Top 6 the best hollow chisel mortiser bits (SUPER Guide)

Best Hollow Chisel Mortiser Bits: Our Top 6 Picks

If you are a professional woodworker or someone who just wants to make a square hole into a piece of wood. Then, you must need hollow chisel mortiser bits. But, why? Well, you’ll need them for making accurate and smooth holes. 

So, we brought you the best Hollow Chisel Mortiser Bits available in today’s market. The list below has every type and range of bits. 

The products are very high in quality and of different sizes. Therefore, you can buy a whole set of bits for multiple sizes of holes or just a single type of bit. 

So, the choice is yours, but we assure you none of the products will disappoint you. These are the best products we have selected for you. So grab yours before they are stocked out. 

Let’s not waste any more time and see the gems below-

Comparison Table

Product NameMaterialShank TypeBest For
SaferCCTV Drill Bit Mortising Chisel SetStainless SteelSquareSquare hole drill
Powermatic 1791096 Mortise ChiselCarbon SteelSquareClean Cuts
Uxcell 1/2″ Hollow Chisel Mortise Power ToolSteel AlloyUniversal Shank typeFast Drilling
Delta Power 3/8-Inch Mortising Chisel and Bit SetSteelFit Delta ProductsEconomic
Fisch Hollow Mortise Chisel SetSteelSquarePrice
Uxcell Square Hole Drill Bit Hollow Chisel Mortise Power ToolHigh Carbon SteelSquareFast Drilling

You might get tired going through the entire thing. So we made this cute little visual for you to make quicker decisions. We compared the top three hollow chisel mortiser bits here. 

With that out of the way, let’s head-on into the reviews: 

SaferCCTV Drill Bit Mortising Chisel Set

The best product on the list is the “SaferCCTV Drill Bit Mortising Chisel Set”. 

This set of mortiser bits is number one on the list because of its durability factor! We recommend this one, alright! 

Let us break it down to you why it’s number one on the list-

If you are looking for hollow chisel mortising bits for a drill press then this is it. You can use this for drill press efficiently. But let’s set one thing clear- you need to have the mortising attachments with you. 

Other than that, many bits in the market can only make circular holes. But these bits can process square holes with efficacy. 

Let’s say something about those bits! They’re well lubricated, and the edges are very shaped as well. 

The rotary body drills the hole while the hammer impact force is transmitted to the outer body. Then the material will be crushing round holes. And the square headwall will be given the shape. Lastly, the dust will be discharged by the tube.  

From many features, it’s really hard to tell you everything but we have selected the bests of the bests. The first one is sharpness. The drilling bits are extremely sharp which will help you to drill smoothly. It has a sharp cutting edge.

These bits are made of bearing steel, and its has 56HRC. The product also has a lengthed core. Moreover, it is a quick-cutting drill. So this drill bit set is highly effective. 

Any product can have many amazing features, but it is absolutely pointless to buy if it is not user-friendly. 

This product is very handy to use. You will not find it complicated to use. This mortising chisel bits set is for keyhole drills and opening square holes. 

Another important feature is cost-effectiveness. This drilling set is very cost-effective. If you use this set, it will speed up the construction work. 

It is also very easy to install. Eventually, it will take less time than any other product, which will save a lot of money in the long run. 

The next feature is crucial for every drill. These chisel mortise bits will drill precise holes exactly what you need with little pressure. 

These bits come in plenty of sizes. All you have to do is match the square hole with the appropriate power. Moreover, there is a total of seven different sizes. 

Room For Improvement

  • The SaferCCTV Drill Bit Mortising Chisel Set has a total of 7 different sizes of bits. If you don’t need so many different sizes, you can buy “Uxcell Square Hole Hollow Chisel Mortise Power Tool.” 

Powermatic 1791096 Mortise Chisel

The second one on the list is from the brand- Powermatic. It’s the “Powermatic 1791096 Mortise Chisel”. It’s different from the previous one. And it has its unique built-in quality and features. 

