dewalt flexvolt compressor won't turn on

Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor Won’t Turn On: Reasons & Solutions

If you are facing difficulty to turn on your Dewalt Flecvolt compressor, you are not the only one.  

It’s a frustrating problem but let’s see the troubleshooting process if your Dewalt flexvolt compressor won’t turn on.

The power supply and battery issue of Dewalt is very common. Check for loose electrical collection and extension cords. Recharge or reset the batteries. Tighten the unsecured electrical connections. Check if your contacts are burnt. If your motor is defective seek professional help. Make sure not to overload your motor.

The preview might puzzle you. But don’t worry as the whole brief discussion on this topic is coming up. 

Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor Won’t Turn On: 7 Major Reasons!

Here’s an overview of the most common Dewalt Flexvolt problems and their solutions.

Power Supply IssuesInspect for loose electrical connections & check the extension cord.
Bad Circuit BreakerReplace the Circuit Breaker
Malfunctioning SwitchReplace the Switch
Battery IssuesRecharge or reset the battery 
Unsecure Electrical Connection Tighten the electric connections 
Damaged Contact Issues Check for burnt contacts
Defective of Overloaded MotorSeek the manufacturer’s help

Reason 1: Power Issues

The Dewalt Flexvolt compressor might not be at fault in this case. So checking your power supply outlet is the very first thing you need to do. 

Solution: Inspect for loose electrical connections & check the extension cord

  • Check the functionality of your power outlet. Try plugging in another device. 
  • Inspect for any frayed wires or exposed insulation.
  • Change and test the power supply with a new power cord.
  • Make sure the power supply can provide for the 60V battery. Voltage compatibility is a must-check for the power supply issue. 
  • If you don’t see any indications like the red light of the Dewalt lawn mower, it means you have a blown fuse.
  • Check for any blown fuse. If there are any blown fuse or circuits contact the Dewalt helpline. 

Reason 2: Bad Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker of the compressor also can go bad over time and may cause the machine not to turn on also. The solution is to replace it.

Solution: Replace the Circuit Breaker

  • Turn off the power supply to the Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor
  • Locate the circuit breaker panel on the compressor.
  • To see the circuit breaker, remove the cover or access panel.
  • Disconnect the cables from the faulty breaker with caution.
  • Remove the faulty circuit breaker from its mounting bracket.
  • The mounting bracket should hold the new circuit breaker which you are going to insert now.
  • Reconnect the wires to the respective terminals on the new breaker.
  • Replace the cover or access panel.
  • In order to verify that the new circuit breaker is operating properly, turn on the power source and test the Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor.

Reason 3: Malfunctioning Switch

At any time during the operation of the Compressor, any of the switches may stop working. When the Compressor doesn’t turn on, inspect the switches and test them, if you find them to be faulty, replace the switch!

Solution: Replace the Switch

  • Disconnect the power supply to the Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor.
  • Locate the faulty switch on the compressor.
  • Carefully remove the switch cover or access panel.
  • Identify the wires connected to the faulty switch.
  • Disconnect the wires from the terminals to the switch.
  • Remove the faulty switch from its mounting bracket.
  • Install the new switch into the mounting bracket.
  • Connect the wires to the respective terminals on the switch.
  • Replace the switch cover or access panel.
  • To make sure the new switch is operating properly, turn on the power supply again and test the Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor.

Reason 4: Battery Issues

Dewalt is known for its great batteries. But if you are encountering battery-related issues it might be resolvable.

Solution: Recharge or reset the battery

  • Recharge the battery and make sure they are adequately charged.
  • If your Dewalt batteries aren’t charging past 2 bars, try resetting the battery.
  • Check for any charger issues. Make sure your charger is compatible with the batteries. 
  • But if your batteries have physical damage or leaks, replace the batteries. Using damaged batteries can lead to hazardous situations.
Battery Issues

Reason 5: Loose or Unsecure Electrical Connection 

Now your Dewalt Flexvolt compressor has a functioning power supply and battery. 

If your fully charged Dewalt battery isn’t working, consider focusing on this solution.

Solution: Tighten the electric connections

  • Firstly, turn off all the power connections from the power source. Make sure your Dewalt Flexvolt compressor is turned off properly.
  • Now, inspect the electrical connections of the compressor.
  • Search for any loose electrical connection. 
  • Use a screwdriver or Dewalt tools to tighten the connections

Make sure you are extremely cautious when you are doing this step. It’s better if you have a partner while going through this step.

Reason 6: Damaged/Corroded Contact 

The electrical contacts of your Dewalt Flecvolt compressor might show issues. These problems start because of using a faulty power supply or battery. If you have used the compressor for a longer period of time, this issue might show. 

Solution: Check for burnt contacts

  • Unplug and turn off the power of the compressor.
  • Check for any damaged contacts.
  • Inspect the cylinder kit. Replace the cylinder kit if it’s damaged. You can repair it yourself by following this video: 
  • Make sure there is no corrosion in the contacts. You can use sandpaper or a brush to clean the corrosion or WD40 spray.
  • Also, a homemade vinegar solution or WD40 spray can work to remove corrosion. 

It will be good to go if the damaged contacts are repaired or replaced.

Damaged or Corroded Contact

Reason 7: Defected or Overloaded Motor

The motor of the Dewalt Flexvolt compressor is the most critical component. Before jumping into the solution take safety measures. 

Solution: Inspect for damages & Seek the manufacturer’s help

  • Wait for a few minutes to cool down the compressor.
  • Now inspect the motor to see any visible damages. 
  • Check the motor overload switch. It will be tripped if your motor has gone through overload. 
  • Seek professional help if you cannot find the issues with your motor.

After you are done with resolving the issue it’s better if you reset the circuit breaker. Resetting might resolve issues automatically. 

Dewalt Flexvolt Compressor Circuit Breaker Reset

Manufacturers of Dewalt advise going through with a reset procedure. This process is very simple whether you are a professional or a newcomer. Just follow the simple steps.

  1. Turn off the power supply from the outlet.
  2. Remove the power cord.
  3. After disconnecting properly, wait for 1 minute before connecting it again. 
  4. If this doesn’t work check for any external damage. 

When you are going through this process a ground fault circuit interrupter can be used. It will protect you if the circuit is damaged. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What to do if the Dewalt Flexvolt battery won’t charge?

You can start by checking the charger and battery compatibility. Reset or try a different charger if it doesn’t resolve the issue. The best idea is however to get a new charger that is compatible with the battery and try again. 

Why is my Dewalt Flexcvolt Compressor making a humming noise?

Your Dewalt Flexvolt compressor has a noise level of 80 DBA. But if the noise is extremely loud it may be because of defective parts. You should stop using the compressor immediately and contact customer support.

How to prevent Dewalt Flecvolt Battery from dying prematurely?

Maintaining and charging them regularly can prevent them from dying prematurely. Keep in mind not to overcharge. Use the batteries. 

Regular maintenance and charging can extend the lifespan of compressors and prevent premature failure. Avoid overcharging and utilize appropriate batteries for optimal performance.


With that, the discussion on Dewalt Flexvolt Compression won’t turn on ends. It’s easy to troubleshoot with the tips even if you are not a professional. But you should always take safety measures while working on it. If the tips don’t resolve your issues make sure to contact Dewalt customer care. 

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