does menards carry milwaukee tools

Does Menards Carry Milwaukee Tools? Query Answered!

Yes, Menards carries Milwaukee Tools, recognizing their quality and innovation. Milwaukee’s material handling solutions, brand reputation, innovation, and competition benefits make it a valuable addition to Menards’ product lineup.

You are now aware of the reply to the query, ‘Do Menards carry Milwaukee tools?’ For further details about them and their alternatives, you may delve into the article.

Key Takeaways

  • Milwaukee Tools is a renowned brand known for its quality and innovation in the power and hand tools industry.
  • Menards carries a variety of Milwaukee Tools due to their preference for material handling needs and brand recognition.
  • Milwaukee Tools can also be found at other retailers, including Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Walmart.

Does Menards Carry Milwaukee Tools

Yes, Menards does carry Milwaukee Tools. They are a significant player in the home improvement retail industry. They offer many products, including lumber, hardware, appliances, and tools. 

Milwaukee Tools, on the other hand, is a well-established brand known for its power and hand tools’ quality and innovation. They have been a preferred brand for professionals and homeowners alike since 1946. As a result, Menards’ inclusion in their product lineup makes sense.

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Menards recognizes the value of Milwaukee Tools in meeting material handling needs. Steel and aluminum hand trucks, cylinder trucks, drum trucks, wood and poly dollies, appliance trucks, and so on are examples of these.

Reasons Menards Carry Milwaukee Tools

There are several reasons why Menards carries Milwaukee Tools:

Material Handling Needs:

Tools excel at providing solutions to a variety of material-handling needs. Steel and aluminum hand trucks, multi-position trucks, drum trucks dollies, and other products are included. Menards recognizes the value of these tools for professionals and homeowners alike.

Brand Recognition:

Milwaukee Tools has earned a strong track record of being a reliable and popular company in the industry. Since 1946, it has been recognized as the most preferred hand truck brand by professionals and homeowners. Menards benefits from this brand recognition, which instills confidence in customers.


Milwaukee Tools is known for its commitment to innovation and product development. They continually introduce new and advanced products to the market, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of tool technology. Menards can offer its customers the latest and most innovative solutions by carrying Milwaukee Tools.

Milwaukee Tools


With Milwaukee Tools in stock, Menards can effectively compete with other home improvement retailers in their assortment. It ensures that they can meet their customers’ diverse needs and preferences.

In summary, Menards carries Milwaukee Tools because they offer quality, innovation, and versatility. Thus, it makes them an excellent choice for customers seeking reliable tools for their projects.

Brands That Carry Milwaukee Tools

Apart from Menards, Milwaukee Tools can be found at various retailers, including:

  • Ace Hardware: Ace Hardware stocks a wide inventory of Milwaukee power tools, including tool sets, PACKOUT products, and more.
  • Home Depot: Home Depot offers an extensive selection of Milwaukee products, encompassing power tools, hand tools, and accessories.
  • Lowe’s: Lowe’s is another major retailer that carries Milwaukee Tools across all departments, catering to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Walmart: Walmart includes Milwaukee Tools in its “Shop By Pro Tools Brand” section. They offer a variety of cordless hammer drills and other power tools.
  • Milwaukee Tool Website: For those who prefer to shop directly from the source, Milwaukee Tool’s official website is for them. They include hand tools, power tools, accessories, and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

You can also solve problems with their exact instructions if you buy it directly from them. For example, if you’re curious about your Milwaukee M18 jigsaw problems, you can ask them directly while buying.

With Milwaukee Tools available at multiple retail outlets, customers have ample choices to acquire the tools they need for their specific projects. 

Top 10 Powetool Brands Except for Milwaukee Tools

There are a number of excellent power tool brands that are preferred by experts and professionals. 

  • DeWalt: DeWalt offers a wide range of power tools known for their durability and performance, making them a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Makita: Makita is from Japan, a brand known for its extensive cordless tool lineup and high-performance tools for various applications.
  • Bosch: Bosch is recognized for its precision and quality in power tools, including drills, grinders, and saws, as well as measuring and layout tools.

Ridgid: Ridgid specializes in plumbing and pipe-related tools, providing durable and reliable solutions for professionals.

does menards carry milwaukee power tools
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  • Craftsman: Craftsman offers a range of hand and power tools known for their affordability and reliability, catering to a wide range of users.
  • Ryobi: Ryobi is known for its budget-friendly cordless power tools and a broad selection of DIY-friendly options.
  • Kobalt: Kobalt, Lowe’s house brand, offers value and quality in hand and power tools, including tool storage solutions.
  • Hilti: Hilti focuses on professional-grade power tools, particularly for construction and drilling applications, known for their durability and performance.
  • Hitachi: Hitachi offers a range of reliable tools for various applications, including drills, saws, and nailers.
  • SKIL: SKIL provides a mix of affordable power tools suitable for both DIYers and professionals, available in corded and cordless options.

These brands are known for their durability, quality, and innovation in the power and hand tools industry. However, Menards does not carry some brands; for example- Dewalt is not carried by Menards. You can look for reasons to answer your curiosity, Why do Menards not carry Dewalt?

However, the “best” brand is frequently determined by personal preferences, the needs of the project, and particular requirements. Many users prefer to mix and match brands to gain a comprehensive experience with different tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Menards Affiliated With Home Depot?

No, Menards is not affiliated with Home Depot. Menards and Home Depot are separate and distinct businesses, with each having its own ownership structure and business operations. 

Menards is a separate and independently owned family business that was founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in 1959.

Who Is Bigger Menards Or Lowes?

Home Depot is the largest in terms of both the number of stores and net sales. Lowe’s is the second-largest, with 1,977 store locations and net sales of $72.1 billion in the same year.

Did Walmart Buy Menards?

No, Walmart did not buy Menards. An affiliate of Walmart’s parent company purchased a former Menards store in the Town of Sheboygan for $5 million. 

However, this transaction does not indicate any acquisition of Menards as a whole. Menards and Walmart are separate and unrelated retail chains.

Conclusion Lines

Now you know if Menards carries Milwaukee tools or not. Milwaukee Tool products are available at Menards, which caters to professional and home material handling needs.

Milwaukee Tools can also be found at other major retailers, ensuring accessibility for customers.

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