Bosch CM10GD Problems

Bosch CM10GD Problems: 3 Common Problems with Solutions

The use of miter saws is significant in the modern world. And it has made work quite easy. In the market for miter saws, Bosch cm10gd is one of the best ones. But there could be some issues at times. And don’t worry as these are fixable.

What are the common Bosch CM10GD problems?

Bosch CM10GD problems are quite common like that of other miter saws. The first problem you might face is the gauge malfunction. Secondly, you may also come across the problem of cutting thin strips. Finally, another common problem you may face is with cutting dowels. 

You have come up with a good brief. Now, read along to get into the part we have got for you. 

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What Are The Bosch Cm10gd Problems?

You may think Bosch CM10GD problems are unfixable. But the truth is these are not as much critical as you think. 

So, let’s have a look at the problems along with the solutions.

Problem 1: Miter Gauge Breakdown

Before you think of any other problems, the miter gauge should be checked first. Because this is the most common problem in miter saws like Ridgid miter saw.

While making small cuts, it would not be a concern. When executing complex cuts, though, it would quickly become one. 

This problem generally occurs due to dust and debris getting clogged. When you use the miter saw, it gets dust inside it. 

And gradually, this gets jammed and causes many unexpected issues. When you fail to notice this at the early stage, your miter saw gets gauge issues.


It’s only fair that you double-check this section in addition to attempting to resolve a looming problem. After all, you’d be opening all the pieces to inspect them. 

When checking, make sure the indicators are in the appropriate location. The indicator has a number of presets. And this demonstrates where the saw should be placed. 

Nevertheless, this can occasionally shift, causing the miter saw to cut off straight. As a result, everything must be squared up at the right angles.

At this moment, it’d be better not to proceed any further if the problem exists.

Miter gauge issues are generally not that simple to look after. So, in case you face this issue, get help immediately.

You may want to troubleshoot it yourself. But we recommend you not to do it by yourself. Because gauge malfunction generally occurs due to internal issues.

And any kind of internal or mechanical issue is good to be resolved by experts. So, just call a professional mechanic and get help immediately.

Problem 2: Cuts Thin Strips

Cutting little slices of wood using a table saw is a common task. They, on the other hand, typically end up in the throat plate’s extra area. 

For this reason, a kickback might occur and that can be dangerous. There’s a little clearance between both the barrier and the blade. 

As a result, it’s hard to push the stock past the blade, and kickback would be typical. The idea is to figure out a way to get the stock through while remaining safe.


To fix this, cut the Masonite to fit the miter saw’s top specifications. Combine in two cleats next. Put one in front and the other at the rear. 

Once the cleats are attached to the Masonite, it simply fits over the top of the table saw. Ensure to countersink the bolts while installing the cleats. 

As a result, the bolt will not obstruct your cut. When sliding the blade, put the Masonite on the miter saw. 

Last but not least, turn on the saw then pull it through the Masonite. As a result, a throat panel with no space would ensue.

Problem 3: Issues with Cutting Dowel

Cutting dowel problems are common with this bosch cm10gd saw. This is a general problem in several saws like Steel City Table.

With a miter saw, cutting a dowel through the middle is tricky. Because your fingertips are so near to the blade, something happens. 

Moreover, the lower side of the dowel is prone to chipping. The problem persists, despite the fact that the table saw gives significantly better results. 

Since the blades are so much tiny, you might get a cleaner cut every now and then. Nevertheless, some chipping remains, and they are never completely flush.


Create a slot at a suitable place to start. Inspect to see if there is any extra stock. The stock will be attached to the sled of the miter saw.

You could make component 6 if you look for a long time. Make a hole in the middle of the probe with a 1/4″ drill bit a little. 

The use of a drill press is required for this hole. So that the hole in the jig is entirely flush. However, if you are unable to use a drill, you can still drill without one.

Consider our pickups for a nice driller machine! The quality would undoubtedly satisfy you!

Now check that the slot’s border is parallel to the blade’s side. The long end should then be secured to the miter saw sled. Now add the small piece inside the hole when the cut is done.

So, these are the 3 main common problems of Bosch CM10GD. Fortunately, you have got all the solutions too. So, you will not have any problem resolving them in a bit!


Can I use Bosch cm10gd to cut 4×4 posts?

Yes, you can use a Bosch CM10GD saw to cut the 4×4 posts. But, it is not often that simple to cut these posts with this miter saw. But there are multiple sizes of Bosch miter saws. So, a perfectly compatible one would be fine to use for 4×4 posts. 

Are there any cheap miter saws?

Yes, there a multiple types of miter saws in the market now. Without saying, the costly miter saws have many additional and useful features. But some people think the saws coming at reasonable prices are not worth it. However, this is not true at all. You can do almost every saw work with the cheap ones too.

The Final Words

Now you know about the common Bosch CM10GD problems! We suppose you would have any problem resolving them though.

For more issues, do not get worried. Instead, get help from a professional mechanic. We hope you have no more issues!

All the best!

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