. 

So, what is the optimal purpose of using a 40-grit flap disc?

The most basic 40-grit flap disc serves the purpose of preparing the blades for the cut. It works perfectly with stain and stainless steel to polish the material. However, it does not sharpen the blade to the point of real use. It creates a platform for the blades to be ready for sharpening. 

In such a context, it is evident that you can’t go without the 40 grit flap disc. In particular, if the blade is clouded with rust, it needs to be removed.

We cannot go about this without listing some essential products to use:

The right products have helped us indicate what you need to do. This is in the initial stages of the sharpening process. 


Use the 40 grit flap disc first to remove dust and debris from the mower.

We are going to move forward now. 

60 Grit: Heavy Sanding And Edging

The qualities of the 60 grit flap disc cannot go unnoticed. Sadly, you won’t meet the goal of a complete sharpening finish with 60 grit. However, you are going there as sanding and edging are essential things to do. 

An indication to sharpen the mower blade with sandpaper can be a good alternative. It can be cost-friendly too. But the effort that you have to put on is going to ruin your good day. 

This is why going bit by bit is a wise thing to do. By investing some cash, you are going to achieve a beautiful-looking finish in your garden. 

Likewise, with metal parting sharpening, by getting higher with the grit, you are ready for the sharpening. 

The good part of it all is that you need the lawnmower blade sharpening kit items. Here are some products to choose from:

As the edges of the blade get exposed through sanding, it is ready for sharpening. 


Use the 60 grit Flap Disc carefully around the edges.

80 Grit: Stripping and Sharpening

The 80 grit scenario is the best deal to have. As the blade’s rust is removed while the edges are sanded, it has prepared itself. Sharpening the blade is not a big deal now.

The best angle grinder disc for blade sharpening is going to come at your convenience. Make sure you do the sharpening on all of the surrounding edges. This is the best grit flap disc you can get.

If you want to sharpen an axe with a flap disc, you can do that. This is with the same 80-grit discs. The multi-purpose effects are there for your personal benefit. 

When you are done sharpening, get moving and test how the blade is doing. If the alignment of the grass looks good, you have done a good job. 

Here is the product you should use: 

You can go further on more investment as well. This can be optional but is recommended. 

80 Grit Flap Disc
Source: K Suppline

120 Grit: Surface Smoothening

The 120 grit is going to help the sanded edges and sharpened blade. The blade will definitely surround itself to achieve a new level of shine. If you want to make things durable, the smoothening effects will make this possible. 

The best cleaning and finishing approaches will smooth the surface. The assistance of lawn mower blade sharpening jig plans will get better. 

Seeking help from the 120 grit means you are going for years. This is with the same mower with the same blades. Proper finishing materials account for a shiny blade surface that looks incredibly good. 

The best 120 grit product is there for you to have:

Having all the 4 grit products at your disposal is a wise thing to do. Make sure you get the most out of it!


Using 120 grit flap roughly can damage the blade.

Summary of 4 grit flap discs

How To Use A Grip Flap Disc For Sharpening Mower Blades

As pointed out before, the 80 grit is going to be used for sharpening mower blades. You have learned by now that the 40 and 60 grits are needed for the preparation. A good looking blade with clear edges is easy to sharpen.

Here is the best step by step method of sharpening mower blades:

  • Prepare yourself with some protective gear, such as gloves and eyewear.
  • Gather the set that includes all the sharpening tools.
  • Take all the plugs and wires out of the mower.
  • Also disconnect the battery.
  • Tllt the mower in a way where it is convenient for you to work with.
  • Remove the blade from the main system.
  • Make sure you have braced the blade. This is if you don’t have the option of removing the blade.
  • It is time to start the grinding and sharpening process from here.
  • Working with the 80 grit flap disc is going to bring out the process.’
  • Make sure you have removed the bar.
  • Also make sure you have a firm grasp and proper control as you are moving the sharpening tool around the blade.
  • This means the surface area will be evened out.
  • When you are moving to the edges, the knife will be sharper after 5 minutes of grinding.
  • Also, you have to realize that you don’t overdo it.
  • Keep the disc at a certain position away from the blade. This induces quality sharpening.
  • After that, clean the surface to make it look shiny.

Your efficiency at work should increase as you work more and more with the tools. Within a short time, you will be faced with some options. This is either sharpening or getting a new one. 

Inspect your tools closely to see what best suits your needs. While working with the attributes, you should not go away with some hefty techniques. 

40,60, and 80 grit flap discs
Source: Joom

Best Techniques to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

A good automatic mower blade sharpener is going to make your life easy. Applying some good-looking techniques to sharpen mower blades will not challenge you. It may challenge your neighbors who are not doing the same things as you.

However, this guy has some unique techniques to share.

Here are some tips to make the essentials work:

  • Diagnose the sharpness level of the blade.
  • Inspect the edges properly.
  • Have some safety equipment at your disposal.
  • Understand the blade sharpening angles precisely
  • Sharpen at areas from 15 to 30 degrees
  • Apply the most convenient approach to handling the mower.
  • Use clamps for protruding at better angles.
  • It is always good to have a spare lawn mower blade.

The correct indications are there to assist you in the overall process. The more you work with the mower, the more efficient you get. Never ever compromise on quality.


Use the grit flap gently to get the ultra-sharpened blades.

A 60 grit flap
Source: Ryan Knorr Lawn Care

It is also important to know how to protect the grass on the lawn and many other useful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use an angle grinder to sharpen lawn mower blades?

Using an angle grinder is the most efficient approach to sharpening lawn mower blades. It is a very easy, quick, and inexpensive method of sharpening. The power tool is very easy to handle.

How sharp should the mower blades be?

The mower blades should have an aggressive and efficient sharpness. It should not cut your hands but still cut grass easily. 

How many times can you sharpen a lawn mower blade?

It is good practice to sharpen the blade twice every season. The first attempt should be made at the beginning of the season. This should be followed by another blazing motive in the middle of the season.


Discovering what a grit flap disc is for sharpening mower blades is a good deal. We hope you have found the answers in a sufficient manner. 

We are wishing you all the best. We are signing off with humility!


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