Starting off, the chisel mortiser bits are made of hard carbon steel. This will ensure that the bits don’t break easily. Also, the steel structure enhances the performance and of course, the longevity of the product. 

The main difference of this product from the previous product is that it has extra long bits. These bits are compatible with mortises. 

Moreover, you are getting a set of 4 bits. Each of the bits has different sizes. Here, the previous product was a set of 7 with more different sizes. Thus, if you want more sizes then you should go for the previous one. 

Furthermore, the Powermatic chisel bits will definitely give you a clean cut. This product might seem expensive. But after using it, you will understand why it has a high price. 

The quality and the performance are the best factors here. And, it will make sure you have paid for the right chisel mortiser bits. 

Room For Improvement

  • The Powermatic 1791096 Premium Mortise Chisel is a premium product. If you want something in a low budget or less costly, you can go for the “Fisch Hollow Mortise Chisel Set (3/4″). This “Hollow Chisel Mortiser Bit” set is less costly and also serves the purpose. 

Uxcell 1/2″ Hollow Chisel Mortise Power Tool

The third one is also from Uxcell. This one is the 1/2-inch Square Hole Drill Bit. 

This particular one is the best hollow chisel mortiser bits for wood. And there are all the reasons for us backing this and we highly recommend it. 

Each of the products has unique and similar qualities.

The “Uxcell Drill Bits” are best for penetration and fast drilling. It is designed to have four cutting corners that will enable you to penetrate wood faster than any of the previous products.  

Plus, it is suitable for wooden products like particle boards, MDF, compressed or plastic wood, etc. Do not use it on glass, metal, concrete, gypsum board, etc. 

Let’s move on to the important things- Uxcell has many great features just like its predecessors. It is made of high carbon alloy steel. 

The material alloy steel has many benefits of its own. For example, it’s lightweight, durable, and many more. Furthermore, it is made through heat processing, and it will serve you for a long time. So, this definitely makes the product durable.

Moreover, the bits have a high hardness of 48-50 HCR. The edges of the chisel are very shaped. So it will make the cut smooth but you should also be very careful while using it. The bits will effectively avoid and protect from dangerous situations such as bursting.  

Next comes the U shape grove. This grove is engineered to facilitate the discharge of woods chips. By this, the drilling will improve and take less time. 

The shank is round, it is a universal shank type. To make the clamping more stable the drill tail has a circular design. This is best suitable for drilling square holes with a mortiser attachment or mortiser machine. 

Now, it can also reduce hard labor because it has a long drill core, and also the chisel is a square shape. Therefore it will easily drill a hole in the wood. Hence it will not only reduce hard labor but also your time.

These bits are really efficient for construction workers. Because they had to work for a long time and if it can save some of their drilling time. So they can finish early and reduce costs. 

Also, the total length is 205mm and it has a 75mm cutting depth. You have to use it with a tenon machine or mortiser, it is not suitable for bench drills or hand drills, etc. Just like our first product on the list. 

Room For Improvement

If you are looking for longer-length chisel mortiser bits then you can try the Uxcell Square Hollow Chisel Mortise Power Tool. Because this product length is 5mm more than the Uxcell Square Hole Drill Bit 1/2″. They are both from the same company with almost the same feature except the total length. 

Delta Power Equipment Corporation 3/8-Inch Mortising Chisel

The fourth product on the list is from- Delta Power Equipment Corporation. This product is originated in China. 

And it’s also made of high-quality steel. And because it is made of steel, it will resist overheating. 

Therefore, you can use it without worrying about getting overheated. Just like the previous products, it will serve you for a long time, and its performance is also top-notch.

Moreover, the bits are extremely strong so they will work as a catalyst for the quality of the craftsman. Here, they can create some amazing wooden pieces for sure. 

The tolerance level between the chisel and bit is very close; hence the wooden chips will be removed after the cut. And the chips will not create any type of jamming while working. 

This will also give you accurate and cleaner cuts. And most importantly, it will fit the tenon perfectly. The weight of the product is not so heavy. So, you can easily carry it from one place to another.

