Best Aftermarket Chainsaw Cylinder

Best Aftermarket Chainsaw Cylinder: Our Top 5 Picks

Y’all know that a chainsaw is a portable tool powered by electricity, gasoline, or maybe a battery. It can be used for various reasons, like chopping a tree or just cutting some branches. But that’s not what you’re here for.

What you’re here for is the cylinder. And that’s probably because you broke or damaged yours. Well, don’t sweat it. We got you covered. During our months of testing, we went through thirty-odd cylinders. 

So, we’re confident that we can pick the best aftermarket chainsaw cylinder for you. 

We enlisted the top five below for your convenience. All the cylinders here are unique in their ways. So we featured them here critically. You will see the features and our criticism here. 

So, let’s get into it. Let’s head-on into the reviews:

Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder 

The first aftermarket chainsaw cylinder on our list is Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit. 

This one is the best among others because of its great features. We will break down the features that have made it to number one on the list.

If you want to repair your 55 ranchers, then this is what you need. The quality of this product at this price will definitely impress you. 

Price plays a crucial role when we buy something. We always want good quality at a low cost. This kit is, precisely, of good quality at a low cost. 

After you repair your saw with this kit, you will notice the saw will be working as if it’s a new one. The original equipment manufacturer did not have a hole drilled from the decompression valve. But this one has a hole in the decompression valve.

So, if you are interested in buying this product, you must have either a plug or a decompression valve to close the hole. 

The Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit comes with multiple things. 

It contains one cylinder, one pin, one piston, one circlip, one ring, one needle bearing, one Crankcase Gasket, and many more. Therefore you can work efficiently without buying anything apart from this kit.

The cylinder and piston will work perfectly, and it has an excellent finish. Your chainsaw will start after a couple of pulls, and there you go, a smooth chainsaw. 

Room for Improvement

  • It has a very affordable price, but if you are looking for performance, you can go for our third product on the list. The product is Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Bearing Kit.
  • We are not saying that the performance of Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit is not good. It’s more like there are other options that can satisfy you if you don’t like this one. 

Carbhub 49mm Cylinder Piston Assembly 

The second aftermarket chainsaw cylinder is from Carbhub. It’s the Carbhub 49mm Cylinder Piston Assembly. This one has a similarity to the previous one it is very cheap. 

We have enlisted good quality product but with a low price. Because we have to find some of the best products in the market that will satisfy your need.  

The installation of the product is very easy. After installing this, you will see this will work like a hot knife into butter. You can work with this product for many hours without any kind of disruption. 

This product is for Stihl MS390, MS290, and MS310. But it also works on other chainsaws. 

Moreover, this kit also includes one cylinder piston, one engine pan/bottom cover, one crankshaft, one crankshaft, one piston pin needle cage bearing, and two crank main bearings on both sides; 1 crankshaft, and more. 

Room for Improvement

  • The Carbhub 49mm Cylinder Piston Assembly is also affordable. But if you are looking for a kit for heavy performance, then you have other options. 
  • You can try Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit or HAISHINE 45mm Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Pin Ring Decompression Valve Kit.
  • Lastly, The kit cylinder has a decompression hole. Therefore, if your OEM cylinder does not have a hole, we suggest you not buy Carbhub 49mm Cylinder Piston Assembly.

Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Bearing Kit 

The third one is from ‎Haishine. And it’s the Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Bearing Kit. This aftermarket product is different from its two predecessors in many ways. We have tried to enlist a variety of products to have multiple options. 

If you are looking to rebuild your chainsaw with this kit, you have the right decision. How? Let us explain it to you.

After you use this kit, you get hours of smooth performance. And if you are using this kit for Husqvarna 50 or similar items, you have to plug the decompression port with a short bolt. Moreover, this kit increases the power of the chainsaw. 

The package comes with 1  Cylinder, 1  Pin, 1  Piston, 2 Circlip,1 Piston Ring, 1 Fuel Line, 1  Fuel Filter, 1 Needle Bearing, and 1 Muffler Gasket, etc. 

This kit is very easy to use, just like the products above.

And most importantly, it will fit perfectly and look like the original and work like the original, but it’s cheaper. The low cost is another similarity of this kit to the two previous products. 

Room For Improvement

  • The Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Bearing Kit will satisfy you with its solid performance. Still, if you are looking for a cheaper option, we have two suggestions for you. 
  • You can pick Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit or Carbhub 49mm Cylinder Piston Assembly. Both of them are affordable. 

HAISHINE 45mm Nikasil Plated Cylinder 

This kit is also from Haishine just like the previous one. This is HAISHINE 45mm Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Pin Ring Decompression Valve Kit. These two products are from the same company with different and excellent features.

It’s cheaper than the original part.  This kit has everything you need. If you want to rebuild your cylinder and piston, it will be a wise decision. This is a very high-quality product that will surely impress you.

The installation is also very easy and smooth. Moreover, just like other products on the list, this one is also cheap and effective. We are not saying that it’s better than the original, but it’s not less than it. 

After you repair with this kit, you will immediately see the action. Even after heavy use, this product won’t let you down. Especially if you are using it on Husqvarna 51 55. 

