Laguna Vs Rikon Bandsaw

Laguna Vs Rikon Bandsaw: Which One is the Best Bandsaw?

Owning a bandsaw is necessary for any woodshop. However, choosing a good bandsaw is complex. As for any woodshop, Laguna, and Rikon, both bandsaws offer proper customer value.

But the question is which one is better for you Laguna vs Rikon bandsaw?

The Laguna sawblades are costlier than the Rikon bandsaw. Considering the horsepower Rikon band saw is better with a 1.75HP single-phase. However, in blade speed, laguna is better. Again, the laguna blade length is 115 inches whereas the Rikon is 111 inches.

These all are very critical factors to determine a better bandsaw. However, the specs and features can be confusing to understand. But fear not! We will go through them in detail and compare them.

Let’s jump right in, shall we!

Quick Overview: Laguna Vs Rikon Bandsaw

The bandsaw is an amazing woodcutting tool. It has fewer problems than a miter saw. Unlike Miter saw guard issues bandsaws don’t often face many problems.

Laguna and Rikon are two popular options available for bandsaws. Each offers a unique experience for woodworkers. 

Currently, Laguna 14 bandsaw series is very popular. It has Laguna 14bx and Laguna 1412. The differences are not that much between these two. The key difference is that Laguna 14bx is more durable and Laguna 1412 costs less.

On the other hand, Rikon has a premium machine on the market. That is Rikon 10-353. It has so many things to offer for a woodshop owner.

Let’s see the basic factors and compare the Laguna and Rikon

Differentiating FactorsLaguna BandsawRikon Bandsaw
Horsepower1.7HP1.75HP Single-phase
Voltage110V or 220V115V
GuidepostRack and Pinion upper guide adjustmentsRack and Pinion upper guide adjustments
Blade Speed150 RPM to 2400 RPM100 RPM to 2,375 RPM
Blade Length115 Inches111 Inches
Cutting Capacity14-3/7″ wide and 14″ height13-5/8″ wide and 13″ height
Price rangeAround $2000-7000Around $490-2900

These are common factors to differentiate Laguna and Rikon bandsaw. However, we must go into depth to determine which is better.

Let’s jump into the next section.

In-Depth Comparison

As a woodshop owner, the bandsaw you need to buy must be convenient for you. Laguna and Rikon can be your two favorite options.

But which one is right for you? Let’s go through an in-depth analysis.

Rikon 1/3 HP 10” Bandsaw

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  • BANDSAW: Bundle includes the Rikon 10-305 1/3HP, 110v 10” bandsaw, featuring a large cast iron table, precision balanced cast aluminum wheels, and upper and lower guide bearings
  • LUNA LAMP: WoodTurners Wonders’ Luna Lamp is a bright LED Lamp with a magnetic base and 17-inch flexible neck is perfect for extra light when cutting on the bandsaw or in a variety of other shop applications where extra light is needed.
  • CURATED FOR YOU: We designed this bundle with the maker in mind, specifically choosing these items as they all work well together and add value, to make working safer, easier, and more enjoyable.


The motor of any bandsaw is the main component for blades to operate. Blade speed, cutting capacity, etc. depend on this.

Laguna offers a 110V or 120V motor with 1.75HP. It is a TEFC motor. It needs 12 amps of electric power to operate. You can choose the volts of the motor according to your needs.

On the other hand, Rikon offers a 115V motor with a 1.75HP single-phase horsepower. It needs 15 amps of electric power. The motor that Rikon use is a DVR motor.


The Laguna is a bandsaw with strong cast iron wheels. These can endure the pressure of the saw machine. These are 3-in-1 wheel parts.

The Rikon offers a set of balanced cast iron wheels. These can operate on high and different speed functions.

Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

  • 4″ Dust Port
  • Table Tilt Right: 45°
  • 110 Volt Outlet
  • Tension and Tracking Window
  • Tension Indicator
  • Cast Iron Wheels


Another key component is the guidepost. It houses the blade guard and top blade guide component.

Both Laguna and Rikon have Rack and Pinion upper guide adjustments. These whole guide adjustment components are considered as a guidepost.


Laguna’s table leans 45 degrees to the right and 7 degrees to the left. It has the ability to micro-adjust. The table is made of cast iron with a micro-polished finish.

Similarly, Rikon’s table leans 45 degrees to the right and 7 degrees to the left. However, unlike Laguna, it doesn’t have the ability to micro-adjust.

