delta 22 560 planer troubleshooting

Delta 22 560 Planer Troubleshooting – [Complete Guideline]

Wood planers are very effective when it comes to creating smooth surfaces of wood. However, sometimes the surface is rough even after going through the planer. This indicates something wrong with it. 

At these times, you’ll have to figure out the problems all by yourself.

It might get frustrating when you’re unable to troubleshoot the planer. In reality, the problems regarding the delta 22 560 planer can be solved easily!

Now, you might be thinking, how can you do delta 22 560 planer troubleshooting?

When the planer is not fully planing the stock, check for dull blades. Dull blades decrease efficiency. Additionally, check if the table is unwaxed or rough. If there’s something wrong with the motor, check the electric brushes. Also, dirty rollers and non-functional belts can create problems too. 

Alongside this information, you will need further guidelines. I have elaborated everything in some simple steps below. 

Spare some minutes and read along!

3 Critical Issue of The Delta 22 560 Planer

When a wood planer malfunctions, it means it definitely has some issues. These problems can be a manufacturing fault. In this case, you can send the product back to the warehouse for repair.

But first, you have to confirm if it is really a manufacturing fault or something else. The delta 22 560 planer review is good but it can have some serious issues.

Let’s have a look at the most common delta 22 560 planer problems. 

Issue 1 of 3: Not Fully Planing The Stock

This is one of the most common issues of the delta 22 560 planer. Sometimes pushing a piece of wood down the planer only smooths 80-90% of it. 

On top of that, it slows/stops while the process is ongoing. The stock is supposed to go smoothly through the planer. Stutters and delays mean there are some problems in the planer. 

If this is the issue, then dull blades might be the reason.

Issue 2 of 3: Not Pulling The Stock Automatically

This issue is not that common. For this issue, the planer won’t pull the wood. You will have to push the stock manually; which is a lot of work.

Nevertheless, having to push the stock indicates some problems. The delta planers are fully motorized and you wouldn’t expect this issue to happen.

If you’re facing this issue, make sure your bed is waxed.

Issue 3 of 3: The Motor Not Starting

Delta 22 560 motor power issues are very common. Even after putting it to power, the motor does not turn on. It does not receive power and stays silent.

This is a very concerning issue as no motor functionality makes the planer dysfunctional. 

The reason behind a dysfunctional planer can be damaged or worn-out electric brushes.

Enough discussion about the issues here. These issues look like difficult ones but don’t worry! I have lined up the causes and fixes down below. 

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons & their respective solutions!

Delta 22 560 Planer Problems: Reasons & Solutions

The above-stated issues are seen on delta 22 560 and planers in general. There can be more than one reason behind these issues. Observing the reasons and the solutions may just fix your delta planer!

Let’s have a look at them-

Reason 1 of 4: Dull Blades

The purpose of a planer is to smooth out the surface of wood stock. Now, if the blades are dull, it’s not possible. Dull blades result in uneven planing. 

It also hampers the push and pulls of the stock. The whole process may become very laggy/noisy for dull blades.

Dull blades are a concern for every machinery which includes blades. For instance, a reason behind a problematic steel city table saw is dull blades.


To solve this, a delta 22 560 planer blade change is necessary. You can try taking the blades out and sharpening them but that is a hassle.

Rotating the blades can be a solution too. Sometimes the blades get stuck and rotating them in any direction will do the trick. It’ll also save you the cost of replacement blades!

You might face trouble while reassembling the parts. Look at the delta planer 22 560 parts diagram to get a better understanding.

Reason 2 of 4: Unwaxed Bed

When you buy a piece of machinery like a planer, you’ll have to maintain it properly. In the case of planers, one important thing to do is regularly wax the bed. 

Unwaxed beds are very rough and they cause many problems. 


The solution to this problem is pretty simple. You have to wax the bed of the planer thoroughly. Lubricating the bed of the planer with wax makes the bed smooth. Smooth beds result in smooth work by the planer.

Along with waxing, do clean the tables as well. If the table is damaged or rough, you can replace it. You can order delta 22 560 planer parts from the company.

Reason 3 of 4: Dirty Rollers

Dirty rollers can create so many problems. It can cause interruptions in the movement of the stock wood. Grease, dust can easily build on the rollers.

It is very important to keep the rollers clean. Clean rollers can boost the delta 22 560 planer performance overall. 


Cleaning the rollers with sufficient items will eliminate the worries of dirty rollers. Especially outfeed rollers. Take a toothbrush, apply mineral spirits and clean the rollers. However, do not use alcohol. Alcohol hardens the rubber.

Taking the dust out is very important. Many problems can be created by the delta 22 560 dust hood.

You can use soap as a lubricant. Apply force to clean all the corners.

The rollers are connected with the belt. Hence, clean rollers will also prevent delta 22 560 belt issues.

Reason 4 of 4: Worn out Electric Brushes

Worn out electric brushes can cause some malfunctioning in the planer. Mainly power issues occur in this case.

Electrics brushes in planer serve a very important role. A defect in this component can be fatal. It should be taken care of as soon as possible.


You will have to replace the electric brushes with new ones. Remove the planer’s top cover and search for the brush cap. It should be next to the coil-like portion in the motor’s midsection. 

Then replace them. To seat the brushes, replace the covers and operate the planer for 10 minutes.


What are the steps to clean my Delta planer?

You’ll have to follow some steps to clean your delta planer. First, unplug the machine. Then, clean the exposed area of the roller with a scrubber. Use green liquids such as formula 409. After cleaning it, wipe it dry with a tissue or paper towel. Finally, plug the machine back in. 

Why is wood getting stuck in my planer?

Sawdust buildup can be the reason why the wood is getting stuck in your planer. To fix this, first, unplug your planer. After that, fully elevate the cutter head with compressed air. Do blow out any stray chips or dust. Then, wipe the rollers with mineral spirits and a shop cloth. 

Is a wood planer worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. If you’re serious about woodworking, a thickness planer is well worth the investment. Once you have it, you will never regret the investment. You will have complete control over your stock thickness. The thickness will be very accurate and satisfy your needs.


You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, we have made delta 22 560 planer troubleshooting effortless for you!

It is very important to follow the instructions precisely. Additionally, please be careful while working around blades; they are very dangerous. Take proper precautions.

Best of luck troubleshooting your planer!

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