dewalt dcn692 not sinking nails

Dewalt DCN692 Not Sinking Nails: Troubleshooting

For people who want a smarter replacement for hammers, nail guns are the perfect solution to them. Talking about nail guns, Dewalt DCN692 is among the most famous nail guns but nails not sinking in is a common problem of it. 

So, why is Dewalt DCN692 Not Sinking Nails?

The main reasons behind Dewalt DCN692 Not Sinking Nails includethe nailer not firing, misadjustment in the depth wheel, wrong battery voltage and weak spring. Most of these issues can be solved by a few adjustments like using the correct battery, installing a new spring and adjusting the wheel depth.

This is just an overview of the main discussion. You will find the detailed discussion in the following article so if you have some time, check it out.

Reasons Why Dewalt DCN692 Not Sinking Nails

Dewalt DCN692 is a commonly known nailer for its amazing performance. As we all know, every electronic device malfunctions at some point. 

Here are the few reasons reported reasons for which, Dewalt DCN692 doesn’t sinks nail-

Dewalt Not Sinking Nails
Reason Solution
Nailer not firingFix the battery issue and stop dry firing
Misadjusted depth wheelAdjust the depth wheel
Wrong batteryUse the correct battery
Weak springInstall new spring

Reason 1: Nailer is not firing

Nailer not firing is a widespread issue for Dewalt DCN692. Sometimes, there is the noise of the nailer motor spinning but there is no firing. Even after pressing the trigger, there is no firing. 

As there is this spinning noise which means the electronic components are working properly. Here the issue can be with the return assembly which can be damaged. Other than that, it can be the battery issue or the dry fire lockout. 


Here are a few solutions to the nailer not firing for Dewalt DCN692-

Solution 1: Drive replacement

If the return assembly can be worn out with time. And when the drive is worn out, it requires replacement. 

Here are the steps for drive replacement below-

  • Remove the battery and unscrew the back screws to remove the cap
  • Now insert needle-nose pliers into the exposed tube of the nailer body
  • Grip the piston with a piler and pull it out of the nailer body
  • With the help of part no, obtain the new piston and place the piston ring on top of the new piston
  • Insert the new piston inside the tube carefully
  • Push the piston far aligning the driver and push it down onwards
  • Finally resemble the gun 
Solution 2: Recharge the battery

Sometimes due to poor charge in the battery, your nailer can misfire. So ensure that you have checked the battery power indicator. If the battery is running low then recharge it. 

Sometimes the battery gets too hot while charging. In those cases, disconnect the battery for a few minutes and let it cool and then recharge it. If the battery still fails to work then it needs replacement. 

Solution 3: Stop dryfiring

Dry firing can cause severe damage to your nailer according to the built-in mechanism. So every time you go for firing with your Dewalt DCN692, make sure the nails are loaded. And if it is not loaded, load a cartridge of nails in the nail gun.

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Reason 2: Misadjusted depth wheel

If the adjustment of the depth wheel is not according to the type of nail, then this can cause an issue. In those cases, the resulting wholes will not be according to the desired depth.

Misadjusted depth wheel

To avoid this issue, depth wheel management is a must. 


For the nail depth adjustment, first, you have to press the unlock button that will allow you to move the top piece. Do not move the wheel under the top piece. Only the top piece can be moved for nail adjustments.

And once you have adjusted the nail according to your preference, press the lock button again to secure it. 

Reason 3: Wrong battery

Battery plays the most important role for any electronic device. If the battery is not appropriate for Dewalt DCN692, it is not possible for the device to function. For Dewalt DCN692 there is a particular battery requirement. 

If the battery is not up to the mark as required, there can be a nailing issue. To avoid such a situation, check the battery of your device before using it. 


It is recommended to use at least 6volts batteries for the Dewalt DCN692 nail gun. So if you are looking for hassle-free performance, you have to ensure the battery is at least 6 volts. 

There are many nail guns that are already equipped with a 4volts battery. With 4 volts battery, it can still work but there is a high chance of a sinking nail issue. If you are having the correct battery then make sure your battery is fully charged.

If the battery still doesn’t work then you might need to replace them.

Reason 4: Weak Spring

Weak spring is another issue that can cause Dewalt DCN692 not to sink nail issue. Spring plays an important role in nail functioning. If the spring is loose or weak to hold the nail, then the nail sinking issue is a common problem. 

In those cases, replacing the weak spring is the only solution. 


Here is how you can replace the weak spring in Dewalt DCN692-

  • Firstly, remove the top cover of the nail gun
  • Then remove the cage as well as the valve of the gun
  • Separate the portion inside and remove the spring from the inner portion
  • Now install a new spring replacing the old one
  • Reinstall the top cover with the cage
  • Finally, place the body of the nail gun and tighten the bolts again

Bonus: you can check this link to know about the Dewalt cordless framing nailer:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is the DEWALT finish nailer not nailing?

Dead battery, wrong air pressure setting, dry firing, jam, dirt and dust, and air leaks, are the few reasons for the Dewalt finish nailer not nailing. Most of these issues are easily solvable. Try to keep your nail gun clean, and make sure the batteries are always charged. 

What are the correct nails for DCN692?

Dewalt DCN can accept offset full round head paper tape nails or clipped head nails. The range is 30 to 34 degrees. The length range is, from 2″ to 3-1/2″ and 0.113″ to 0.131″ diameters. Dewalt DCN692 is quite popular for its amazing performance. 

Why does the Dewalt nail gun flash?

These flashlights are the indicator of why the nail gun is not operating. Here the left light indicates a low battery. Whereas the right light indicates jams or stalls. It is best to go through the device manual to know more about these flashlights and how to deal with them.

Final Words

That’s all about Dewalt DCN692 Not Sinking Nails. Hope this article could help you solve your problem. 

One added tip. If you want your nail gun to work properly in the long run, do not forget the regular maintenance of it.

We are at the very end of our discussion. Hope to see you soon. 

Till then, stay well!

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