Type 1 VS Type 27 Cutting Wheel

Type 1 VS Type 27 Cutting Wheel: Which One to Buy?

Cutting wheels are widely used to cut metal in metal fabricating operations. But while purchasing them, people suffer from a dilemma between type 1 and type 27. But no need to stress over it because we got you!

So, type 1 vs type 27 cutting wheel, which one should you buy?

Well, we can compare them by several features. Firstly, they can be compared by their shape of the wheel. We can also compare them by their purpose of usage, guard requirement, and weight differences. Also, we have to look into the differences between the price ranges as well. 

This is not all! We have a detailed comparison between them that you would want to see.

Let’s get started! 

Basic Differences Between Type 1 and Type 27 Cutting Wheel

Both the type 1 and type 27 cutting wheels are popular in the metal fabricating scene. Even though both of them were made to cut metal, they are quite different. 

Below are the basic differences between these two cutting wheels:

FeatureType 1Type 27
Shape Of WheelThick disc-shapedCenter-depressed shaped
Purpose Of UsageGeneral all-purpose cuttingFlush cutting
Mandatory Guard Obligatory type 1 guardObligatory type 27 guard
Product WeightAround 15 ouncesAbout 11.7 ounces

From the aforementioned table, we can find the basic differences between the mentioned cutting wheels. But this is just a superficial comparison. TIme to deep-dive!

Type 1 Vs Type 27 Cutting Wheel: In-Depth Comparison

These cutting wheels are popular amongst specialty abrasive instruments. Previously, we looked into a surface-level comparison between the type1 and type 27 cutting wheels. 

Now, we take a deeper look at these distinguishing features one by one.

Shape Of Wheel

The most distinguishing feature between these two is their wheel shapes. The differences in shape come with different purposes too.

Type 1 grinding wheel is commonly referred to as type-41 cutting wheel. The shape of the wheel is completely flat. It lacks a depressed center. And so, the cutting surface is much bigger and interference with the workpiece is lesser.

Hence, it has a thick disc-shaped wheel that is very popular.

Now, the type 27 cutting wheel is commonly referred to as the center depressed wheel. The shape provides greatly for its cutting purposes. We will be discussing more on that later on in this article.

Winner: Type 1 wins this round since the shape provides more cutting surface and less interference. 

Weiler 58000 4-1/2″ x 0.045″ Tiger Zirc Type 1 Thin Cutting Wheel

  • Thin cutting wheels deliver accurate, clean cuts
  • Self-sharpening grain retains high cutting performance throughout the life of the wheel
  • Dual fiberglass reinforcement provides added strength for aggressive cutting
  • Smooth outer layer reduces friction for effortless cutting action and less kickback during operation
  • Specification Z60T

Purpose Of Usage

The most prevalent group of general-purpose and specialist abrasive equipment is Type 1 wheels. They are sometimes reinforced with fiberglass discs or steel rings and sometimes with fine-grit zones. 

They are designed for precise and rough grinding on a variety of materials. 

These materials include hard and soft steels, stainless steel, and cast iron. They can cut through aluminum, concrete, bronze, crv and s2 steel, stone, and so on.

Type 1 wheels are used on fixed and swing-frame grinding machines. They are also used on electric and pneumatic grinding machines, sharpening machines, and grinding units.

Type 27 grinding wheels are generally very popular as specialty abrasive instruments. They are used for rough grinding on various materials.

They are widely employed in sectors like construction, metal fabrication, and shipbuilding. Also, they are often used in foundry, engineering, and chemical sectors. Smaller workshops also have a great use for them. 

They can be used on portable horizontal or vertical spindle grinders. They generally are powered by electricity and pneumatics.

Winner: Type 27 prevails since it has much more usage in important sectors like metal fabrication.

Dewalt – Type 27 Cutting Wheel

  • 4″ dia.
  • 5/8″ arbor
  • 0.045″ thickness
  • For metal/Inox cutting

Mandatory Guard

The OSHA and ANSI standards have some regulations regarding the grinder guards. It requires you to use a mandatory type 1 grinder guard with Type 1 wheels.