Room For Improvement

The “Delta Power Equipment Corporation 3/8-Inch Mortising Chisel” is really good at resisting heat. But if you are looking for a bit set that can work well in softwood, you should try “Fisch Hollow Mortise Chisel Set (3/4″)”. Which is our next product. 

Fisch Hollow Mortise Chisel Set (3/4″) 

The Fifth product on our list is the “Fisch Hollow Mortise Chisel Set (3/4″)”. This hollow mortiser chisel set makes the perfect square holes in hard and softwoods. So, for both the options, this is quite the viable option!

Moreover, it’s been manufactured from special steel that will fit all major drill press and mortise press attachments. 

Lastly, the price is not high, so if you are looking for low price product, you can go for this. The previous products had many features which this one might lack. But at this price, this is the best product available. 

Room For Improvement

  • This is an excellent product when you’re on a budget! But, if you have a good budget, you should go for our first product, the “SaferCCTV Drill Bit Mortising Chisel Set.” This product is the best on the list, so if you can afford it, why not buy the best one. 

Uxcell Square Hole Hollow Chisel Mortise Power Tool

The last product on our list is also from Uxcell. This one has its similarities and dissimilarities from its predecessors. 

First off, the chisel width is 3/8“. The previous product from Uxcell was 1/2″. Another difference is the cutting depth. It has a 55mm cutting depth, and the previous one was 75mm. 

That means the previous one from Uxcell has more cutting depth. 

Now, this can work in your favor and against it simultaneously. You’ll just have to justify which one will suit your better.

Besides, the total length is 210mm, and the previous one from Uxcell was 205mm in total length. The previous one was a little smaller than this one. So if you are looking for a small drill bit, go for this one.

Now comes the similarities, the rest of the features are all the same as Uxcell’s previous product. From the build quality to the performance, everything is almost the same. 

This one is also made of high-carbon steel. And it has been made through heat processing. The hardness is also the same 48-50 HCR. Hence, you get some sorta idea about the hardness and durability of this tool!

Room For Improvement

The “Uxcell Square Hole Hollow Chisel Power Tool” is a long bit. But if you are looking for better quality with a longer length, you should go for our second product, “Powermatic 1791096 Mortise Chisel & Bits”.

Can you Use a Hollow Chisel Mortiser as a Drill Press?

The Hollow-chisel Mortisers are operationally and technically equivalent to drill presses. Both have a spinning chuck and feed levers that allow the chuck to be lowered and raised through the material. 

Moreover, both are available in benchtop and floor models. Both use drill bits, though mortising bits are essentially specialized augers.

How do chisel bits work?

They are used inside a hollow chisel to make square holes in the wooden piece. The bit inside spins, but the chisel does not. The chisel pushes down into the wood to make the hole. There are groves that make the wood chips go out from the chisel. 

Precaution while using the Hollow Chisel Mortiser Bits

The hollow chisel bits can be hazardous while we use them. These are designed to make holes inside the wood. For that, they are made very shape the edges can cause severe damage to the human body if it gets direct contact while running. 

Therefore we must be cautious and patient while we work with these products. We don’t want to lose or damage a body part. So it’s better to be aware and wear protective gear before we use it. 

Only good awareness and good quality protective gear like gloves and sunglasses can protect us from accidents.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to utilize a mortiser as a pillar drill?

Yes, it is possible you can use a mortising attachment or a Forstner bit of the proper size and clean up by hand.

What is the purpose of a hollow chisel Mortiser?

Hollow-chisel Mortiser machines are specialized drill presses that bore square holes by combining an auger and a hollow chisel. The auger eliminates most of the waste, while the chisel edges shear off any leftover material on the cut’s sidewalls.

Final Words

We are at the end. And, we hope, by now, you got the bit you need. We have shown you the best Hollow Chisel Mortiser Bits available in the market. So pick the best one by comparing them. Do let us know how your purchasing experience went. 

Good Luck!

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