dewalt charger solid red light but not charging

Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light But Not Charging: Troubleshooting Guide!

Dewalt battery chargers are renowned for their amazing charging quality. But people often face trouble with Dewalt chargers even though the light indicator is functioning.

So, what are the reasons for Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light But Not Charging?

Well, there can be several reasons for this like dirty battery terminals, loose connection, wrong or damaged charger and faulty cable. The solutions are not that difficult and it is possible to resolve most of these problems without any expert help.

Hope you get an overview of the entire article already. But for a detailed discussion, check out the article following. 

Reasons Why The Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light But Not Charging

A Dewalt battery showing solid red light means the battery is charging. If your Dewalt battery is not charging and is dead yet showing a solid red light, there can be a few reasons behind it.

dewalt charger solid red light not charging

Here are the common reasons why the Dewalt charger is showing a solid red light and not charging with the solution to it-

Reason Solution
Dirty battery terminalsClean the battery terminal
Loose connectionAdjust the connections
Wrong chargerUse the original charger for charging
Damaged ChargerReplace the charger
Faulty cableReplace the cable

Reason 1: Dirt in battery terminals

If there is dirt or debris in the battery terminals or charger, there is a high chance of the battery not charging issue. Dirt and debris don’t allow to have a smooth connection. And if there is any interruption in the connection, the battery not charging issue takes place. 

The terminals might seem clean and dirt free but there is still the possibility of having dirt and dust stuck there. 


Cleaning both the battery and the charger terminal thoroughly is the main solution to this issue. Usually, the terminals that the charger is having are bigger terminals. They are very easy to clean up. You can go for rubbing alcohol for cleaning and Q-tip for cleaning that place. 

Don’t forget to clean both sides of the terminal with the Q-tip. 

On the other hand, the terminals of the battery are much smaller compared to the charger.  For cleaning those parts, you can go for forded sandpaper or envelop that can easily reach there.

It is best to dip the sandpaper or the envelope in the rubbing alcohol and then use it for cleaning. To avoid these complexities, the best practice is to do this cleaning process in every 2-3 months. 

Reason 2: Loose connection

A faulty or loose connection is another common reason for the battery not charging but showing a solid red LED light. While there is a loose connection, batteries fail to secure the power source for getting charged.

Since loose connections cause disconnection, that is why the Dewalt charger fails to charge the battery.


For fixing the loose connection, you need to disconnect the charger first and reconnect it again. While plugging in again, make sure you secure all the connections. 

You also need to make sure that the charger is plugged into a properly functioning electric source. After a vehicle check whether the battery is taking charge or not. If it still fails to charge, then you have to replace the charger with a new one. 

Reason 3: Wrong charger

A very common mistake people often make is using incompatible chargers. While you are using an incompatible charger, there is a high chance of the device not charging. Because an incompatible charger fails t power up the battery.

This same situation also may arise if you buy a fake Dewalt charger. It is very important to check the configuration of the charger and match it with your one. 


The only solution for this issue is to use a high-quality charger authentic charger. Moreover, you have to be sure you are buying the right charger. That means the charger you are buying is compatible with the device that you are charging. 

Reason 4: Damaged Charger/Battery

If the battery is not taking charge, the fault can be the charger itself. If your charger has malfunctioned then this can cause the battery not to charge, even though showing solid red light. 


Replacing the damaged charger or the battery is the only solution in this case. To figure out the faulty one, you have to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. After that try to charge again and see if it is receiving a charge with a flashing red light. 

If it start taking charge then the battery was faulty. So you have to remove the older one.

If the charger is faulty then it would still refuse to take charge. In those cases, replace the older charger with a new one which is compatible with the battery. 

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Reason 5: Damaged cable

Damaged cable

Damaged or worn-out wire can be one of the reasons for the Dewalt charger showing solid red light but no charging issue. A Dewalt charger comes with a cable attached to it with carries the power from the source to the charging device.

If that wire is damaged or faulty, it fails to flow enough power while still showing a solid red light. But it actually fails to charge. 


The solution for this situation is to replace the damaged wire. The process is a critical one and that is why asking for experts help would be a better option. After changing the wire, if you still find it faulty, then the issue might be the charger itself.

In those cases, you need to replace the entire charger with a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What solid red light indicates for the Dewalt charger?

Different colour lights indicated different scenarios for the Dewalt charger, where solid red means the battery is charged and ready to use. Other than this, if you notice a flashing red light, that indicates the battery is still charging. And the yellow light with flashing red indicates the temperature is not right. 

Can the Dewalt charger charge all batteries? 

The compatibility of a charger depends on the voltage of it. If your Dewalt charger and the tool have the same voltage level, then it can charge the battery. But this is exceptional for Flexvolt batteries. Flexvolt batteries are compatible with Dewalt 60V and 20V tools.

What is stage 2 charging for the Dewalt charger?

Stage 2 is a new feature for the Dewalt charger which indicates the state of charge for the charger. Stage 1 blinks until it is 80% charged. Then it transforms into a solid. And stage 2 LED blinks, when the battery is fully charged. 

Final Words

Here is the end of our discussion on Dewalt Charger Solid Red Light But Not Charging. Hope we could solve your issues with the details. 

One added tip, do not overcharge your device. It can damage both the battery and the charger.

That is it for now. See you soon with something more useful.

Have a good day!

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