Rikon 14In Open Stand Bandsaw

  • NEW Tool-less Thumbscrew Bearing Locks – No tools needed to adjust guide bearings
  • NEW Longer Fence Rail – Heavy duty steel rail 29” long
  • Rugged welded steel column and frame
  • Balanced cast aluminum drive wheels
  • Resaw Capacity 13″

Blade Speed

The blade speed is the key competency to the smooth cutting experience. Most modern bandsaws have adjustable blade speed. 

With that said, the Laguna bandsaw blades’ speed is 150 RPM to 2400 RPM.  The 1.75HP TEFC motor can operate at high speed for a long period.

These blades are all compatible with Laguna bandsaws and have a high tooth count as well.

On the other hand, the blade speed of Rikon is 100 RPM to 2,375 RPM. It is a little bit slower than Laguna’s blade speed. But, it has 15 different speed functions that are suitable for different types of work.

Blade Guides

This is fairly new technology. It helps the wood crafter to cut woods precisely. 

Laguna bandsaw has the feature named Truer Tracking Blade Cut. It enables the blade to operate at low noise and gives a smooth experience.

However, Rikon stepped up the game. It has a patented technology called Spring Loaded Tool-less Guide System. By upgrading to it you will get the smoothest cutting experience. Not only that, it can handle heavily weighted woods to be cut too.

Cutting Capacity

Another major factor to look at is the cutting capacity. This enables a wood crafter to cut woods according to their preferred size.

The Laguna has a cutting capacity of 14-3/7″  wide and 14″ in high. Thanks to its long 115 inches blade, you can cut that deep.

On the other hand, with 111 inches of blade, Rikon bandsaw blades can cut 13-5/8″ wide and 13″ in height.

Additional Features

With the basic machine, many additional features are also added. Laguna has a better dust collection system, foot brake, and mobile base.

Nevertheless, Rikon has provided with better quick-release blade tension system. The fence system is also better for Rikon than Laguna.

Laguna Tools 220v 2.5hp Bandsaw 14bx220-250

  • 12″ Resaw | height: 70 1/4″ 21 1/2″ X 16″ | table height: 38″
  • 7Degree table tilt left | 2 x 4″ Dust ports | blade length: 115″ | cast iron wheels
  • Magnetic starter | dual light mount | 45Degree table tilt right max. | blade width: 3/4″ | pyramid-shaped spine
  • Min. Blade width: 1/8″ | Footprint: 17 1/2″ X 22 1/2″ | Quick release tension | magnetic blade guard
  • Laguna Ceramic Guides | Hi/Low aluminum Fence | Worm Gear Rack & Pinion | Massive Cast Trunion 8″X13″
  • This is an O. E. M. Part

Available Accessories

Rikon and Laguna both offer an extended range of accessories. With those, you can upgrade your machine. Some available accessories are


Both bandsaws are compatible to use Flexible Gooseneck Lamp. It offers better accuracy in dim light. 

Meter Gauge

Delta Delux Meter Gauge can be used with Laguna. And, Fulton Precision Miter Gauge is compatible with Rikon. 

Mobility Kit

Rikon has its mobility kit. However, Laguna doesn’t have a mobility kit of its own. So, you have to use a universal mobility kit such as Boro Portamate.

That’s all there is on the Laguna and Rikon comparison. If you are still confused then don’t worry. We will give our final thoughts to assist you. 

Be careful while using a bandsaw. Splinters are common to cut through human skin and can cause Uveitus. Try to avoid splintering from woodcutting. Consulting a professional if any accidents occur is advised.

Which is the Best Bandsaw for Your Woodshop?

So, after going through everything you must be wondering what our final verdict will be. Both of the bandsaws offer uniqueness to individuals.

Well for starters, Laguna offers a deep wood cutting. The blade of Laguna is longer than Rikon. The wheel is more durable than Rikon. But, it costs more than Rikon.

On the other hand, Rikon provides better precision, and 15-speed functions. It also way costs less than Laguna. 

However, according to your work type drill press can also be good. So, you should consider the better tool between drill press vs bandsaw.


Can Bandsaw Cut Metal?

Yes, a bandsaw can cut thin metal. However, it is not recommended to use it to cut metal. Because the sharpness of the blades can easily wear off.

Is It Possible to Upgrade the Motors of Bandsaw?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade the motors of the bandsaw. But, you have to keep in mind that specific bandsaws are compatible with specific motors. 

Are Bandsaws Portable?

Yes, small bandsaws are portable. These are great for small shop owners. Nowadays, with mobility kits, heavy bandsaws can also be portable.


That’s all from us about Laguna vs Rikon bandsaw. Hope this article will clear any confusion you have. Also, it will help you to decide to buy a bandsaw.

Bandsaws are heavy pieces of machinery that can cause fatal injuries. So be careful while handling such machines.. Until then, take care!

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