The type 1 guard is a five-position guard. It does not require any tools. It enables the operator to conduct guard adjustments real fast. Also, It is mandatory for both the abrasive and diamond cutter wheels. 

Whereas, a type 27 grinder guard is required to be used with Type 27 wheels. The OSHA and ANSI standards have made it mandatory for these as well.

Type 27 guards are unguarded on the bottom. It allows side grinding with wheels with a raised hub or a depressed center. 

One side of the wheel is open when using a Type 27 guard. It typically safeguards the operator in the event of a wheel rupture. 

Winner: Type 27 wins since the type 27 guard provides much more safety.

Weiler 58030 4-1/2 x .045 Tiger ZIRC Type 27 Cutting Wheel 

  • Self-sharpening zirconia alumina grain retains high cutting performance throughout the life of the wheel.
  • Long wheel life on heavy duty applications.
  • Dual reinforcement provides added strength for aggressive cutting.
  • Smooth outer layer reduces friction that translates to an effortless cut and less kickback during operation.
  • Thin cutting wheels deliver accurate, clean cuts.

Price Range

The Type 1 and Type 27 cutting wheels are very different from one another. We already discussed that earlier on. And due to their differences, manufacturers charge differently for both of them.

Type 1 wheel price is generally around from $5 to $55. The prices vary in terms of brand and quality. The warranty also plays a role in the pricing. 

There are premium ones that cost around $70. But in general, the price range stays well between $5-$55.

On the flip side, the type 27 wheel price is around $40 – $90. The factors also remain the same for these. 

Winner: Type 1 cutting wheel wins this round due to its affordability.

DEWALT DW8062H Type 1 Cutting Wheel

  • The information below is per-pack only
  • Thin .045″ wheel design for fast burr free cutting
  • Proprietary aluminum oxide grain combination for aggressive cutting action
  • Proprietary material mix ensures durable long life wheels
  • 2 full sheets of fiberglass for durability and safety

Product Weight

The type 1 cutting wheel weighs around 15 ounces. Whereas type 27 weighs around 11.7 ounces. 

Winner: Type 27 wins this round with lesser product weight.

Final Verdict

Both the Type 1 and Type 27 wheels are widely used in industries. Hence, it is super important to know which one you should buy.

Honestly, we can’t pick one of these for you. Since both of them have different purposes, you have to pick one suitable for you. 

If you are working on something that requires precision and power, Type 1 would do. Also, Type 1 would do the job if you need an all-general cutting wheel. This shape would be more suitable.

However, if you are into construction, metal fabrication, shipbuilding, or something similar, get Type 27. Its center depressed shape would provide the rough flush cutting that you need. DeWalt makes good type 27 cutting wheels.


How long do cut-off wheels last?

When you buy an electronic device, longevity matters greatly. The lifespan of the cut-off wheels varies a lot naturally. But many abrasive wheels seem to expire 3 years after they are manufactured. However, diamond cutting wheels last longer than abrasive cut-off wheels and work better.

What are cutting wheels used for in general?

Cut-off wheels are used to change the shape of metal. Whether it’s to cut it off completely or to cut out sections of it. Fine work isn’t their forte. The surface remains pretty rough after using them. The pieces will most likely need to be deburred and evened out before the final product.

Is it safe to use a standard grinding wheel on concrete?

Angle grinders are safe at grinding concrete with the right diamond wheel and enough power. Now, your angle grinder can be utilized to level the concrete flooring and diminish paint. You can also thin-set or level other obstacles that have hardened onto the base safely. It’s that easy.


We hope that now you understand the type 1 vs type 27 cutting wheel. Hopefully, you would be able to choose the right one for you. 

Always make sure you wear protective gear and use proper guards when cutting steel. 

We’ll meet in another article. Till then, adios!

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