The kit comes with lots of items like 1 Cylinder, 1 Ring, 2 Circlip,1 Piston, 1 Needle Bearing,1 Pin, 1 Fuel Line, 1 Decompression Valve,1 Fuel Filter, 1 Cylinder Gasket,1 Spark Plug, 1 Muffler Gasket. 

Room For Improvement

  • The HAISHINE 45mm Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Pin Ring Decompression Valve Kit is a high-quality kit that will give a top-notch performance. 
  • But if you are looking for cheaper options without compromising the quality, you should go for Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit.

HIFROM Aftermarket Cylinder 

The last product on the list is HIFROM Aftermarket Cylinder. 

We assure you that this one is not made of cheap quality or it will not perform any less. It is just last on our list but better than many on the market. 

Moreover, this is a very high-quality aftermarket chainsaw cylinder.  After you replace this with your damaged or broken one you will start seeing the difference. 

Now comes the compatibility of this kit. This is highly compatible with chainsaw models like 029 MS290. The cylinder is 46mm.

Most importantly this product has high quality at a fair price. This will satisfy you for sure. 

Room For Improvement

  • The HIFROM Aftermarket Cylinder Piston Pin Rings & Circlips Rebuild Kit is one of the top performers, but it’s a bit heavy. 
  • So if you are looking for a lighter kit then you should go for Haishine Nikasil Plated 46mm Cylinder Piston Ring Pin Bearing Oil Seal Kit. Or you can buy Nikasil Plated Cylinder Piston Bearing Kit. Both of them are lightweight aftermarket chainsaw cylinders. 

Is Cylinder Important for Chainsaw?

In simple words, “YES”. It is not only necessary that your chainsaw will not work at all without the cylinders. 

The air-fuel mixture in your chainsaw passes into the cylinder. If you understand how a car engine works, it is almost the same. But it’s simpler the chainsaw cylinder has only two-stroke its push-pull action. 

After the air-fuel mix reaches the cylinder, it ignites by a spark. Then the fuel burns and releases energy. And that energy pushes the piston back and forth. 

By now you have understood how important the cylinder is a chainsaw. 

What Things Need Consideration Before Buying A Chainsaw Cylinder?

Before you buy a cylinder, you need to take into consideration various things. They are listed below so that you can easily understand.

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We have already discussed how important the cylinder is to a chainsaw. So before you buy any aftermarket chainsaw cylinder, you need to know how well it will perform. 

In our list above, we have already mentioned each of the product performances. We suggest you to reading them with patience. Only then will you have a good idea about the products and their performance.

Moreover, when we use our chainsaws, they work under heavy pressure. So, it’s very crucial that your cylinder gives you the highest performance.

The quality of the cylinder should be the best because it’s like the abdominal of the chainsaw body. The fuel is the food, and the cylinder transforms the food into energy.  


The price of a cylinder can be a problem for some buyers. We understand that people are not always ready to spend their hard earn money without scrutinizing a product.  

So, we have mentioned above if the price of the product is high or low. By now you know this and also can guess that most of our products are affordable.

A high price always doesn’t mean that you will get a good product and vice-versa. After checking the performance of the cylinder, you should look for the price. 


The installation process of the cylinder should be easy, and quick and you must ensure that it is tight enough. Otherwise, any type of accident can occur at any moment while you work with your chainsaw.

And to know if the installation is easy, you should read our product descriptions. Furthermore, if you think that the installation process is hard then you should take professional help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material used to make chainsaw cylinders?

Nickel Silicon Carbide is abbreviated as Nikasil. Silicon carbide is a very hard ceramic that may be dissolved with nickel. After that, the nickel solution can be electroplated onto the aluminum cylinder bore.

Is it necessary to hone a Nikasil cylinder?

Nikasil is too difficult to hone unless you use a diamond hone. When you hone a Nikasil lined cylinder, then you are simply deglazing it, which is actually a good thing. Use a ball hone, or you can also use a scotch bright pad to polish the surface.

Chainsaw pistons are caused by what?

In general, scoring of the cylinder wall and piston skirt begins as scuffing and progresses to scoring over time. There are several major reasons for this, for example, Piston-to-bore fitting is weak/poor. A failing or jammed ring causes poor bore oiling.

What does it mean when a chainsaw has a cylinder displacement?

Chainsaw power is assessed in terms of displacement, which seems to be the volume displaced by the piston during its upward stroke.

The displacement of an object is measured in cubic inches or millimeters. You should know that the greater the displacement, the more the power generated by the explosion of the compressed fuel/air mixture driving the piston.

How many cubic centimeters (cc) does a good chainsaw have?

The job will determine the sort of chainsaw you buy. Suppose for Heavy work: If you need to fall trees for a long time, consider a professional chainsaw with a 65 to 110 cc engine and a guide bar of 16 to 20 inches. Cutting logs for firewood requires only a 55 cc engine with a 16-inch guide bar.

Final Words

That’s it from us. Feel free to hit us up if you’re still confused. But we’re confident that we were able to enlist every detail here.

If you’ve gone through the guide, you can probably pick the best aftermarket chainsaw cylinder for you. 

All of them have similarities and dissimilarities and also unique features. We have mentioned everything you need before you buy one chainsaw cylinder. Now it’s totally upon you.


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