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3 Solutions to Fix Air Punch Flange Tool Not Working!

Air punch flange tools are truly game changers in the power tool world. It removed the noise and effort of the drilling machine. 

You’ve probably been using your own air punch flange tool for a while. Then one day, you find out it’s not working. 

Now, what are the solutions to air punch flange tool not working?

Firstly, for air leakage, check the connections and tighten them. Make sure the flow is getting enough air pressure through the air supply. Lubricate your tool with appropriate air tool oil. This will solve the heating and lowered output problems. Dismantle and replace the damaged parts of the tool.

Those were some of the solutions. In the article, I’m going to discuss the air punch flange tool problems. And how to solve them in detail. 


  • Check the connection and pressure of the flange tool.
  • Inspect the internal components and their alignment.
  • Change the pneumatic tool oil if it seems clogged.

Air Punch Flange Tool Not Working: 3 Things to Check! 

Let’s take a look at 3 things you need to check on the tool. It will help you to detect where to troubleshoot.

Check Compressor:

Air Punch Flange Tool is an incredible instrument for making holes in tough materials. You should be aware, though, that using the device comes with a few prerequisites. The fact that you have an air compressor attached to it is crucial.

This will give the tool enough power to easily punch holes. It can create holes in any material you have placed beneath its jaws.

Having said that, sometimes the issue can also be caused by improperly sealing the compressor pipes. A different possibility is that your compressor is running out of air. This is why you should examine your air compressor first and address any problems.

Check for Clogged Oil: 

Some people employ oil-lubricated air compressors. As a result, the connection for their Air Punch Flange tool clogged. Because of the compressor, the tool gets clogged with oil from these devices.

Oil intake hole of a air punch tool

You might try removing the oil to solve this problem. For that, disassemble the tool and properly clean the parts with a thin rod. 

However, opening your flange tool is the only way to unclog the device. If it is totally blocked, dismantle the air punch flange tool. Also, it’s possible that your air jack is messing up with the air valve.

You can easily remove the oil from this device’s internal components. Once you have access to them, allowing you to resume utilizing them.

And always make sure to use air tool lubricant to lubricate the tool. If you don’t use proper oil, the tool will have a high possibility of getting clogged.

Useful Tip: You can try using mineral spirits paint thinner to smoothen the internals.

Defective Tool:

Last but not least, if your Air Punch Flange tool still not functioning. There is a good likelihood that the appliance is broken. 

You must get in touch with the company from where you purchased this equipment. They can help if you want to solve this problem. However, before doing this, make sure one thing. 

Faulty air punch flange tool
Source: proxibid

That the object you were attempting to punch a hole in wasn’t too thick.

If your equipment is damaged, let the business know about the issue. They should next investigate the problem and offer you a workable remedy. 

If a replacement tool isn’t available, you’ll either have to buy a new one. Because the old one is entirely unusable.

You don’t usually have to buy a new one because this tool is pretty sturdy. A bit of repairing from a professional will save your tool.

Before you head on to the whole problem and solution segment, here’s the quick troubleshooting table for you-

Air Punch Flange Tool IssuesTroubleshooting Method
Efficiency loss/Lowered OutputInspecting the connection and air pressure of the tool
Heavy Air Leakage From the ToolAdjustment of the air punch flange tool by dissembling it and reorganizing the internals
Overheating IssueProper lubrication

Now, let’s go through the problems one by one.

Problem 1: Output Has Been Lowered

Using a pneumatic central air punch flange tool for a while, it’s normal for the efficiency to drop. However, there might be several reasons for the output to drop a significant amount. The possible reasons could be: 

  • The flange tool not getting sufficient air pressure and air flows.
  • The trigger of the tool is congested
  • The lubrication of the tool is not done correctly. It needs lubrication.
  • The equipped air inlet screen is jammed.
  • The housing is loose so the air is leaking. 
  • The mechanism of the tool has been contaminated somehow.

Solution: Tightening the Connection

First, check the loose connections of the tool. Ensure that enough airflow is provided by the air supply. Make sure it’s provided to the air inlet at the necessary pressure (PSI).

Air punch tool inspection
Source: Youtube

To remove congestion of the trigger, clean the trigger properly. After cleaning, easy movement will be ensured. Also, clean the screen of the air inlet for removing build-up. 

Lubricate the air punch flange tool using a proper air tool lubricant. I’m heavily dependent on BOSTITCH PREMOIL Tool Oil because of its affordable price tag.

However, Air Tool Pneumatic Lubricant and Senco Pneumatic Oil are also some good ones.

Ensure that the home is constructed properly and tight. Have a skilled technician lubricate and clean the device mechanism. 

Affix an in-line filter to the air supply as Air Supply is mentioned in Setup. The same solution may be applicable for saw plates that are not parallel.

Problem 2: Heavy Air Leakage From the Tool

Small air leaking from the flange tool is usual. Especially when your tool is old

Why the leakage happens: 

  • From the housing components that are cross-threaded
  • The housing is loose.
  • The housing or valve has incurred damage. 
  • The valve of the tool is worn, dirty, or damaged. 

Solution: Realign the Connection

Check your central pneumatic air punch flange tool adjustment. Whether it’s incorrectly aligned or if the gaps are even. See if it’s cross-threaded, and disassemble the tool. Locate the defective parts and replace them.

Make the housing assembly tightly. If you can’t do so, the internal parts are most likely misaligned. In this case, you’ll need to contact a technician.

He will disassemble the tool, and reassemble the parts in an aligned way. Make sure to replace the damaged parts. 

Assemble the valves after cleaning them properly. You might need a similar solution if your Dewalt drilling light doesn’t turn off.


Try to disassemble the internals in an organized fashion so that it’s easy to put everything together.

Problem 3: Frequent Heating up of the Tool

Are you using your air punch/flange tool and it’s heating up? The reasons are given below:

  • The tool is not properly lubricated.
  • There’s not enough lubrication left in the tool.
  • The parts of the tool have worn away.

Solution: Lubricate Air Punch Flange Tool

Find a proper flange tool lubricant. Lubricate your tool using the lubricant. Take the tool to a certified technician to get your tool checked. If the internal parts are worn. Take them off and replace them with new parts.

That’s all about the problems and their respective solutions. We both know Air Punch Flange tools are essential for engineering work. So, try to be careful with all the tools from now on!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is An Air Punch Flange Tool Used For?

Air punch flange tools work both as an air punch and an air flange tool. It’s used for repairing auto bodies in a garage or at home. The air flange features a flexible head that can rotate 360 degrees. And it can quickly crimp sheets or pipes into lap joints or flanges. It can produce a 3/16” hole.

What Is A Flange Edge Weld?

Edge welding Joints are frequently used on sheet metal components with flanging edges. Or joints are positioned where a weld must be made to connect to other components. Edge Joints, a groove type of weld, place the components next to one another. And weld the sheets on the same edge.

What Does A Sheet Metal Flanger Do?

In the process of producing sheet metal, flanging is bonding and forming technique. A flanging machine is used to bend over the edge of metal sheets. And reinforcing the bent edge or producing a connection made up of several parts. Metal Sheet flanges are used to connect metal sheets together.


That was everything I had to offer on the air punch flange tool not working. Hopefully, the article will help you detect where the problem is. And you’ll be able to troubleshoot your tool from there. 

Make sure of one thing, do not attempt to make a hole on a tough material that is too thick. 

That’s all!

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